just this human heart

Torchwood | Jack/Ianto | Drabble set during Adam | Title from "All My Stars Aligned" by St. Vincent

You want to hate that his kiss feels like absolution, but you can't. Jack Harkness gives you one thing and you follow him blindly forever more. That has always been the extent of your relationship. Jack Harkness is a trap, and your heart stumbled blindly onto it. He kisses you and you forget the blood on your hands, the way your tears mixed with the rain as you crouched beside the body, a sniveling monster.

"Ianto," Jack moans, gripping you, and like a dam your thoughts unravel into snapshots—the patter of rain, the smell of her blood, the way your hands looked locked on her throat—and the disjointed images swirl away with the touch of his tongue. Absolution.