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I was in the kitchen cooking something because boredom had struck me once again. I wasn't allowed to do much until Dok or Hans said I was a ok to do anything too rough. Cooking was one of the only things I could do without being yelled at so that's what I did. Then I felt a presence behind me "Schrodinger if you dare try to scare me you get none of the fudge I'm making."

I heard a gasp from behind me and Schro attached himself to my side "Ok I vouldn't scare you, I just want the fudge!" he cried.

I smiled down at the cat boy "If you want you can help me, Marge went into town for some more supplies so you won't get caught." I said.

I swear fireworks went off in his eyes as he nodded his head franticly "Ja! Vhat do you need?" he asked in excitement.

"Umm all I really need is a glass plan to pour the fudge into but you'll need to lightly spray butter on it first," I replied, pointing to the spray butter.

"Ok!" Schrodinger chirped with a salute. Schrodinger did what I instructed him to do, grabbing a glass pan and lightly sprayed the butter onto it.

"Good now put it on the counter so I can pour the fudge into it," I told the cat boy.

Schro put the pan on the counter and his ears perked up. The boy walked over and looked out the big rectangular whole put in between the wall of the cafeteria and the kitchen. "Major! Vhat are you doing here?" asked Schrodinger.

"Oh Schrodinger vhat are you doing in the kitchen?" came the fat man's voice.

"I'm helping Krysta make fudge! I got to spray a pan vith butter!" Schrodinger replied happily.

"I see, does Marge know you're in there?" Major questioned.

"Vell no but Krysta said it was ok, she said I could help!" The boy answered.

"So that's vhere the intoxicating smell vas coming from," Major said and I could tell he was grinning.

"Ja! Krysta's fudge is to die for even the great Alucard vould kill for some!" Schrodinger commented.

"I doubt that Schro," I said with a chuckle and spread the fudge quickly before it hardened, "Plus true vampires can't eat human food."

"Wrong Fraulein."

I looked at Major through the rectangular whole with confusion.

The fat man just chuckled as he spoke "It ist true that real vampires cannot eat human food but that ist only for newly made vampires or vampires that refuse to drink blood."

Ok now I was confused "What?"

"Over time vhen vampires drink blood like they should they can vonce again eat human food, so Alucard could indeed eat your fudge but I'm sure he just prefers blood," Major explained.

"Wait so how do you know this?" I questioned.

"A vampire that called himself Gabrile, he also told us there are different types of vampires as vell," Major answered, still grinning.

I looked back to the fudge on the counter, taking in all that Major told me. I knew freak vampires could eat human food, I found that out the day after I saved Jaime from Jan. I had seen everyone eating human food so I questioned Rip about it and she explained that since they weren't true vampires they could still eat human food. I just learn new things every day, like Jan watches Titanic in secret and cries at the end every time, man that was funny. Soon my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of another person's voice as they entered.

"Vhat ist that delicious smell?" asked the voice of Zorin.

"Krysta ist making fudge," Major stated.

"Who ist cooking?" came Rip's voice.

"Krysta ist!" Schrodinger exclaimed.

"Smells great."

"I smell sweeties!" exclaimed the voice of Jaime, Millennium's second newest member.

I heard the light chuckling of Luke behind her "Yes indeed."

"I smell fudge," stated Alhambra as he walked in.

"Why is everyone coming into the damn cafeteria!" I shouted to the lot, "I mean come on my fudge is nothing special."

"Who the fucks making fudge?" shouted Jan.

"Me and you ain't getting any!" I snapped, just the sound of his voice pissed me off.

"Why the fuck not!"

"Because you're an ass and I hate you," I stated simply.

"Cunt," Jan mumbled.

"Please I don't even see how that is offense I mean really cunt? It sounds like a female body part to me," I shrugged and looked out the window to see the crowd of people.

Hans stood in the crowd of people and smiled at me, signing something.

"Not you too Hans!" I whined. During the month of living at Millennium I was taught to read sign language so no one had to translate for me.

Then Dok stalked into the cafeteria "Vhat ist going on?"

"Krysta made fudge!" Schrodinger cheered.

"Ja und?"

"It ist really good!"

I looked from the group of people and checked the fudge "None of you can have any-"

Schrodinger's head snapped to me as his eyes widen "Bu-but the fudge!"

"Is not done cooling yet," I said with a sigh, "Let me finish next time."

Embarrassment took the cat boy as he flattened his ear to his head "Oh . . . I knew that."

I let out a small chuckle as I looked back out the window to have Dok standing right there. I jumped slightly but quickly brushed it off "Yes Dok?"

"Your appointment for your vound," He said.

"What about it?" I questioned.

"You failed to show up," he retorted.

"Oh, well umm you see I was cooking and could you imagine what would of happened if I had left?" I answered trying to convince the mad doctor before me that I didn't forget, even though I did.

"You forgot didn't you?" asked the doctor.

I let out a sigh "I can't help it boredom got to me and I wasn't just going to hang around the lab till it was time."

"Vell come on, I need to check your vound," Dok replied.

"But if I leave the fudge they will get it!" I whined.

"I don't care."

"Well I do!"

"What's going on in here?" came Marge's voice in confusion.

Schrodinger quickly disappeared from the kitchen as Marge walked in.

"I made fudge and Dok is telling me to go to the lab but I know they will have it gone when I got back," I stated.

"Just leave it with me dearie," Marge said with a smile.

I smiled back "Ok, I'm counting on you!" With that I left the kitchen and followed Dok as the neko boy held the back of my jacket, following quickly.

Once in the lab, I took off the required clothes and covered up certain parts that Dok didn't need to see.

Dok looked at the red and scarred tissue area of flesh with a pen light, then walked to a lab desk and wrote some things down.

After about two minute of Dok checking every inch of the scarring tissue, a look of amazement flashed on his face. As quickly as it came, it left and the doctor turn from my chest area "You maybe redress now."

I walked behind a curtain that I fashioned out of a white sheet and some wire I found. I put on a neon pink and green stripped sports bra and a dark red tang-top. My favorite shirt followed, it was a blood red shirt with black and white stripped sleeves. On the front of the shirt it said a bright red letters with a white outline around them "I bite". But for once in my life I didn't feel the need to wear my jacket anymore so I tied it around my waist.

"Krysta do you think the fudge ist ready to eat?" Schrodinger asked on the other side of the sheet.

"Maybe, we'll have to see," I replied stepping out from behind the sheet.

Schrodinger and I walked out of the lab and down the many hallways till we got to the kitchen. As I walked in, I was shocked to see they were still there only this time sitting at tables talking to each other.

Hans was the first to see me and nodded his head slightly, causing Rip to look and wave.

I waved back with a nervous smile and walked into the kitchen quickly.

Marge was sitting on a chair as she leaned on one of the counters, humming a random tune.

"Why are they still here?" I asked the elderly woman.

"They've been waiting to get some of that fudge of yours dearie," She replied and got up from the chair. She walked over to the fridge and pulled out my fudge "I put it in the fridge and kept a watch for ya."

I smiled at Marge and grabbed the pan "Thanks Marge," I said and placed the pan on the counter. I got a butter knife and cut the fudge into nice, even pieces and whistled "Who wanted fudge?" I called loudly.

The sound of people running was heard and there at the window was the group, pushing and pulling at each other to get in front.

"Form a line or no one gets any," I said firmly.

Grumbles and grunts were heard in reply as they got into a small line with Schrodinger at the front.

With a chuckle I handed out a piece of fudge to everyone, including Marge and took a piece for myself. I put the fudge back in the fridge after finishing my piece and turned to see Marge smiling brightly.

"The fudge is great dearie, it reminds me of an old friend of mine's recipe," commented the woman.

"I got that recipe from my sensei," I replied and walked out of the kitchen.

"That vas the best fudge ever," Major sighed happily.

"I need more!" Jaime and Schro cried.

I watched everyone's reactions until my eyes fell upon the only person whose option mattered to me, Rip.

The woman's beautiful blue eyes locked with mine "The fudge vas amazing," she smiled.

I felt my heart flutter at that comment and I was thankful my face didn't get hot "Thank you," I said with a slight bow.

"Where did you learn to make this?" Luke questioned.

"Oh, my sensei taught me how to make it since I asked her to make it for me all the time," I replied, laughing slightly as I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Whose your sensei?" Jaime asked as she tried to sneak the rest of Luke's piece.

"Sonki, she taught me how to fight too."

"I knew it!" cheered Marge from the kitchen, "No wonder the fudge tasted so familiar!"

I turned to Marge, who was at the window "You know Sonki?"

"Of course! Sonki and I came from the same place of birth just different races," Marge replied with a happy grin.

"No offence Marge but she seems a lot younger then you."

"Just be lucky I don't have a temper like Sonki," Marge said in a low tone.

"Yea she can get pretty mad," I stated scratching the back of my head.

"You're tellin' me," Marge replied with a laugh.

As we laughed, Dok came walking in "You!" he called, pointing at me.

"What I didn't do anything!"

"How did you heal so fast?" he questioned me.

I looked at the mad doctor "I don't know I've been able to do that since I was little."

"Vhat are you going on about Doctor?" Major asked as he stood from the chair he was sitting in.

"This girl, her vound, vhat should haff took months to heal, healed in a matter of veeks!" Dok exclaimed.

"I see but Doctor you must remember Captain brought her here so she must be special in some vay," Major reminded the doctor.

"Oh yea that's right Fluffy brought me here," I remembered and bonked my head. "How did I forget that," I replied and looked at the wolf man himself.

He just gave me this look before signing to me.

"Because you're very fluffy in your wolf form," I defended myself.

"Hey Krysta since I'm bored now und you're healed vanna fight me?" Zorin asked with a smug look on her face.

"Sure," I replied, I saw nothing wrong with it.

"Oh man! I gotta vatch this!" Schrodinger chimed.

"Vhy don't ve all vatch it to see her skills," Major suggested, grinning.

"But Major vhat about our duties for today?" Rip asked the fat man.

"Nein, now it's an order. Ve must vatch Krysta und Zorin fight," Major replied.

I heard Rip mumbling and I could tell she was cursing under her breath.

So we all walked to this big room that mimicked the outside landscape wise with trees and such. It had a viewing room that I was betting Major used to watch his troops train for the invasion. I got to pick out some weapons to fight Zorin with and since I was a human I got to pick a gun and a melee weapon. Well after every important member of Millennium was seated and watching, Major spoke.

"Let the fight begin!" Major's voice echoed throughout the training room.

I ran at Zorin quickly and pulled the auto shotgun from my back. This was my favorite guns to use, I would use it all the time in Left 4 Dead when I played. I had never shot one before but I knew about this gun the most out of the one's on the rack they had. "Be prepared!"I shouted and pulled the trigger. I was caught off guard by the recoil it had and stumbled back a bit but regained my balance.

"Have you ever shot a gun like that?" asked Schrodinger.

"No, not physically, I used it in Left 4 Dead all the time though," I replied and pointed it at Zorin. The first shot had missed by a few inches just above her head and to me that was pretty good.

The gun didn't have real bullets, it had more of a dart like bullet and I was sure that it still hurt to get shot.

"You're shooting a gun that you don't even know how to use!" Rip yelled.

"Pretty much!" I said happily and aimed at Zorin again. "Nighty, night ZorZor!~," I sang and fired the gun again.

Zorin looked at me confused "Vhat the-" she was cut off but a dart\bullet hitting her shoulder. I could tell she felt that by the look on her face but it turned to an evil grin seconds later. The tattooed woman then slammed her hand to the ground and the letters ran across landscape.

I ran backwards as quickly as I could but the symbols caught up to me in no time and I looked around quickly. "I can't believe what I see!" I thought as I readied myself. Quickly the illusion started and I saw my mom, dad and me, sitting in the car as my dad drove.

A woman with long beautiful light reddish-brown hair and mesmerizing ocean blue eyes smiled at the younger me. "So sweet heart where do you wanna go?" the woman asked.

Little Krysta sat for a few seconds then exclaimed "I wanna go to the park and get ice-cream!"

The man driving the car had short black hair that seem to shine a red color in the light as his greenish-yellow eye's were fixed out the road. He pushed up the glasses that were sliding from his nose and turning onto another street.

"Now Krysta don't we do that once every week? It's your birthday, is that really all you wanna do?" asked her father who glanced back before looking at the road again.

"Well no, I wanna go to the pool! And I wanna go to Heath's and get candy and other stuff!" Little Krysta chirped.

"We'll go to the park first okay sweetie," said her father.

"Vincent don't forget next week I'm going to England to see a friend of mine," reminded her mother.

"I won't, because that means I have Krysta all to myself Mwahahaha!" Vincent said with a smile, laughing evilly.

The woman gave him a stern look.

"Kayame, we'll be fine I promise," Vincent replied.

Kayame looked back at the younger me and smiled brightly as she brushed the bangs from little Krysta's face. "You shouldn't hide that beautiful face of yours," she replied.

Little Krysta quickly shook she bangs back into her face "I like them like this," she told her mom.

The woman let out a light laugh as Vincent chuckled, looking back at her then to the road.

The car turned sharply and the screeching of tires on the pavement was heard ringing in her ears. Little Krysta looked out the window to see to her horror the reason her parents were dead. There stood in all his glory . . . . Alucard the NoLife King with a evil, sadistic grin that engulfed his face. The car then hit the curb and jumped up as it starting to roll, her parent's bodies hitting here and there. The sound of bones breaking could be heard along with flesh tearing from the meat. Screams came from her parents, as well as her younger self being thrown here and there in the back seat. The sound of gurgling was heard as the car finally stopped and Little Krysta groaned as she tried to move. The smell of blood invaded her nose as a red liquid covered the ceiling and began to dripping on her. The little girl let out another groan as she looked to the front seat and screamed loudly as she saw her parent's mangled bodies.

Kayame's clothes were ripped and pieces of her flesh were missing a long with patches of skin. Her left leg was broken and bent at an unnatural angle with the bone jetting out of the ripped flesh. A piece of the windshield glass was lodged through her mother chest. Her head lolled slightly before it fell to the side angled to left far less than natural. The skin on the right side of her neck was gone causing the head the hang lower than normal. Blood still coming out of the wounds as her mother's lifeless eyes stared back at the scared little girl. A part of her cheek was ripped exposing her teeth covered in blood with her mouth ajar. Kayame's tongue was nowhere to found inside her mouth but as Little Krysta looked up at the ceiling and away from the site, she found it. It was stuck to the roof of the car but without warning it fell and landed on Little Krysta's chest. The girl screamed and cried as she rolled over and the tongue fell off, hitting the ground with a slimy sound.

"M-mommy!" Little Krysta cried trying to reach out to the woman. Younger me then looked to the driver's side a screamed bloody murder at the sight of her father.

Vincent was beaten and some of his flesh was missing but the reason she was screaming so hard was the fact her father had no head. It seemed to have been ripped off and part of the Tricia was still sticking out of the neck. Blood still flowing from his neck and seeping onto his torn clothes as his left hand was just hanging by a piece of skin. Younger me quickly looked down to the floor only to be greeted by her dads severed head looking up at her. His glasses were broken and embedded into his face as the glass part had shattered into his eyes, no longer seeing their beautiful color. She screamed until her throat hurt as tears started to blur her vision and the pain finally set in.

"D-daddy," Little Krysta whispered as her right hand fell upon his face.

Her vision started to fade into darkness as the sound of the back car door being ripped off was heard. The figure was blurry and surrounded in a world that was turning dark. The figure picked her pick and got her out of the car, walking off a short distance. The figure put her down by what felt like a tree and right before she pasted out the darkness left and the blur was gone. That figure that had took Little Krysta from the car was clear as crystal, it was . . .Captain Hans then all went black.

I shook my head "St-stop it!" I screamed as tears rolled down my face. To my dismay though another illusion had started but this time it was four year old me standing in a door way to a baby's room.


The group of teens were called into Integra's office and sat in chairs in front of her desk.

"What did you wanna see us for?" asked Hayley, confused.

"I want to know more about your friend we've been looking for," Integra stated as she placed a cigar in between her lips. She lit the cancer stick and took a drag before continuing "I need to know all I can."

"Well Krysta is a very nice person to the people who are nice to her," Hayley replied, "And she really loves anime."

"She can get mean though. Just remember to stay on her good side and you won't suffer mental, emotional, and/or physical damage," Torey answered.

"She can be very passionate at the things she wants to protect and is very loyal to the people who care for her and never wants to see them get hurt," Carly said.

Nikki was silent before she spoke "But she has a dark side to her."

"What are you talking about?" Hayley questioned the blonde haired girl.

"Yea I mean it's not like she killed somebody," Carly retorted.

"Yes she did!" Nikki screamed and stood up quickly.

"What are you talking about?" Torey asked.

Nikki was silent for a few seconds "You know . . . I had a baby brother . . . once, "She said and trailed off as she walked out of the room.


There stood Little Krysta at the door way to a baby's room as the sound of a baby crying was heard. She looked a bit different though, her hair seemed to be a caramel brown instead of its normal reddish-brown color. Her eyes as well they looked a reddish-violet more than they did a greenish-yellow and they seemed more dangerous.

"Shut up!" yelled the angered child as she stomped into the room.

The baby boy continued to cry as she got to the crib.

"I said shut up!" she repeated and hit the baby this time.

The baby proceeded to cry harder now as tears slide down the sides of his face.

Little Krysta was going to smack him again until an evil smile form on her lips "I know what will make you stop crying," she said with a chuckle. She then picked up the baby of the crib and walked out of the room, to the stairs as the smile never wavered. "Now let's see if you really are a bouncing baby boy!" she laughed and dropped the infant.

The baby hit the first step with a sickening crack when he head connected with the wooden steps. The baby cried harder as it went down to the next step where to slam his head again. His one hand was just limp and broken and a foot was twisted in a painful way as the baby dissented the stairs. Half way down the stairs the steps had spots of blood on them, each bigger than the last. On the final step the baby hit the floor hard as blood seeped onto the light blue carpet, the infant no longer crying.

"I guess you did bounce for a little," Little Krysta laughed.

Then a shriek was heard from down the stairs and a woman with bleach blonde hair to her shoulders and brown eyes looked up at her. "You MONSTER!" she screamed as her fell to her knees in front of the baby boy.

The younger me just continued to laugh an evil, disturbing laugh.

"I-I . . . I didn't do that!" I hollered, I didn't remember doing anything like that, "It-it wasn't me! It was Her" I stumbled back a bit "Get out of my head!" I shriek and dropped the gun as I held my head.

To my horror though the illusions continued and there I was in the loony bin, a month after my parent's death, not understanding why I was there.

Little Krysta walked around the area they had the "Crazy people" stay and do what they wanted with limits. The little girl walked until she heard a weird sound coming behind one of the couches in the area. Little Krysta walked behind it to see a little girl slamming a boy's head on the floor, repeatedly. The boy was much older than her but that didn't seem to matter, but all Little Krysta could heard was his head hitting the floor.

"Why are you doing that?" younger me asked meekly.

The girl stopped and looked at her "Because he made fun of me," she replied. The girl had blonde hair and blue eyes that looked right into her greenish-yellow "Are you gonna make fun of me too?" she asked narrowing her eyes.

" . . . No," Little Krysta answered and began to walk away.

"Wait!" called the girl as she got off of the boy, "I'm Hayley, I'm seven years old and I'm here 'cause they said I'm psycho."

"I . . . I'm Krysta, I'm four years old and I don't even know why I'm here," she replied.

The blonde girl then got shy "Do you think we . . . could be . . . friends?" she asked unsure.

Little Krysta nodded which made Hayley smile.

"Who did this!?" said a male voice from behind them. It was one of the people who watched the area just in case something happened.

Hayley was about to say something until younger me spoke first "I did it, he make me mad."

The man glared down at her as he whistled for help. The group grabbed Little Krysta, dragging her kicking and screaming to her room where that tied her down. They then proceeded to pull out a shot and shove it into her skin roughly causing the small girl to cry out.

The illusion seemed to skip about and it went to a six year old Krysta and nine year old Hayley waiting for their families.

Over the two years Little Krysta acted like a normal kid would and taught Hayley how to do so as well, earning them their freedom from that place.

"So what's your family like, I mean you never really talk about them," Hayley asked.

"My real family is dead, now I live with the people who sent me here," Little Krysta replied.

Hayley nodded her head and then hugged her "You can come live with me!" she exclaimed happily.

Just then Hayley's parent's walked in "Oh Hayley are you ok?" asked her mother in worry.

"Now do you see why I said she's not allowed to visit her grandpa. She may be nuts but it runs in the family on my mother's side," said Andrew.

Biannca nodded her head as she hugged Hayley tight "I've missed you so much," she cooed.

"Mommy, Daddy can I take my friend home?" Hayley asked.

Both of her parents looked at her and then to younger me. "Sweetie if we could, we would but we can't," Biannca replied.

Hayley was about to start pleading and pouting when Kirstein and a man with normal short blonde hair and hazel eyes came in, hatred on their faces. The man was her husband and was mean to Krysta from the first time she arrived at their house to stay.

"Come on brat," Kirstein spat as she roughly grabbed little Krysta by the arm and pulled her out of the loony bin.

"STOP IT!" I screamed, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

More illusions came up, many of them were the beating I would get from my foster family. The memory of my foster uncle raping me was also shown with my beatings. Then the image of a deserted road appeared and a boy on top of a 14 year old me.

The boy held her down tightly as his deep brown eyes stared into her glaring ones. His shoulder length light blonde hair hung by his face as he smirked at her "Now, now Krysta, there's no need to fight."

"Get the fuck off me you perv!" she screamed struggling to get free.

The boy let out a slight laugh "You're so cute when you're angry," he cooed into her ear.

"Nicca I swear to god I'll kill you!" Krysta shouted at him.

"Oh?" said the boy on top of her, "And how are you going to do that? It seems to me I have the upper hand here."

"Get off of me! I'm warning you!" Krysta screeched as she tried to turn the tables.

That earned her a swift slap to the cheek as angry eyes stared at her with hunger and lust. Before Krysta could say anything, Nicca quickly drove for her neck and bit down hard.

Krysta cried out on pain as she could feel the blood running down her neck and onto the dirt. She gasped and tried to push him off but she was beginning to feel weak as she groaned in pain.

Nicca then leaned up and licked his lips "Now that you can't fight back I'm going to claim you," he chortled. The boy then ripped open her shirt and yanked off her pants, causing her underwear to follow.

Krysta quickly tried to cover herself but it was to no avail for he tied her wristed with her own jacket. "Don't do this! STOP!" she cried struggling to free her hands.

Nicca just laughed as his one hand stroked her cheek and the other slowly made its way to her lower regions.

"STOP! NO!" Krysta begged as tears began to form.

Nicca just chuckled as he licked away a falling tear and began to rub her womanhood. "Are you turned on by this?" he asked with a twisted smile.

"N-No! It's the body's natural reaction to intercourse and you know it!" She screamed, trying to move herself away from him.

"Aw and I was hoping you'd say yes," Nicca laughed, shoving in a finger.

Krysta begged with him to stop but soon he was finish with using his fingers and decided on other parts of his body.

Nicca then got between her legs as his eyes roamed her body "I've dreamed of the day I'd make you mine," he purred and thrusted into her.

"Stop! Please just stop!" she begged as he rammed into her harder each time.

The boy then frowned "Now why would I do that?" he questioned, stroking her face.

Krysta then mumbled something, tears falling from her eyes and down her face.

"What was that my sweet?" he said sweetly, still continuing his act.

She looked him straight in the eyes, her hatred for him over flowing "I HATE YOU! YOU'RE NOTHING TO ME! JUST GO DIE!" she screamed and started to struggle again.

Nicca's eyes narrowed and he pulled a pocket knife from his discarded pants "We'll see who'll love you after this!"

Before he could bring the knife close enough he was kicked in the face by someone.

Nicca hit the ground but got back up quickly to see a girl standing in front of Krysta, two knives at the ready.

This girl had shoulder length red hair and bangs that covered her eyes but from where Krysta was laying she could tell that they were green. She looked to be at least 16 and wasn't very happy by the expression Krysta could see. She was short, well shorter then Krysta and Nicca but that didn't seem to faze her as she pointed a knife at him. She wore a brown shirt but at the moment Krysta couldn't see what was on the front. She was wearing normal jeans and beige sandals with a red and gold stripped scarf that was wrapped around her neck.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Nicca shouted in anger.

"I'm Red Cat!" the girl proclaimed loudly.

Nicca let out a snare "Please you're just a little girl that just landed in some deep shit."

"Oh really?" Red Cat inquired with a smirk. The girl ran at Nicca and plunged her knifes deep into his chest cavity, laughing happily. "Now who's in deep shit?" Red Cat sliced him in half and his body fell to the ground with a thud "Gross his man parts are showing," she said, turning to the shaken girl.

Krysta looked up at Red Cat with mixed emotions "Are you gonna kill me too?" she questioned the girl in front of her.

The girl grinned down at Krysta "No, but I must say you look lovely," she commented.

Embarrassment got Krysta as she tried to free her arms from the jacket they were tied in.

"Oh I'm not going to rape you, I mean it sounds fun right now but even I'm not that cruel," Red Cat stated as she squatted down. The older girl untied the jacket that bound Krysta's arms and grabbed her pants "Your shirt is ripped but your pants are ok," she smiled at the younger girl.

Krysta quickly slipped on her jacket and zipped it up. She took her pants from Red Cat and found her underwear was not there. Krysta still put the pants on and looked for her shoes but found them nowhere in sight. The younger girl looked at the girl before her and hugged her as tears spilled over "Thank you so much," she cried into Red Cat's shoulder.

Red Cat was shocked at first but hugged the girl back, and soon let go "See ya around kid!" she said and ran off into the woods.

Krysta walked for what seemed like an hour until a voice came from behind her "Hey are you ok?" She turned quickly to see a girl with pure white hair that went to her shoulder blades. Pinkish-red eyes stared at Krysta until realization sparked within them "Hey you're the girl from Home Ec. and Choir," she stated.

Krysta recognized her, it was Carly Wolfe, she had moved here from Titusville over the summer. "Yea I am," was the only thing she could say.

Carly noticed Krysta was beaten up a bit "Hey what happened to you?"

"It's a long story," Krysta replied.

"Hey you can come to my house and clean up a bit, I swear my mom won't mind," the albino girl said slightly begging, "You can call your family too to tell them where you are."

This made Krysta smile "Sure . . . Thanks."

"No prob! Oh and what's your name again?"

"Krysta Zobushi."

"Krysta? I'll have to remember that," she said with a laugh as they walked off.

I was grabbed by the collar of my shirt and thrown across the room hitting the ground hard as my body rolled a few more feet.

"Come on get up!" Zorin called.

I stood weakly, the images now fresh in my mind as I put a hand on the ground and tears fell onto it. I looked at my hands and noticed something odd, no red blur on my left thumb. Fear took over me "MY RING!" I hollered and quickly searched for that important piece of jewelry.

Zorin then walked over to me and kicked me in the gut.

"Please stop," I whispered, my head hung low as tears hit the ground, "No more."

"Let's see how deep I can go!" Zorin shouted, laughing as she did.

Soon the image of a younger me in a hospital bed appeared, it seemed to be a few days after the crash.

Little Krysta groaned as she opened her eyes to a dark room, the only light came from the window on her room door.

"Where am I?" she questioned.

"You're in a hospital bed," came a female's voice from in the room somewhere.

"Wh-who's there?" Little Krysta asked as she looked around the room.

"I am," the voice replied.

"Who are you? . . . Where are you?"

"My name is not important child, but to answer your second question, I am in that old army ring of your fathers," the voice replied.

"How did you get in there?"

"I was put there by my foe, half my soul trapped in a fucking ring while the other half got reincarnated," the woman stated.

"Are you saying I'm your other half?" the little girl questioned.

"Yes, at first I thought it was your father but I was wrong, it seems you dear child are the other half of my soul."

"So you're saying that I am you and you are me?" Little Krysta asked.

"Yes . . . you're pretty smart for a four year old," the voice commented.

"My teachers say my mind is older than my body," younger me explained.

"Makes sense if you're my reincarnation," said the voice. "Oh and child if you ever need help with anything just take that ring off and I'll be right out," the woman replied with a creepy, low laugh afterward.

"Yes just take it off, lose it, have it fall off and I'll be right out," purred the woman's voice.

I felt like I was floating in mid-air, not falling just floating, watching this scene play out as though I was watching TV in my mind.

Zorin's illusions broke and fell away "Vhat?!" the blonde haired vampire was confused. Zorin's attention was brought back to where my body was and shock played on her face.

There where I once was now stood a tall woman maybe 6'2 with flowing caramel brown hair that was up into a high pony tail. Her hair reached her ankles just like mine as her reddish-violet eyes locked onto the woman in front of her. She pushed up my glasses that rested on her face and slightly fixed her chest area as it was at least two sizes bigger. She seemed to look about 23 or so as her bangs fell onto her face the same way mine did to me.

"What, cat got your tongue?" the woman cooed licking her lips, "'Cause I wouldn't mind taking it."

Major and the other watching were surprised at the scene that was unraveling before them.

Zorin was speechless for a few good seconds before forcing herself to speak "Who are you und vhere did Krysta go?"

"Oh the child is fine, she's in here," the woman said pointing to her head, "She's just watching this in a third person point of view, but it's yourself you should be worried about." The brown haired woman said then added "Oh and you can just call me Ace."

"Vhat are you?" Zorin questioned Ace, "Because you're not a human that's for sure."

"I am a hybrid of sorts but the main thing people would call me was 'Witch, Demon, Monster' but of course that's not all," Ace replied with a smirk. "Witch, will do though. That's what they mainly called me," said Ace.

Schrodinger tilted his head "A vitch? I thought that they vere all dead?"

"Apparently not Schrodinger," Major said with a chuckle.

Rip then spoke "Does that mean Krysta ist a vitch?"

"I believe so I just think she doesn't know it," Major replied.

Rip nodded her head as they continued to watch the fight to see the shocked face on the tattooed vampire.

"Vha-vhat!?" Zorin was taken back.

"Come at me sweet cheeks," Ace purred motioning for Zorin to attack.

Zorin clenched her teeth and gripped her scythe tight "Tsk, don't call me that," she sneered.

"Oh poor sweet ZorZor, are you embarrassed by it," she cooed.

Zorin didn't even answer as she ran at Ace, letting out a battle cry and began to swing her scythe at the other woman.

Ace just dodged the blonde vampire's attacks with a bored expression "You're not as amusing as I thought you'd be," she said with a yawn.

"Vhy you!" Zorin hollered and swung at Ace.

Ace did a back flip and landed a few feet away from Zorin "Here kitty kitty!~"

Zorin ran at the woman as fast as she could "I'll kill you!"

Right before Zorin got to Ace, the witch snapped her fingers and Zorin stopped like she was frozen in time.

"Neat trick huh? It doesn't last too long, I think the longest time was ten minutes or so but I won't need that much time," she replied and moved out of the way.

Zorin then realized that Ace was standing in front of a wall and as soon as she heard the snap of fingers, she slammed into it.

Ace began to laugh full heartedly as she wiped to tear from her eye "Priceless, That's the best laugh I've had in ages."

Then out of nowhere Zorin sliced at Ace but she ducked in the nick of time, all though her hair wasn't that lucky.

Ace jumped back a few meters and looked at her hair. It was now rested at her ass as the hair that was severed from the rest was a few inches away for Zorin. Ace's head was lowered so darkness hide her face "You fucking Nazi scum, how dare you even stand before me you undead trash!" she shouted. When she lifted her face a look of pure malice was displayed and eyes full of hate deeper than anything ever seen. "You cut my hair! My long, beautiful hair!" Ace screamed.

When Ace's eyes met Zorin's I could tell she was afraid by the look she had.

"Prepare for you demise Zorin Blitz," Ace spat and in the blink of an eye she was gone.

Zorin quickly got her scythe ready as she looked around trying to find the witch.

Ace then appeared behind her "Boo."

Zorin quickly turned around and was greeted with a sword to the gut. The freak vampire grunted from the impacted of the blade as blood seeped from it.

"I promise your death will be slow and painful," Ace said with an insane laugh.

As I watched this I saw Hans sign something to the cat boy whom disappeared.

Ace pulled the sword out slowly, wiggling it around as she did so.

The blonde haired vampire then slugged the brown haired witch in the face hard.

The woman's head was forced to turn to the right as her bangs flew on to the other side in a tangled mess. There from her cheek bone, ending above the middle of her brow in big scarred letters was the word "MONSTER". A sick smiled formed on her face when she saw Zorin's looking "Lovely right? Krysta has the same one, I can only hide so many scars on her body but the deepest ones seem to stay," Ace purred. "You should read the ones on her back. 'Demon, unwanted, freak, killer, damned', lovely words to stain a young girl's skin."

The sword was finally out and Ace kicked Zorin where the sword had entered, sending her across the room. Zorin hit the wall, cracks formed behind her as she fell to the ground with dust flowing in the air around her.

Ace was about to rush her when Hans tackled her to the grounded and held her in place.

"Let me-" Ace couldn't even finish the sentence before Schrodinger put the ring back on our thumb.

I let out a gasp as I entered reality and went to hold my head. I could feel my arms being held down but the feeling was soon gone when I saw Hans standing over me.

"Hey," I said with a smile, "I got my ass kicked didn't I?"

I heard footsteps and then Rip's voice "You mean you don't remember?"

I propped myself on my elbows "Remember what?" I questioned.

"You nearly killed Zorin," Schrodinger chirped happily.

I sat up quickly and looked at my hand, the ring was there but then Zorin came into view. "She got out," was the only thing I managed to say.

"Ja, she did," came a man's voice I was familiar with.

The looks everyone gave the tall albino man would have made me laugh if I hadn't been so shook up.

"Is she ok? We need to get her to the lab! God damn you Ace!" I cursed as I got up and walked to Zorin with a slight limp. Then I realized my head felt lighter so as I walked to her I ran my finger through my hair to find it shorter. I looked at my hair to find it to my ass "Fuck my life! Ace I blame you for this and why is it I never remember the things you do when you're out?"

I finally got the Zorin and shook her "Hey you alright? Here I'll help you to the lab."

Zorin looked at me and tried the lift herself as she glared.

I grabbed Zorin by the arm and helped her to her feet. She didn't say anything as I helped her out of the room and into the halls. After the long silence as I helped Zorin to Dok's lab, I spoke "Look I'm sorry about what happened . . . This is why I freak out when my ring comes off." I could feel Zorin looking at me as I continued "I didn't mean for my ring to come off and I hate it when she decides I'm too weak to fight and doesn't put the ring back on." I sighed as my eyes stayed forward "She's a bitch but in a way she looks out for me and I'm really sorry for what she did to you. She's kinda prideful of her hair."

I heard a sigh from the older woman and felt a light punch on my arm "God damn you've really grown on me. I can't even stay mad at you, you snot." She let out a light chuckle as I looked down at her to see her normal grin upon her face.

I smiled at that action "Yea I guess I have huh?" I said with a chuckle.

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