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Day 70

-New Groug-

Rolling his shoulders, Hans made his way thru the streets of the advance city, taking in the sights as he did. The days past had gone by without incident, and repairs were almost done on the Frigates and Lab Indigo. Tech's small burst of anger seemed to have passed to. He said something about getting a cape out and correcting its colors.

Hans only shrugged at the thought once more. That boy was so strange, he and the other members of the HPD had given up trying to understand him.

Next was Agnes, who was found in the Production area of Indigo. Apparently, after the explosion in the section both she and Michele fought in, Agnes fell right into that area. After that, had to navigate an unknown area while blinded by the darkness around her. Then meet up with one of her attackers that tried to kill her again.

Then was saved by some small spider like bot that Tech called a Assimilator Drone. According to Tech, they saw the intruder like a infection that needed to be either purged or disabled. But because of its size, was easily kicked aside.

Hans almost wished he could see the guys face when he got surrounded by thousands of those Drones, and in the sights of what Tech called a Assimilator gatherer. He asked what they looked like compared to the rather cute looking Drones (most every person thought so)

What was seen in full sight was a towering giant with one body and four arms that could fold in and out of its sides. Long and wickedly sharp legs to latch onto hulls of ships during flight, underbelly mouths meant to rip the hull off; and a production center inside to make Drones from the material gathered from the devoured metal. That was skipping the seven eyes in the zigzag manner, hive mind center to help organize the swarm and the ability to fry anything with a few million volts of electricity if you were under it.

Even with its deadly power, it was made to only make more stuff. So for the most part they were harmless unless threatened or more importantly, attacked. And from what he ha heard, attack one, and it will anger the swarm.

No one has see the man since he was carried away and locked in a high security cell.

Next was Karin.

Karin of the Heavy Wind.

He was rather surprised to hear her joining there ranks, and was more shocked at how well she could fight in a simulation. Granted her fighting powers were fine in swordsmanship, but when she was granted access to a wand for a fight, it was an almost garneted win. As long as her opponent wasn't built for handling harsh weather that is. She found out the hard way that a strong wind will not blow away anything like the Command Crabs, that could keep a footing and were both to heavy and aerodynamic for her wind spells. She had since learnt the value of grenades, rockets, guns and canons.

Then there was Elena.

He was glad when she woke up a day latter, but her on the other hand…

+Flash back+

First it was just darkness. Then steady beeping. Or rather, irritating beeping.

Elena scorched her face at the high-pitched sound, trying to ignore it and keep sleeping. But it just kept going. She soon grudgingly opened her eyes to find herself in a way to white room, burning her eyes from the brightness.

She looked to her left to find the origin of the sound before staring at it. Taking a look around, she recognized the room. It was the Infirmary. But why?

In a blur of motion in her mind, the events from time past rushed in. The alarms. The fighters. The Plasma canon… she wasn't sure how she lived thru that, but she did. And in not to bad shape. It was only now she noticed the light snoring to her right. Looking the that direction she found Hans asleep, slightly drooling as he did. The sight made her giggle a bit as he usually made sure he looked proper.

She tried to reach her arm to him, but couldn't seem to feel it. She wondered why for a moment. She probably rolled on it during her sleep and made it go to sleep to. Taking her left arm, she began to search for her other limb and shake it awake.

She patted around the right side of herself again, not finding anything. She lifted her head more and looked for her-

In one swift moment, here eyes widened and a sharp inhale was taken into her lungs before letting it all out.


Immediately, Hans awoke. His eye snapped open and he scrambled to get up. Tripping on his feet from where he sat, he fell down in a mess, trying to vainly get up while panicking. He had no clue why some one was screaming bloody murder, but his only thought right at that moment was to find out why it was being screamed.

At the same time, the doors to the room slid open to let in two MEAE bots in, both on high alert.


+Flash back end+

Letting out a sigh, Hans could only shake his head. "that could have gone better" he thought while walking towards one of the more popular shops. It was a book shop of all things, but it was highly favored among the Commoners and Nobles that lived in the area; more to do with the café near it then anything else. Around the tables and near by water foutan were children and adults going about there daily retains and eating away, or as one bluenette girl was doing at the fountain, reading.

Looking up in the distance he, like so many other, could see Lab Indigo resting on the ground. Even on the ground it was still bigger then any of the other buildings. He wondered what that boy was up to now…

-Lab Indigo-

Henrietta, Vittoro and Wales made there way down the halls at a leisurely pace as the repairs went on around them. Both the queen and the Pope, as well as the other rullers, were informed of the attack that had happened from Tech, who requested there presents. But seeing as how more attacks were actually happening in Germania and Gallia from the same ships now and then, only Henrietta and Vittoro came.

There was also another with them. He was a librarian from Romula named Benedict. Vittoro put up a request on him joining the HPD, as he had a natral skill when it came to organizing. Then there was the fact the man took in information like a sponge, learning things at a fast rate. He was by no means, a powerful Mage. He was only a Commoner with very unique learning skills. Skills the Pope found quite useful at the moment.

The man was at lest 6.7" and had dark brown hair. He didn't have the most muscle most men do, as he spent more time working with his head more then his arms. He was also in rather formal ware, being a simple white trench like coat with gold trimming. This worked well for him, as he could ware casual cloths under it to be commutable, but be presentable with the way it was. He also had a pair of Glasses, being small and rectangular in shape. They were more for seeing far away then anything else.

At the moment Benedict was skeptical about this Tech. sure, he has been asked to help with an occasional war effort now and then due to his skills, but he was no fighter. He didn't see how he could be of any help. The Pope was admit about it though, so he went along with his new orders. He was rather surprised at what this boy did do though. He decided to do some snooping and found that he had only been around for two or so months. How was it possible for one boy, a child in there eyes no less, do all he did in that time!? It was inconceivable! Vittoro agreed with that to, and wondered what he truly was, but that happy grin of Techs was like a poker face at times.

As for the two Royals beside them, they had been spending what free time they had to visit. Admittedly, they only saw one another yesterday by chance when Tech was leading Wales around the city. But when they saw one another and began to converse, Tech got an evil grin. Tech then about faced and commented "well, I've got stuff to do." and waved them a aridly good bye with his hand "you two Love Birds have fun on your date"

It was then they realized what he was up to, but it was far to late to stop him as he began to skip off, singing loudly "Wales and Henrietta, sit'n in a tree! K.I.S.S.I.N.G!" the two blushed fiercely at what Tech was all but shouting out in public.

It was very embarrassing for both of them. Luckily, no one commented on what happened. But no doubt there was going to be a huge wave of Rumors and Gossip after that. Then again, this was Tech. anyone who knew the 'Emperor of the Steel Empire' knew how childish he acts in his free time.

They would get back at him…some how…if it was even possible.

They soon came out of there thought when they found the door they searched for. In the passing days, Tech had found out that nobody could seem to find the right door that he set up his main labs in. so, he marked them with his trademarked Black and dark Green coloration. He also installed a light above them to say if he was there or not, as well as a few security protocols (that only he knew about).

With a quick retraction of the two sliding door's they proceeded in.

"I don't know. it feels to…reveling." said the voice of Agnes. "oh don't be that way, it will standard issue soon. I'm only having you do this so I can get some measurements right for something." replied Tech undeniable voice that held some level of amusement.

The looked between one another before making there way further into the laboratory. This one was filled with weapons and what looked like armor. But the Weapons ranged from dagger to canon, and the armor were fairly thin plates of steel. Some were incomplete, while others were hung up on display and marked as to what modal it was among other things. A good many of them had 'Obsolete' on there tags and were on lockdown.

"just hurry up, it feels very unconformable." Agnes voice said, drawing there attention to where she was. Even know Agnes was a women, she often looked boyish due to her armor and actions to hid her feminine side. Now however, that couldn't be hidden. Right of this time, Agnes was in a very tight bodysuit, showing off all her curves and fit body. The martial looked soft, and didn't show much on the protection side. So why was she wearing it?

Tech could be heard chuckling from where he sat, welding and bolting something together "come now, you know as well as I do that its more then conferrable with its shock absorbing marital. it's the fact you look more like a girl and are to embarrassed about it!". Agnes glared daggers at the back of his head as he continued to work before saying "we also have guests" jerking his head to one side.

First Agnes was a bit shocked. Then she felt very embarrassed as her Queen, the Pope, Wales and some other guy stared at her due to the tight bodysuit. Then she was enraged, as she could hear Tech snicker. He planed this. Her face was lit red from both rage and embarrassment in her predicament as Tech finished what he was doing and strolled up to her.

The urge to punch him in that smug face of his was unbearable. But she couldn't do that in front of the others. "now, could you hold up your right arm like so? I need to see if this fits on your forearm." he said, holing his right arm in a position to punch.

"oh, now he's just taunting me!" was the one thing that roared in her mind. Gritting her teeth, she propped up her arm like so, while Tech just 'Happen' to be standing with his face in direct path with the fist. It was taking all her will not to send her fist flying at him, but she would hold.

Tech continued to grin and put the strange device at her forearm before it clamped shut and shifted about into an indiscernible shape. "now, move your arm and tell me how it feels." Agnes complied and moved it about. "besides it being a little heavy, fine." she said, a bit more calmer then before. Tech grinned and held out his hands, letting her know she was finally done.

Once the device was off, she turned tail to-

"Agnes, one more thing." she stopped in her tracks, beryl moving an inch away and turned back to him as he said "I will be needing you latter once I'm done with this stage. Alright?" she nodded and ok before turning away again.

"one more thin." again she looked back to him a tad more irritated. He brought up his hand, letting a Assimilator Drone crawl up into the his palm and explained "you and the others will be needing assistance for your missions, so I'm giving you all some AI Drones. They'll be like Familiars per say." with that, it jumped from his hand to her shoulder and chirped happily. She gave a quick thanks and-

"One more thing!"

Wheeling around she shouted with all her might "WHAT!?" she glared at him and breathed heavily, forgetting who was around. He only pleasantly smiled and said "have a nice day". Her eye twitched a few times before she turned about and stomped away screaming her head off.

The audience only stood there with blank faces of what just transpired before them. Tech had been acting more…childish then normal. This was only made worse as one of his SD's flew up with a holographic checklist as he read and checked off "Annoy Agnes in front of others…Check!". On the inside, Tech was laughing hysterically at it all. They just had no defense ageist his pranks.

Benedict could only stare on at this boy. This, chipper, young, rude- Child! Oh he so hoped this was- no, this couldn't be Tech of the Steel Empire. There was no why this clown was-

"greetings Tech" Vittoro said pleasantly, shattering Benedict's thoughts. Tech faced them and gave his normal grin while giving a quick wave "hello to you, Popsey!" Vittoro still winced a tiny bit at the nickname tech gave him, but let it slip. That was just part of his personality. "and who's this stiff?" he asked pointing to Benedict "I know Princess here, and of course blonde Wales, which by the way, I need you to stick around latter; But you? Your new." he said putting out his hand.

Benedict reached out his hand and grasped the Boys hand that gripped back a tad tightly "I am Benedict-" his sentence was cut short as he found himself shacking rather crazily from the handshake as Tech said "nice to meet you Benny boy!"

After the quick Shakedown, Benedict gathered himself, pushing his glasses back up and straightening his coat. he didn't think this Tech, by body shape, could muster so much strength. But that was probably because he was caught off guard from the…overly energetic way of a handshake.

"so," Tech began once again, but with an air of calmness. "are you two the only ones that could actually come? Because if that's the case, you will have to do." they only nodded in unison. "Gallia and Germania were under attack by strange ships at the time. There either fixing damage or still fighting" informed Henrietta who looked a bit troubled at the idea "eh, don't sweat it sister, ol' Tech will get these ships back in the air and ready for combat in no time now!" Tech said optimistically. Truthfully he was still seething a bit. He had spent days as to why he couldn't see these ships move about, and Albion was still hidden. Even more so now because of some rather strange interference. He needed to get that team ready.

But before he goes onto that, he will need answers, more so as to who has been coming to attack them. Motioning with his arm, Tech bid them to fallow. Or, more so the leaders then Benedict, who was asked to fallow his little SD to there library where he can start learning the basics in what he would be doing.

Walking to a Grava Pad, they descended. From there they fallowed more halls. after those, secure doors with Guards. They proceeded down those halls, filled with every security messier taken. Tech finally came to a stop at one Cell. They stopped as well and peered in. they all stepped back in both fear and shock.

Inside was an Elf! Granted he was bound by advance means, it still shook them up. Tech looked at them and said "I'll take it you know who or what he is?"

-Lab Indigo hallways-

"where did I go wrong?" a young red headed women asked herself. She was currently sitting next to Tabitha after her failed attempt to get into Techs giant ship. She was oh so close to!

A few days back, she over heard Louse's 'Droid' inform her of Tech docking at New Groug for repairs. Seeing this an opportune chance, she (and Tabitha in tow, who was at a the book shop) rushed to the new city and find the love of her life. It took her an hour to sneak past the security cams, guards, workers, curriers, Troops, vehicles and even other people that she didn't even know were on the ship. But she had done well so far. Now came finding the boy. And that was actually more harder then she thought.

But then she was caught by more then a few of Techs little flying disk's. she decided to give up for the day and go see what Tabitha was doing. She soon found her at the water fountain next to the Bookshop.

Sighing, Kurchi looked to her ever so quiet friend who seemed to be oblivious to the world around them. It would be getting dark soon, so now was a good time to head back. With some 'Persuasion' on her part, Kruchi got Louise to lend her that odd vehicle her Darling gave her. Granted it took a good two days for the girl to finally breakdown, but it was worth it!

Or, would have been if she was able to find her love…

A quick tug on her sleeve got Kruchi out of her thoughts and looking to her now standing friend "Night." she said pointing up. She smiled and nodded to her friend, getting up herself.

She could always try another day.

-Tristan Academy of Magic-

By the time the two got back, it had reached night and also began to rain. The sudden storm got the two to rush inside where they wouldn't get soaked or cold. Back outside it was pouring heavily and clouds blocking out what was supposed to be two full moons, and leavening the courtyard with no light.

In another part of the Academy, two yellow eyes peered out the closed window and scanned over the area. His charge was currently reading from her Data-pad, which were becoming popular and used more often in there world. Louise was currently studying about Energy transfers between two magical points.

Navi did note that it wouldn't help her much, as she still showed an inability to use any sort of spell, except those with explosive results. It did take some level of convincing for his part to get Louise to see it not that much of a failure. As much as she said it was, he in turn asked her how many Organics could produce a spontaneous explosive force with a flick of there hand. The silence that fallowed was staggering.

But that wasn't the pentacle of trouble, oh no. it was the fact the thing called 'Eleanor' had come and set up shop in these stone walls as a combat teacher for the students. Both he and her still traded glares at one another, not stopping once during her first week there.

Hearing a yawn, Navi turned his head in a 180 to get a good look at Louise. She was slightly slumped over and looked rather board. She was tired. "Louise" he began, getting her attention.

Looking to her guardian, Louise had to suppress a shiver at the way his head was. She still wasn't use to him being able to turn his head around like some marry-go-round. It creped her out, as well as others. But she did get some satisfaction out of it every time he did it in front of Kruchi or her older Sister Eleanor. She clearly remembered the first time he did it, making a few students, and one teacher, to faint at sight. Luckily, he doesn't do it to often, and they are now aware of it, and don't faint any more.

Pushing those thoughts aside and looking at Navi with droopy eyes, he told (or rather commanded) "Louise, you need to go into recharge mode. Your body is mentally strained and needs time to be repaired." she still dint get half the things he said from time to time, but the term 'Recharge' was enough to get her to thing rest. And that sounded good right now.

Getting up, and changed, she stumbled over to her bed with slight help from Navi and fell right asleep.

Navi made sure she was tucked in and walked over to his Maintenance Station, letting the capsule close around him and go into standby while letting the arms inside do there work of recharging little bits of power, fix any damage or tune any parts. All the while keeping tabs to the security he was connected to.

His purpose was to serve and protect Louise, no matter the cost.


Guard duty sucked.

That was the best way to describe a job that involved standing around, doing next to nothing, while in the rain for the fresh recruit. Not to mention it was night and bone chilling, with armor only giving minimal warmth. And besides, why dose he have to be out here, when he could be inside doing the guarding from there?

He wondered if it had something to do with accidentally tumbling on one of the students in the hall. It had to be, and this was his punishment. It wasn't his fault there was a soaked washcloth under his foot, making him slid into the student! It was completely unavoidable. Yet, here he was. All alone…in the dark…completely wet…and chilled to the bone…


and hungry…

"could this day get any worse?" he wondered aloud to himself before feeling a sharp stab in his back. For a moment his eyes widened and his through let out a silent scream as things dulled out to nothing. Slowly, his body was dropped down as the assailant pulled there knife out before motioning over the wall.

Moments latter, ropes were tossed up, were the assassin then took and tied them down, letting up more men. once each one was up and over the wall and inside, they proceeded to split into groups of three and infiltrate the Academy.

-cyber space-

Streams of data arc a cross above and long lines of wiring stretch under foot as Navi, in a virtual form continues to monitor the network within the Academy. It was true that Cyber space wasn't really a plain of existence one could go to and fight viruses or such, but Navi could build a space and work in it as if it was his room. In the past when he was still just an AI program, he never bothered with making such spaces. They took up a little memory and were in a sense pointless.

Yet, ever since his transfer and upgrade, he has been more…imaginative.

There's a word that he never thought of trying. But here he was now, acting more human by creating his own room, with its own monitors, with its own door, and it's own bed for crying out loud! Why did he even make one? He cant sleep in the first place!

Raising his hand, he began to massage his-

Stopping his action, he brought his hand back down and look at it. Why was he bothering to massage his temples? He didn't really have skin to feel any comfort from rubbing. So why was he doing the action? "perhaps I need to do a quick virus scan" he said to him self going to a monitor and beginning the scan. Normally a scan would take an hour, but in his capsule it would only take a few minutes. Still a long time in cyber space where seconds are like minutes.

After the scan was finished and gave its results, Navi couldn't help but feel…disappointed. Nothing turned up. Well, except one file in the wrong place, but that could be fix in a snap. Done.

Since the scan turned up nothing, maybe go to Tech. he did make the body and its programs. Maybe he could tell him what was happening?

All thoughts about his problem was called to a stop as a silent alarm was set off. Something or rather someone had just come into the building off schedule. No, five groups of threes have entered without reason.

On a dime, Navi turned on all spy-bot feeds and began looking thru them. After another moment he had found the intruders. Three were in the Dining hall. The next three were secure a path to said area. The next three had set up outside the same place. As for the two other groups, they had split up and headed for the servants in one part, and for the student dorms in the other part. Or, in other words, towards Louise.

Sending out a signal to The Lab, he ordered two BLADE's to come out and commence silent assassinations on the group heading to the Servants. He could deal with the other intruders.


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