The Logan Amendment

Author: CelestialSonata7

Fandom: Big Time Rush

Claim: Logan Mitchell

Background: Basically all you really need to know to get the story is that the four best friends have annual prank wars, and this story is based off an actual quote from the show: "Well does your 'Lord Prankerton' say you're not allowed to make sure someone is okay?" "No he does. It's called 'The Logan Amendment.'"

The Logan Amendment

It was time. They had all fought bravely last year; though James had reigned victorious. Now, this was a new chance, to claim that glorious crown, along with the historic title: Sir High King Lord of The Pranks! Everyone had been planning and scheming and setting up their ingenious ideas all week, leading up to Spring Break. Now, the day had come.

Their annual prank wars could range all over the small town of Minnesota. Being fourteen, the four boys were allowed to roam about as long as they had their cell phones with them at all times. Plus, nothing really bad ever happened in the humble town, so everyone knew they were safe.

"I know you're there Carlos! Come out come out where ever you are!" James taunted.

The war had already been waged at least five hours ago, but the boys were relentless. No one was going to give up or dare get pranked. The boys took this ridiculously seriously. This wasn't a game. This was full out war; each competitor with his own agenda, only looking out for number one. In the Prank wars, anything goes.

Carlos scooted further back behind the bush that was the only thing shielding him from a seltzer-wielding James.

Carlos wasn't the brightest of the bunch. His idea of a prank this year was calling James, claiming to be a 'Cuda' product employee, and telling him that he had won a life-time supply of hair care products. All James had to do to claim his prize, was smother himself in whipped cream. It would have worked too, if Carlos hadn't burst into laughter over the phone right before James pressed down on the nozzle of the aerosol can.

Carlos also made the mistake of hiding outside of James' kitchen window. So when James realized it was him, he immediately caught sight of the younger boy doubled over in laughter outside his window, and automatically started chasing after him. Now Carlos was hiding. Hiding from what he was sure, was certain doom.

"Come on Carlos. I'm not gonna hurt ya!" James taunted. "I just wanna show you something!"

Carlos scooted further, as James came closer to the tree-covered area he was hiding under. Suddenly there was a clicking sound. James had unknowingly stepped on a trip wire and before he knew it, his entire head and face was covered in whipped cream.

Carlos jumped out from behind the bush onto the street beside James, and immediately doubled over in laughter once again. "That. . .Was awesome!" Carlos gasped out. "You should've seen the look on your face!" Carlos was laughing so hard that he fell over, landing right on his butt.

"Ha! That'll teach you to cover me in whipped cream!" James laughed.

"But I didn't do it." Carlos said as he stood.

"What?" James asked. "Then who-"

"Haha!" Kendall exclaimed as he jumped out of the bush, and sprayed Carlos with more whipped cream. Carlos groaned in disappointment and furiously jerked the substance off his hands.

"Where do you even get all this whipped cream anyways?" James asked angrily.

"A master never reveals his secrets!" Kendall stated simply.

"It's 'magician'." James corrected bitterly.

"But it has nothing to do with magic." Kendall said. "I'm just a master at the pranks! And soon that title will be mine!" He yelled to the heavens.

"I hope it'll be really soon." Carlos said as he looked to the sky. "It's getting kinda late. What time is it James?"

"6:30 pm." James answered. "Carlos is right, it is getting late. Plus. . ." James looked to the sky as well.

"It looks like it's gonna rain." Kendall finished.

"It can't rain!" Carlos exclaimed sadly. "It's Spring! Spring is suppose to be happy and nice and sunny!"

"And rainy." James added and turned to Kendall. "You'd better hurry this up."

"Where is Logan anyways?" Carlos asked.

Kendall developed a wicked smile across his face. "Oh he should soon be meeting with, what I like to call; Defeat!" Kendall said smugly.

"Ugh, stupid branches." Logan mumbled to himself as he trudged through the forest-like ravine. The boys had a little hide-out place in here. It was away from the town, and people couldn't stumble onto it easily. Plus it was really close to the river, so they always had the sound and smell of fresh water. It was like a special haven for them.

Logan looked back down at his phone and read the message again, making sure that he didn't mix something up or miss anything:

Text From Kendall:


War is off. Meet us at the Fortress of Solitude.

Logan found the text message incredibly sketchy and was very incredulous to it. But if this was where everyone was, than this was where the war was going on, so he'd have to be there to get everyone else out anyways. A little ways, deeper into the trees Logan trudged, climbing over fallen trees and stumps and the like.

Off to his left, Logan could vaguely make out something. It looked familiar. It was the tree! The tree that marked where the 'Fortress of Solitude' was. Feeling a sense of relief, he headed towards it carefully.

"A trap?" Carlos asked.

"Yep." Kendall answered proudly.

"Are you sure it's safe?" James asked.

"Oh sure!" Kendall waved off. "I stood in it myself and it only came up to my shoulders. He could easily get out."

"But you're taller than him!" James pointed out.

"Oh. . .Right." Kendall realized. He felt incredibly stupid for not realizing that before. "But still, it's not that deep. He could still get out."

James and Carlos both rolled their eyes. Then something started beeping. "What's that?" Carlos asked.

Kendall pulled out his cell phone with glee. "Haha! I got him!"

"What?" James asked.

"I put a motion sensor on the trap, so that I know when I got him. He fell in! Just now!" Kendall exclaimed with joy.

Carlos and James both let out defeated sighs. "I guess that means-" James started.

"I am Sir High King Lord of the Pranks!" Kendall exclaimed.

"Yeah yeah, good for you." Carlos waved a hand idly. "Can we go home now? I'm getting hungry."

"Yeah, let's go." James said.

"We can go to my place!" Carlos said. "We've got hot chocolate!"

"Alright." Kendall said.

"Sure." James shrugged.

"Should we go get Logan? You know, make sure he doesn't need any help or anything?" Carlos asked.

"Nah I'm sure he's fine." Kendall said. "I'll send him a text and tell him to meet us there."

He couldn't see anyone. "Must've went back to the houses already." Logan realized out loud. He turned to walk away but the next step fell from under him.

Logan's instincts kicked in and he twisted so that he could grab the ledge instead of falling through. He suddenly realized that he hung from a human-made hole, with a blanket covered in leaves and twigs camouflaging it.

"Kendall." Logan seethed out, glaring into the hole. He pulled himself to his feet and shook his head in disappointment at the attempt at getting him disqualified.

Suddenly, it started to rain. Lightly at first, but still wet. "Uuuuugh." Logan groaned, and zipped up his hoodie.

Using the signature tree of their 'fortress', Logan was able to point out the right direction home, and he started walking. He pulled out his phone to type a 'Nice try.' message to Kendall, when he noticed that he had a new text. "Guess I didn't notice while I was falling into a hole." He said bitterly.

Then the rain picked up. It was coming down harder; Logan could barely see in front of him. The hard dirt quickly became slippery mud in seconds.

Logan had to strain his eyes, and bring the phone up to his face to read his new message. As he was about to answer it, the ground slipped from under him again, this time due to the mud. Logan slipped backwards and tumbled all the way down a steep cliff, landing on his feet hard.

Searing pain shot through Logan's left ankle and he fell to the ground. He cradled his ankle and looked it over. 'Broken.' He deduced. His ankle was broken. He could feel cuts, scratches and bruises littering his face and body too.

Logan looked around, trying to figure out where he had fallen. When he looked up he saw the river, just a few feet away from him. He was on a small patch of land that went all the way around the cliff.

Logan then realized that he had dropped his phone when he fell. He was stuck; stuck on a small piece of land, in the heavy rain, with a broken ankle, no way to call for help, and the river. . .Raising. "Help!" He screamed.

"Got you!" Carlos yelled.

"Got you back!" James yelled back as he threw a marshmallow at Carlos.

"Boys boys!" Mrs. Garcia said with laughter. "Let's not waste all the marshmallows now."

"Sorry mom." Carlos said.

"Sorry Mrs. Garcia." James said.

"Yes mom, we're inside." Kendall spoke into the phone. James had already called his parents and told them that he was staying at Carlos' house, now Kendall was calling his mom. "Yeah I know. It looks really cloudy out there; like it could rain any minute." He said as he glanced out the window warily.

"We came inside just in time." Kendall told his mother. "Yeah, we're all. . .Well Logan's on his way I think. . .I sent him a text, but he hasn't replied yet. . .Yeah, okay. I will. . .Love you too mom. Bye." Kendall said and hung up the phone.

"What'd she say?" James asked with a mouthful of marshmallow.

"I can stay." Kendall said. "She said it's too late to go home now, 'cause the weather report says a storm is on it's way."

"Your mother's right." Mr. Garcia said as he entered the dining room. "It looks absolutely miserable out there. You're much safer here than trying to go home now." He said with a smile.

"Yeah." Kendall smiled back with a nod. "I just hope Logan gets here soon."

"No kidding!" Carlos said. "He's missing all the marshmallows!"

"Well maybe if you'd stop eating them he wouldn't!" James said.

Carlos looked at the bag of marshmallows and considered James' words, then shrugged. "Logan better get here soon." He said then plopped another one in his mouth.

James shook his head at Carlos and facepalmed. Turning away, he glanced out the window. "Oh wow." He said. "It's already started raining."

Kendall turned around in surprise. "That was fast!"

"Indeed." Mr. Garcia agreed with a frown as he stood in front of the window. "When did you say Logan was getting here?" He asked.

"I didn't." Kendall said, worry quickly growing in the pit of his stomach. "He hasn't texted me back yet."

"Hmm." Mr. Garcia hummed. "Maybe he went home. I'll call his house and see." He said and grabbed the phone to start dialing.

The boys watched in worry, hoping to hope that Mr. Garcia was right, and that Logan was safe and sound at home.

He was cold. So cold and soaking wet. His clothes were covered in mud and he could barely see anything. He was also getting tired. The climb through the ravine, plus having to catch himself and climb out of that hole, plus the fall, plus the cold, all took their toll on Logan.

Then to add to it, the searing pain that shot up and down his leg, always residing in his ankle. Logan was exhausted.

Logan lifted his head and looked around the small piece of land he laid on. He searched until he found a large branch, then crawled over to it, grunting in pain as the movement irritated his injured foot, and took the branch.

Seeing that it was sturdy enough, Logan broke it into the right size. Then he ripped off part of the shirt he had under his hoodie and, using the fabric and the branch, he tied a make-shift splint to his ankle.

Now that Logan's ankle was, more or less taken care of for the time being, he observed the cliff. There were no other small platforms to hang on to, and the mud coating the entire side made it impossible to try and climb back up. So Logan turned his attention to his level.

The small area Logan was on reached around the cliff, but dipped further down. Most of it was already swallowed up by the raising river, thanks to the constant rain. There was no way out.

Logan desperately wanted to scream his head off for any sort of help. But since his first attempts met him with nothing, Logan thought there was no longer a point. Plus his voice was already killing him because of it. He was stuck, all alone, in the cold rain.

Then Logan sneezed. Oh great, now on top of everything, he was most likely getting a cold as well.

"Are you sure?" Mr. Garcia said into the receiver. His face fell and he nodded. "I see. Well please call me if he does alright?. . .Thank you. . .Yes of course we'll do the same. . .Alright, take care. Bye." He hung the phone up glumly, then turned to the awaiting boys at the table. "Logan hasn't gone home yet." He said solemnly.

"What?" Kendall exclaimed. "Are you sure? Maybe he came home and went into his room when they weren't looking! Did they-"

But Mr. Garcia was already shaking his head. "They searched the house while I was on the phone with them. He wasn't there Kendall."

"But. . ." Kendall flustered. "Where else could he be? He's not here, he still hasn't answered my text! Where is he?" He asked hysterically.

"I don't know Kendall." Mr. Garcia said. "Why don't you try calling his cell instead of text? Maybe he just didn't hear his phone go off the first time."

Kendall quickly fumbled for his phone and started dialing, then anxiously held it to his ear, hoping. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Kendall's hope was draining fast, with fear raising in its place. Six rings. 'Hey it's Logan. Sorry I missed your call. Leave a messa-' Kendall slammed his phone on the table. "No answer." He said miserably.

"Well, maybe he left his phone at home." Carlos suggested.

"You know Logan." James said. "He would never leave it at home." Carlos opened his mouth to say something. "Nor would he leave it uncharged." James cut him off. Carlos started to say something else. "Or lose it." James finished.

"Well you seem to have all the answers James!" Carlos yelled angrily. "Where is he then, and why isn't he answering his phone?"

"Carlos,". Mr. Garcia said. He walked over and laid a hand on Carlos' shoulder. "There's no need to shout. I know you're all worried, but fighting about it won't solve anything."

Carlos let out a sigh. "You're right Papi. I'm sorry James."

"But Carlos does have a point." Kendall said anxiously. "Where else could he be and why wouldn't he answer his phone? It's Logan! He always answers his phone!"

"I don't know." Mr. Garcia said, then turned to the window looking out with a solemn expression. "But it's getting really bad out there. I'm really worried."

"We should go look for him." Kendall said as he stood.

"Yeah!" Carlos said as he stood. "You're a police officer dad! Can't you like, get a search party or something to help us look for Logan?"

"Boys,". Mr. Garcia began solemnly. "It's too dangerous out there. The storm is really bad and only getting worse. Yes it's true that I could get a search party going, but not in such a heavy storm. Plus we don't even know for sure if Logan is still out there." Mr. Garcia added. "Logan could be perfectly fine, and people could get hurt for no reason and I-"

"That's right!" James said as he stood, slamming his hands on the table. "People could get hurt! People like Logan,who could be stuck out there in the rain somewhere with no one to help him!"

"James-" Mr. Garcia started.

"You're a police chief, Papa Garcia!" James yelled. "You're suppose to help people who are in trouble! What if Logan's in trouble? What if he's hurt? Or what if he's dea-" James cut himself off when he saw Carlos bring a hand to his mouth un shock at the mention of Logan being. . ."I'm sorry Carlos." James said softly. "I didn't mean that. Logan's probably just fi-"

"No." Carlos said, shaking his head with wide eyes. "No, you're right. He could be hurt! Really badly or. . .Or he's. . ." Tears rose in his eyes.

"Logan isn't dead Carlos." Kendall said as firmly as he could, causing everyone to flinch at the word. But even he was worrying the same things. If Logan was hurt. Or. . .Dead, then they wouldn't know what to do. All four of them were best friends, they were always together. If one was gone, the rest just weren't complete. They were broken and lost. If Logan was hurt. . .

'It's all my fault.' Kendall thought as tears stung his eyes.

"Kendall?" James asked. He saw the tears in his eyes, and when he turned he saw the tears in Carlos' eyes. It was near impossible to stay optimistic at this point, but he thought he'd try anyways. "Guys, I'm sure he's fine. Maybe this is a prank!" James tried.

Kendall and Carlos both looked up at James and he continued. "Yeah, maybe Logan is trying to get us out with the ultimate prank! Making us worry and scared and all that; it's just all part of his plan!" James knew everything he was saying was complete and utter nonsense. He knew very well that-

"Logan wouldn't do that." Carlos said glumly, his voice cracking. "He's too nice, and he knows better than to try and trick us like this."

"I. . ." Kendall fumbled. The tears grew and spilled over. "This is all my fault." He said. "If it wasn't for that stupid trap for our stupid prank war none of this would've happened!" Kendall leaned on the table as the tears streaked his face.

Tears also streaked Carlos', and finally James' faces but they still wrapped their arms around Kendall comfortingly. "Don't say that." Carlos said in a cracking voice. "It's not your fault."

Mr. Garcia leaned closer to the boys, his fear growing. "What trap?"

"Logan?" James called.

"Logan where are you?" Kendall screamed.

"Logan! Come on, answer us!" Carlos yelled.

"Logan!" Mr. Garcia called. After hearing about the trap Kendall made, it was a good enough excuse to say that Logan might be hurt. Mr. Garcia had called the force and set up a search party. Three more men had joined him from the force to help look. Everyone was bundled up and was searching the area that Kendall had texted Logan to go. They all had flashlights and rain jackets on.

Mr. Garcia only allowed the boys to search for an hour, and then they would have to go back to the house and wait for the others to get back.

"Logan!" James called as he climbed over a fallen tree, sloshing in the mud.

"Do you see anything?" One of the other officers called. The rain was coming down harder and faster. The sound was deafening, forcing everyone to yell just to be heard, even a foot away from each other.

"Nothing yet!" Another officer replied.

"Keep looking!" Mr. Garcia ordered.

"What if he's not even out here?" The last officer asked, slightly annoyed.

"I said. Keep. Looking!" Mr. Garcia barked, causing the man to shrink away and continue his search glumly. The boys were so thankful to have Mr. Garcia. He really, truely cared about all of them, not just his own son, Carlos. He treated the rest of them like they were his sons as well.

Carlos jumped over a stump and slipped in the mud, falling flat on his butt. "Ow." He said to himself as he rubbed his sore area.

"Are you okay?" Kendall asked as he neared Carlos, trying his hardest to stifle his laughter. He grabbed Carlos' arm and helped him to his feet.

"Yeah." Carlos said. "It's just really slippery out here."

"Hahaha!" Kendall and Carlos turned to see James doubled over laughing. "Your butt is covered in mud!"

"Very funny James." Carlos said sarcastically. "Let's see how you like it!" He was about to charge when Kendall grabbed his arm suddenly. Carlos looked over to see his older friend staring off to their left. "Kendall?" He asked, and followed his gaze.

Kendall ran over to the hole, hoping to find his missing friend. He fell to his knees at the edge and leaned over, trying to get a better look. All he saw however, was the blanket that he had laid over the hole that morning.

Kendall leaned closer, hoping that maybe he was just missing something. But the extra pressure he put on his hands, coupled with the slippery mud, caused him to slip and fall forward. He gasped in shock as he started to fall.

Suddenly Kendall was caught and hoisted back, being thrown to the ground. "Careful!" James yelled and he knelt down by Kendall.

"H-he's not down there." Kendall said shakily. Now he was more worried, if that were even possible. If Logan wasn't there, where was he?

"Well he's gotta be somewhere!" James shouted. He frantically searched around the area, hysterical, and panicking at this point.

"James." Kendall tried to calm him down. James didn't respond. "James, calm down." Kendall tried a little louder. Still James walked around, turning this way and that, ignoring Kendall. "James!" Kendall yelled, startling James.

When James finally looked at Kendall, Kendall noticed the tears in his eyes and down his face. He knew they were tears and not just the rain, because of the deep worry and desperation in James' eyes.

Kendall walked over and wrapped his arms around James. "We'll find him." Kendall said firmly. James allowed the embrace and returned it, letting more tears fall.

"Guys!" Carlos suddenly yelled and they both looked over to see Carlos bent to the ground, near a slope.

"Careful Carlos!" James said as he and Kendall made it over to him. "It's steep over there! You could slip and. . ." He stopped once he saw what was in Carlos' hand.

"Hey!" Kendall called over to the police men. "Over here! We found his cell phone!"

The men came quickly. Well, as quickly as they could without slipping in the mud. "Where did you find it?" Mr. Garcia asked.

"It was just right here!" Carlos replied.

"And still no sign of Logan!" Kendall yelled furiously.

"Calm down Kendall." Mr. Garcia said. "At least now we know why he wasn't answering his cell phone."

"Yeah, he must've dropped it or it fell out of his pocket." The second police officer said.

"Logan would've known if it fell out." James said in an irritated tone. "And if he dropped it he wouldn't just leave it on the ground!"

"Yeah!" Carlos yelled. "He's not some stupid little kid! He's my best friend and the smartest person in the whole world!"

"Okay okay. Everyone just, calm down." Mr. Garcia said. "So if it didn't fall out of his pocket, and he didn't just drop it and leave it, then what happened?" He asked, mostly to himself as he tried to figure it out.

"Well we aren't gonna figure it out by just standing here in the mud and rain." The last officer grumbled. He turned and was about to walk out when he slipped in the mud and fell to the ground.

"Smooth Jack." The second officer said sarcastically.

"Shut up Dan." Officer Jack yelled as he stood.

"That's what you get for being impatient." The first officer said smugly.

"It's not my fault Tom!" Officer Jack said. "It's slippery!" He yelled defensively.

"Hey!" Mr. Garcia yelled. "Knock it off!" He said, shaking his head in disappointment. "Honestly, and you're not even the teenagers here." He mumbled in annoyance.

"Yeah Jack." Officer Dan said as he smacked the back of Officer Jack's head lightly.

"What?" Officer Jack said defensively. "It's really slippery!"

"Wait." Mr. Garcia said as he looked down to the ground. "He's right, it is slippery." He said in realization as he stared at the ground with his eyes wide.

"Yes, we know it's slippery." Officer Dan said in an irritated tone of voice. He turned to the chief. "But that doesn't. . ." He stopped once he saw the look on the chief's face. "Chief?"

"Papi?" Carlos asked. Then he and everyone followed Mr. Garcia's gaze, and their eyes widened. They saw a long trail in the mud, going right off the edge of a cliff.

They all turned to Mr. Garcia. "Call an ambulance." He said with dread.

The water rose up until it was just barely covering the small amount of land. With each wave, it splashed Logan's body and face, causing him to shiver in the cold water. He was so cold. He was sure that he was going to die, if not from drowning due to the raising water level, then from hypothermia or pneumonia.

Logan couldn't stop shaking, and he was getting really tired. Plus, the hot pain in his ankle was relentless. He just wanted to go home. He wasn't even mad at Kendall for setting up that hole anymore. He just wanted to be home, in the nice, warm, dry house. Logan's eyes began to droop. He was so tired.


Logan's eyes opened back up. He thought he heard something. It was faint, so far away. Maybe he was just imagining it.


It was getting louder. Logan tried to sit up more so that he could hear it better. But his strength only allowed him an inch off the ground.


Now Logan knew it was real. That sounded right on top of him.

"H-hello?" Logan's voice was weak and raspy, and he couldn't stop shivering. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Hello?" He called a little louder.

"Logan?" The voice called from on top of the cliff. "Logan is that you?"

"K-Kendall?" Logan called.

"Logan! Where are you?"

"James? D-down here!" Logan called.

It was quiet for a bit. Logan was worried they went in a different direction. But then he faintly saw two figures poke their heads around the edge of the cliff. "Logan!" They exclaimed. Immediately, Kendall started waving his arms and yelling for the others. "We found him!" He yelled.

"G-guys what. . .What are you d-doing here?" Logan asked. He had to yell for them to hear him over the distance and the rain.

"What do you think?" James yelled. "Looking for you! Are you okay?"

"I th-think my ankle's b-broken." Logan yelled back. Then he started coughing.

"Sounds like you're sick too." James yelled. "Don't worry, help is on the way!"

Logan was puzzled by James' words. But then two more figures came into view.

"Logan!" Mr. Garcia yelled.

"Logan! I'm so happy we found you!" Carlos exclaimed.

"M-Mr. Garcia? Carlos?" Logan asked.

"Over here!" Mr. Garcia yelled to someone on the cliff, and disappeared from view.

When Mr. Garcia came back, he was wearing a harness. Then he carefully climbed over the edge of the cliff and was slowly lowered down to Logan.

"Logan." Mr. Garcia breathed once his feet hit the ground, splashing in the small amount of water that covered it. "Are you alright?"

"I think m-my ankle's b-broken." Logan shivered.

Mr. Garcia nodded and knelt down to take a look. He carefully rolled up Logan's left pant leg, making him hiss in pain. Mr. Garcia's face fell apologetically, but then switched to one of appreciation at Logan's make-shift splint. But he saw how swollen it had gotten.

Mr. Garcia sighed frustratingly and turned back to Logan. "It's definitely broken, but the cliff is too slippery for the medics to lower the stretcher. Logan, you'll have to hang on to me. Think you can do that?"

Logan nodded. "I'll t-try." He said.

Mr. Garcia smiled and nodded back. He took another hook that was connected to his harness and wrapped it around Logan's waist, clipping it back onto the harness. Then he wrapped an arm around Logan's back, while the other held onto the cord that had lowered him, and Logan wrapped an arm around his neck.

Logan used his other hand to push off the ground, then, slowly, Mr. Garcia helped him up. The movement made his ankle bite back with a burning fire and he let out a small cry of pain, quickly bringing his other hand around Mr. Garcia's neck. "I've got you Logan." Mr. Garcia said. "You're almost there." Finally, they were standing, Logan leaning all his weight on his right leg.

Logan shifted his arms around Mr. Garcia's neck and Mr. Garcia looked up to the awaiting people. "Bring us up!" He yelled. Then slowly, they were pulled to the top.

James and Kendall were right there the second Logan was in reach, and they pulled him up onto safe ground, as Mr. Garcia was pulled by Officer Tom. Mr. Garcia unhooked Logan from the harness and Logan laid flat on the ground, trying to catch his breath.

"Logan!" Kendall exclaimed. He was by Logan's side in seconds, along with James and Carlos. "Logan are you okay? Talk to me buddy." He was panicking.

Logan sent a weak wave. "I'm ok-kay."

Immediately, a pair of paramedics swarmed around Logan with a stretcher. They started to pull Logan onto the stretcher when he hissed in pain.

"Careful!" Mr. Garcia said as he got out of his harness, and he ran over. "His ankle's broken." The medics nodded and continued helping Logan into the stretcher, gently this time. Then they rushed through the trees to the awaiting ambulance, everyone else in tow.

Kendall paced anxiously around the room. Carlos' leg bounced nervously where he sat. James' fingers couldn't stay still.

Waiting. Waiting was the worst thing in the world. And yet this place had an entire room dedicated to it! The boys hated this room with a fiery passion.

Finally, Mrs. Knight burst through the front doors, followed closely by the Diamonds. "Kendall!" Mrs. Knight called.

"Mom." Kendall breathed shakily, and fell into her embrace.

"Mom, Dad!" James said and was locked in his parents' embrace as well.

Once everyone let go, they all sat in the chairs. "Any word?" Mrs. Knight asked, keeping a comforting hand on her sons' shoulder.

Kendall shook his head solemnly. "Not yet."

Mrs. Knight stroked Kendall's face comfortingly. When she looked around, she saw James with his mother and father on either side of him, but Carlos sat alone. Mrs. Knight went over and knelt down in front of his chair. "How are you doing sweetie?" She asked. Carlos sniffled, but nodded. Mrs. Knight immediately wrapped her arms around him.

"My dad went with them." Carlos explained shakily once they pulled back. "He's gonna be okay right?" He asked hopefully.

Mrs. Knight rubbed Carlos' leg comfortingly. "I'm sure Logan will be fine." She said, turning to convey her message to all the boys.

Just then, Mr. Garcia came into the room. "Papi!" Carlos said and ran to embrace his father.

"Hey Carlitos. It's okay." Mr. Garcia said as he hugged his sniffling son. Carlos looked up at him with worry, as did everyone else in the room.

"Is he-" Kendall started.

"Logan's gonna be okay." Mr. Garcia said, relief evident in his own voice and features. "His ankle is in a cast. He's very weak, and has a pretty bad fever though, and some cuts and bruises from his tumble off the cliff. We've wrapped him in blankets to prevent him from getting worse, and treated his wounds. But overall, he's okay."

The light that radiated off of everyone's faces at the news was enough the warm the heart of the Grinch himself. Kendall, James and Carlos started to say something but Mr. Garcia cut them off. "Yes, you can see him now." He said with a smile. "Follow me." The boys complied with eager footsteps, but the parents stayed behind to give the boys some time with Logan alone.

Down a long hallway, through a couple doors, finally, Mr. Garcia stopped. "Right in here." He said. "Try not to excite him too much. He's still weak and needs rest." The boys nodded. "Alright, I'll try to call his parents again. Maybe they'll pick up this time." He said bitterly, and left the boys.

They cracked open the door slightly. "Logan?" Kendall called quietly.

"Hey guys." Logan said. His voice was weak and tired, his face was covered in small cuts and bruises, and his left foot had been swallowed up by the white cast.

The boys walked in silently, closing the door quietly behind them. "Hey Logie." James said softly as he went around the bed and sat on the side of it. "How ya feelin' buddy?"

"Tired." Logan rasped honestly. "But it could be worse."

Carlos sat in the chair on the other side of the bed. "And now you got a cool cast!" He said softly and as cheerfully as he could.

Logan let out a small chuckle. "Yeah, but it itches like crazy." He joked.

"Oh Logan." Kendall said as he sat on the foot of the bed. "I'm so, sorry." He said. "This is all my fault!" He buried his face in his hands. "I should've been more careful. That was a stupid idea! I shouldn't have sent you there like that. I'm a horrible friend! I should-"

"Kendall, stop!" Logan yelled, finally getting his friend's attention.

Kendall looked up at him with teary eyes. "You hate me don't you?"

Logan let out a sigh. "I was mad at first. But I could never hate you. And besides, I'm fine, see?"

"But your ankle!" Kendall protested despairingly. "And Papa Garcia said you're really sick! And you have all those cuts and bruises!"

"But I'm going to be fine." Logan insisted.

Kendall stared at his friend tearfully. "I'm so sor-."

Logan placed a hand on Kendall's. "Kendall, I don't hate you." He said with a smile, hoping that he had finally convinced his friend.

Kendall looked Logan in the eyes. He didn't see any hate or anger, just care and worry. Kendall nodded at Logan's words, finally accepting them, and Logan smiled.

The room fell silent after that. Until finally Kendall spoke up again. "Crazy way to start Spring break huh?" He joked.

That earned a pillow in the face and he looked to Logan with shock. Logan was glaring, but with a smile; Kendall couldn't help but smile back.

Then suddenly Kendall was pulled to the ground. "Pillow fight!" Carlos yelled, and grabbed the pillow Logan had thrown and started mercilessly hitting Kendall over and over again as Kendall laid on the floor laughing. Logan threw another pillow that hit Kendall and James picked it up to mimic Carlos.

"No fair!" Kendall laughed. "It's three against one!"

"Call it initiation as Sir High King Lord of the Pranks!" Logan said with a grin as he watched. "Congrats by the way." He said with a cheeky smile.

"Plus there are no rules in pillow battles!" James exclaimed.

"That reminds me." Kendall said seriously and he sat up, ceasing the pillow beating. "New rule."

"What's that?" Carlos asked.

"That after every prank,". Kendall explained. "We always make sure that the person is okay."

"That's a good rule." Carlos said as he returned to his seat beside Logan, Kendall and James mimicking.

"What do we call it?" James asked as he sat down.

Everyone thought for a moment. Then simultaneously, Kendall's, James' and Carlos' faces lit up. "The Logan Amendment." The declared softly.

Logan smiled and nodded in agreement. "It's perfect."