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Chapter 9

The final day

A few days past as they all did things they have always wanted to do, but either did not have the money or the courage to try. Piper learned how to cook that fish that if not done correctly would be deadly to eat. Leo went race car driving with Paige and Phoebe learn from the master when it came to martial arts, Bruce Lee. Patty came to visit Paige and they had a long talk about how much she hated giving her up at birth but was glad she had a great family to raise her. Paige understood because of what Piper and Leo went through just to get married and how the elders are when it came to rules. Prue would come again as well and have dinner with them. But now it was the last day and although they love every second they were there, they did miss home.

Paige was standing outside her balcony when she thought of what it would be like to be with Cole just one time. Although she never really liked him, he did have this certain appeal, dangerous and mysterious not to mention one hot body. She felt arms wrap around her and knew just who it was as she imagined the perfect setting for their heated encounter. The house faded away and now she was on a mountainside as lava moved around her and him. She could feel the heat but it did not burn as he faced her. His bare chest glistened and even reflected the moving hot magma. Even his eyes seemed to flame as he walked towards her with a wicked smile. She took in a deep breath as the slight hot wind moved her long reddish hair and her shirt burned away while his pants did the same. They were now completely naked as they pressed against each other and he started kissing her neck. She moved her head to the side to give him greater access as his lips felt like a warm blanket. She moved her hands up his strong arms while he moved his hands down her body as their lips connected. He took hold of her and laid her down on the hoarded and cooled lave as the liquid formed like a river beside them. He went down her chest as she played with his dark hair and let it run between her fingers. It was like silk as the strands of hair took flight in the hot wind only held in place by its roots. Paige arched her back as he moved her legs open and kissed her inner thighs going from one to the other.

"Ok I see it now," she gasped as he moved his hands up her chest.

Phoebe knew it was the last day and wanted to make it count. Coop came to mind and so did his wings, but she wanted to be the naughty one and her black wings united with his white ones as they raised in the air and twirled a little while kissing. Underneath them fire burned while above them white clouds formed. A uniting of heaven and hell as the elements removed their clothing for them. Phoebe's clothes burned away as Coop's dissipated in the midst created by the clouds. They were like two birds in flight and doing the mating dance once again. She kissed his ear and moved down his neck while he moved his hands to the small of her back. She felt him press into her as she let out a deep moan. His hard body fit her petite soft one like a glove as she moved down his body with her lips never leaving skin. He placed his hand on her head and played with her soft long hair. She moved her hands up from his ankles to his outer thigh and he moaned when her lips made contact with his manhood. He felt her mouth open and take him in to her. Slowly at first and then picked up speed the more excited he got. He could no longer wait to touch her and moved behind her. She felt one hand on her stomach moving down, while the other caressed her chest as he kissed her neck softly. Her dark wings mixed with his light ones as the feathers lay on top of each other and intertwined. She felt him enter her and she raised her hands to hold onto his head while he moved in and out.

Piper was lying on the bed and her body was just barely covered by the sheets. She was on her stomach as Leo stood by the bed enjoying the view. Her lower back was showing as the red silk sheet hid one leg and revealed the other from the thigh. Her long dark hair was on one side, showing her face as she slept. He got on his knees and used the back of his hand on her soft cheek. She stirred a little and gave a small smile as he moved his hand down her shoulder and then just graced his finger's down her shoulder blade and she moved a little. He then used his other hand to run his fingers down her arm while the other moved down her back. It was soft and delicate as Piper moved a little more but did not want him to stop. He moved the sheet off her body and now nothing was hidden from view. He straddled her and started massaging her shoulders as she took in a deep breath while her muscles completely relaxed. He moved his hands to the small of her back and moved outward as he moved back up. He could see her smile and he stretched out his hands so they ran across her arms, until his chest was on her back. He then stretched out his legs and used them to separate hers. She moaned as she moved her head to the center of the pillow. She felt his readiness between her inner thighs as he kissed her neck while moving his hands down her side. He lifted her to her knees and moved his hands all over her front but stopped once he got to her belly. He kept it there for a moment before moving it down and to her pleasure spot. Not once did he think of another woman while he was there and she never thought of another man.

They all would be greatly satisfied by the time late afternoon came upon them. Paige and Phoebe met on the beach and wrap their arms around each other as they walked up to Piper and Leo's place.

"Well its time to go," Leo said.

"It sure made all the times are plans were interrupted by demons, worth it," Paige said.

"Yeah it did," Piper said.

"I have to admit that I will miss this place," Phoebe chimed in as an elder orbed in.

"Did you enjoy yourselves?" he asks.

"Yes very much," Leo replied.

"Good you deserved it," he said.

"Did you let them come down and see us?" Phoebe asks referring to their visitors.

"Yes," he replied.

"Thank you," Piper said.

"It was my pleasure," he replied.

"Ok girls lets go home," Piper said and smiled at Leo," And men."

They all held hands and gave one last look at the ocean and the famous island before orbing back home. Piper went to the front door and grabbed the paper to check the date. It was the same date that they left a week ago, so it was like they never left at all.

"Dam I was really hoping to miss my exam," Phoebe said as she looked at the paper.

"No such luck," Paige said and walked back into the living room and sat on the couch. None of them were exhausted or too emotionally tattered. They felt whole and refreshed as they all sat down and would giggle to themselves remembering the last week.

"I can't believe I am going to be an Aunt," Phoebe said breaking the silence.

"We have so much to do, the nursery and shopping," Piper said and Leo squeezed her hand.

"Honey we have quite some time so don't worry we will get it done," Leo said.

"We just got back and you're already on death con 3," Paige said and Piper just rolled her eyes.

"I need to go to the club and do some ordering," Piper said.

"Now?" Phoebe asks.

"Yeah life goes on," Piper replied and gave Leo a kiss before heading out.

"I want to go back," Paige said while giving a sad face.

Leo would get up and start looking at potential nurseries upstairs while everyone else got back into the rhythm of being the charmed ones.

The end.