Prompt/Iron Chef: "Crazy Pairing." Also, it was St. Patrick's Day.

Cupid wandered around the TV studio for almost an hour before he finally spotted his (for lack of a better word) friend, hiding behind some crates while the mortals were recording a commercial. His round face was set in an uncharacteristic scowl as he stalked over, crossing his arms and glaring.

"Hey man, what's your deal? I've been chasing you around town all day, and now you—"

"Shhh!" St. Patrick's Day hissed, motioning for him to crouch behind the boxes where he wouldn't be seen. "I'm tryin' to listen."

Cupid turned. "Listen to what...?"


Cupid's eyes turned to the set, where a young blonde woman in a green dress was standing against a sunny backdrop, surrounded by oversized shamrocks and little people dressed as leprechauns. She bent down to a faux tree stump and picked up a pitcher of some bubbly green liquid, posing with it as she smiled at the camera.

"Do you need a little luck of the Irish? Then this St. Patty's Day, try St. Peter's!" One of the leprechauns held out a glass; she bent forward, but accidentally stumbled and poured too much, causing the dwarf to jump back in surprise.


"Oops!" The woman chuckled as the leprechaun put the glass down and shook off his hand. "Sorry!"

"No prob, A.A., no prob—Bill! Refill the pitcher! And somebody move that chord she tripped on, c'mon, are you all amateurs here?!"

"Aw," St. Patrick's Day said, a ridiculous little simper spreading across his face. "Ain't she a bonnie lass?"

Cupid raised an eyebrow, looking from his friend to the blonde model twenty feet away. "Whoa. You ran away from Holiday Island just to moon over some chick?" He chuckled. "You got it bad, man."

St. Patrick's Day glared. "Put a cork in it," he snapped.

"Hey, man, it's cool! You know I'm all about the looooove," Cupid said, suddenly switching to his deep baritone. Then he frowned. "But,'re not thinking of, like...defecting over her, are you? Because St. Patrick's Day is only a couple of weeks away, and-"

"Ah, don't worry about that," St. Patrick's Day said bitterly, turning back to the set as the director called for "Action!" once again. "She's already engaged to executive or somethin'. She's retirin' in a couple o' months, right before the wedding." He rested his head on the crate sullenly, watching the fake leprechaun take a sip of beer and declare it "better than me pot o' gold!"

"I just wanted one last chance to see her up close. I look forward to her commercials ev'ry year, ya know."

"St. Peter Girl Beer! It'll cure what 'ales' you!" the blonde model said, posing once again.

"Ahhh..." St. Patrick's Day gave another lovestruck smile as Cupid rolled his eyes up to the ceiling.