Author's Notes: This is just a collection of drabbles and short stories based on prompts and Iron Chef challenges on the Paperpusher Message Board, but which are too short/dumb to publish as their own stories on this site. There's no real pattern or set genre to them, I'm just publishing them all together here. Hope you enjoy.

Prompt/Iron Chef: Some lyrics from the Meat Loaf song "Where the Rubber Meets the Road." I broke the lyrics up into a set of four mini-fics that I'm publishing here as individual chapters.

Somewhere some girl is crazy
And some boy is out of his head

David Sorenson was driving calmly down the streets of Lawndale, the radio on low, his thoughts too distracted to hear it.

(Quinn Morgandorffer lay face-down on her bed, crying into her pillow.)

That had certainly been an awkward session, David thought wryly, turning down the street to his family's house. He wasn't used to girls asking him out, let alone having to turn them down. But he thought he had managed pretty well with Quinn. He had been blunt, but not cruel. That was the best approach to things like this.

(Quinn couldn't stand this. She had never been rejected like this before—guys always liked her, they always jumped at the chance to take her somewhere or do anything for her. How could other girls stand this? No wonder Stacy was crying all the time, if being rejected felt this bad.)

David really wasn't sure what to think about Quinn's crush on him, to be honest. It seemed odd, someone like her admitting she had a crush on him. Of course, it didn't mean anything-she was just a high-school kid, after all, and apparently a pretty flighty one at that. She was bright, though—probably his most improved student ever. And he had actually enjoyed their tutoring sessions by the end, when she had really opened up and started to come into her own.

(What hurt Quinn even more, though, was how pointless the whole thing felt now. She had done all that studying, worked so hard to get smarter, and she really felt smarter now, she felt, somehow, more challenged and yet more comfortable than she usually had...but David still thought that she was an idiot. Was this whole thing a waste of time? Was that how she was, too dumb to be a brain but too smart to be desirable now?)

Well, however improved Quinn was now, obviously dating her was out of the question, David thought, pulling into his parents' driveway. It never would have worked, what with their different priorities and ages. He had definitely done the right thing.

Not that that explained why this was bothering him so much.