I was just an everyday normal otaku, go to boring school, watch animes or read manga, listen to my parent's fight well they weren't really my parents. My real parents were killed in a car cash when I was four, I was the only survivor so the city put me in a foster home even though I had family in other counties who could of took care of me. So I was stuck with my ever so mean foster family and wished for my life to change.

I went to an average school full of average students with just a hand full of above and below average students thrown in. It was the boring life I was used to the only time it was exciting was when I was with my otaku friends, Carly, Torey, and Hayley.

Carly was my friend I could role-play and cosplay pure insanity with, she was my right hand woman! She would always run up to me in school with her long white hair flowing behind her just threaten to come out of her loose low ponytail as her bright pink eyes locked in me, she is albino. She always wore black of some sort with red –they are her favorite colors- and most of the time there baggy boy shirts and skinny jean but somehow it would fit her small frame. Her and I would play videogames together as well, she was my go to for all the awesome videogames.

Torey is my go to guy for anime, what was good, bad, awesome, bloody, gory, sexy, stuff like that. We would always swap info on all the animes we watch and say if they were Torey and Krysta approved. He would most of the time fall in after Hayley and Carly, his light brown hair falling just a little below his ears but not too far and his blue eyes fall on me behind his glasses ready to tell me of a new awesome anime. Torey he's the tallest in our group –he beats me by an inch- and is well built for his height of six feet. Now Torey is normally in just regular every day normal clothes and doesn't care what people think of him.

Now Hayley she is one of the people I can go to for emotional advice as well as good books to read –expect when she said Twilight was good and I should read it- and is always there when it is something I can't even tell Carly. Hayley is always the first to come up to me in school, she'll run right up and hug me as soon as I walk in. Now I never could understand how I became friends with her, she is just so beautiful with her ever flowing long Carmel blonde hair and her bright blue eyes that are always happy to see me. She is perfect with her flawless curves and sweet voices, most people at school call her Oil City's fallen angel. Hayley is the only girl in our group that wears girl clothes mostly because she's not like Carly and I who like guy clothes more give or take a few girl pants. Hayley unlike Torey is the shortest of our standing at five feet, seven inches, Carly is taller than her by a good two inches.

Ok where was I, Oh yes life is boring and stuff like that, well I'm one of the above average students who go to the school along with Torey. Carly and Hayley have average grades at most of their classes and excel in all the rest like art, choir, and a few extra circular classes.

I have two most favorite classes in all the school, the first is Art of course and the second one is Chorus. Gym is another one but not when we have to do swimming, I'm not really something to look at even though my friends say otherwise.

It's just I'm out of proportion is what I'm getting at, I'm really skinny but have really big boobs and a bubble butt. My hair is a brownish-auburn color and is long and wavy, it goes the whole way to my ankles for Pete sake! I have to put my hair up in a high ponytail so I don't step on it and my bangs are almost ways in my face. My eyes are green with yellowish-orange around the pupil and I have red glasses, you know the plastic one yea those one. It's not that I really need them it's just they help me focus better and plus they keep my chronic headaches at bay.

I don't see how I'm hot or cute or anything like that considering what I wear, I always have a baggy jacket on no matter what, plus mainly boy or anime shirts and my pant some are baggy and other just hug my waist. I also have this ring, it's an army ring it used to be my real dad's -it was left to me in his will- it's old and the garnet gem in it is chipped but I wear it on my left hand on my thumb.

Now let's get to the story of where my wishing finally became reality, it started with Carly and me fighting over who was funnier in Hetaila, Italy or England.

"I'm telling you Carly Italy is funnier then England, I mean he's like Hayley in the aspect of being a ditzy person there for funny" I argued with my friend.

"That may be but England has that semi immatureness of a teenage and when he gets drunk he's hilarious!" Carly retorted.

Then Hayley came in saying "Can't you two agree to disagree and get it over with?"

Carly and I looked at each other and smiled "Yea we can do that" I replied as Torey walked in the lunch room.

"Sorry I'm late guys Mister T had me finish the test before I could go" Torey said sitting down right beside me, Hayley and Carly sat on the other side of the table across from us.

"It's fine" Hayley smiled at her friend as we gave him a nod.

"So Any new anime's we should know about?" Torey said looking at me.

"Yea it's old but new it's called Hellsing, there are two versions the tv series and the OVA, plus the manga" I answered grinning.

"Nice" Carly and Hayley replied.

"You guys should totally watch it! Nazi vampires, ghouls it is awesome!" I exclaimed.

"Sounds awesome" Torey replied.

"Maybe we could all go to Hayley's and watch it" Carly suggested.

"Why is it always my house?" Hayley questioned.

"Because we can't watch it at my house Kirstein will flip, Carly can't have boy's over at her house after 6'o clock, Torey's house I can't go to because Kirstein is a bitch, so your house is the only option we have plus your dad doesn't mind having Torey over till an ungodly hour" I answered.

"Well yea I guess" Hayley said with a shrug.

"Can we go get lunch now please?" Carly whined flopping down on the table.

We all laughed at her as we got up and headed into the line "Come on Carly" I called.

Carly jumped out of the seat and was in front of us in no time "Food, food, food, food!" she cheered as we lined up behind her.

We all got our lunches and I gave Carly my milk and chicken nuggets as I ate the fries and apple off my tray. I was the first to finish and threw my tray away, and then Hayley and Torey followed soon after leaving Carly to wolf down her lunch. As soon as Carly finished her lunch and threw it away we started to make a "Game Plan" for the night to watch Hellsing at Hayley's. Since it was Friday and we all had nothing better to do that was our plan, Carly brought the videogames and chips. Torey got the soda and juice, I got the anime and popcorn, and Hayley got the snacks and set up –with our help- to watch it.

For the rest of the school day it was mostly boring in some classes, but when the last bell rang I wasn't too thrilled to go home either. Well I got on the bus putting in my ear buds, turning on my Ipod and started listening to my music. I listen to music on the bus because the kids on it are really annoying and my foster siblings are on the bus as well. As I listen to my music one of my annoying foster sibling's gets on the bus and sits beside me, ripping out one of my ear buds. I turn to see her smug face looking at me with her deep brown eyes as she flipped her beautiful blonde hair away from her pretty face covered in make-up. "Yo brainy-ack I need your help with some homework" she said in a demanding tone.

I blink my eyes hoping she would just disappear but alas to no avail, I sighed and pulled my ear bud from her and looked out the window "And what makes you think I'll help you with it Nikki?" I said in a droned voice.

Nikki grabbed my face and turned it to her "Look here you weirdo freak either you help me with my homework or I'll tell mom you hit me and you'll be in huge trouble" she hissed at me.

I sighed yet again knowing she would "Fine I'll help you ok but after I do I'm going to Hayley's house to stay and before you say anything I already told Kirstein and Shawn and they okayed it" I replied to her.

Nikki glared at me "What if I want to come?" she snapped.

"You wouldn't want to come any way were having an anime night" I said to her pulling my face from her hand.

She snorted "Well maybe I want to spend time with my foster sister" she said crossing her arms.

I rolled my eyes "Oh really and what makes you think I'm going to believe that constant dribble coming out of your mouth?" I asked.

"Either I go with you or I convince mom and dad to say no" Nikki said smugly.

"Fine, fine Just let me listen to my music" I huffed shoving my ear bud back in. I sighed as she didn't move from the spot beside me and leaned on me a little, God she was a pain in my ass! She only does this stuff because she finds it funny to fuck with me knowing I'm pansexual and she has a thing for girls.

Once we got off the bus and started heading head she spoke again "So what stupid anime are we watching?" She asked not really caring.

"It's called Hellsing and it's about vampire's, Nazi vampire's, and killing" I retorted.

"Sounds stupid" Nikki snorted.

"Everything sounds stupid to you that I like" I snapped at her walking a little faster.

Nikki just snorted again as we got to the house and walked in only to see my stupid older foster brother sitting on the couch playing videogames. His dark brown eyes glued to the screen as his messy short blonde hair was sticking up, he was well built and was what most every girl dreamed of having as a boyfriend.

Without looking from the screen he welcomed Nikki back and said to me "And you're back man why can't you just stay at a zoo or something?"

"Because there is no reason for a smart person like me to go into a zoo where you'd fit in quite nicely since you sick all the time it better for you" I replied to him as I walked by heading down to my basement bedroom. It was nice down there since I fixed it up myself and gave it the Krysta touch it seemed a lot more homie down here, plus I don't mind the solitude. My room was filled with anime stuff and videogames it was my somewhat safe haven, even when they lock me down there. Now I'm getting packed to stay at Hayley's house to watch anime, sadly along with Nikki as well.

After helping Nikki with her homework and doing my own we headed over to Hayley's house with our stuff. I had already called Hayley and them in advance so they would know my foster sister was coming to or I couldn't. Hayley as normal said it was fine and that she didn't care so I said thanks and got picked the rest of the way.

We got to Hayley's house and right after I knocked I heard Hayley and someone else running for the door screaming "I'll get it!"

The door flew open to reveal Hayley and her dad panting with both their hands on the door knob. Now Hayley's father, Andrew was a very handsome man he had short-ish brown hair and a short kinda rugged beard. He is well built for his age and stands about an inch taller than Torey at 6'1 with deep blue eyes. He is a very funny, understanding man and a wonderful father and husband that works hard. All of Hayley's friends love him for the fact he does not judge them like everyone else, he tries to understand. He's normally in regular clothes around his house when he's not working like a plain grey t-shirt and jeans.

Now Hayley's mother, Biannca she's about my height maybe an inch or two shorter with long Carmel blonde hair braided down her back. She is a very beautiful woman with her crystal blue eyes and sweet smile, a kind face and peaceful aura. Biannca is a very kind and caring person but sadly can easily be bossed around at times because of her kind nature. She is a very understanding person and does not judge person for whom or what they are. Her normal thing to wear is the colors blue or purple with a few other colors thrown in to the mix. She wears shirts mainly but well if need put jeans on and she wears beautiful shirts with nice soft patterns on them.

I laughed at the sight before me "Hello Andrew, hello Hayley!" I greeted them with a warm smile followed by another slight laugh.

Hey this is my first story I've done on this site so please tell me if I've made any mistakes!

Thank you~