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As soon as my flight landed I dialed Jane's number hoping she would pick up. It was early still but I didn't want to go home in case Tony woke up and followed me to the airport regardless of what I asked. I figured staying with Jane for a few days would be safe but I didn't count on her not answering her phone. By the third call, still with no answer, I decided to just drop in on her thinking she wouldn't mind since we went to each other's homes all the time uninvited official.

Using the spare key she gave me I let myself in. "Jane are you home?" I called through her apartment making my way to her bedroom where she was most likely still asleep. "I tried calling but your phone keeps going straight to voicemail. I really need to- Oh my god!" I screeched realizing there were two bodies in her bed.

"Maura! What are you doing here?" She hissed checking to make sure her bedmate didn't wake up.

"I am so sorry, I had no idea there was a man in here!" I whispered back as I exited her bedroom.

Moments after I exited she followed me out of her room in her bathrobe and slippers. "What's wrong?"

"Oh Jane I screwed up big." I sighed dropping to her couch.

"Screwed up how? Tell me what happened." She pushed.

I shook my head sighing, "I shouldn't have gone back to DC with Tony."

"Why? Maura you have to tell me what happened. What went wrong?" She pressed, sinking in beside me.

"I made things worse by showing up after all this time and thinking they'd forgive me. They all moved on and have perfect lives and I wrecked them by bringing back the past." I confided.

"And you thought leaving again would be better? What about Tony? Where is Tony?" She questioned looking around her living room as if she was waiting for him to pop out from hiding.

I cringed. "He's not here. I left him sleeping in his apartment."

"You didn't." Her eyes widened in shock.

"I left him a note." I added weakly.

She hit my arm with the back of her hand. "Maura! What's to stop him from chasing after you?"

"I asked him not." I explained.

"And you think he'll listen?"

"Yes. No. I don't know. I just, I needed time to think." I rubbed my temple trying to massage my headache away.

Jane's eyes squinted together as she looked at me, hesitantly urging me to go on. "About what?"

"Us, them, me. What am I supposed to do? I love Tony but I love my life here too. I love my job, the people, you. How can I leave all that behind? I had to do it once and it nearly killed me." I told her thinking back to all the nights I spent crying over my old team.

She squeezed my hand trying to comfort me. "Maura, think about what you want. Can you really live a happy life here now that you know they know you're alive? A life without Tony?"

"On the flipside I'd be living a life without you and your family and Korsak and Frost and…Frost." I glanced up at her, she conveniently looked away making me come to a realization. "You're sleeping with Barry!"

"Shh! Would you keep it down you'll wake him up." She replied, having trouble keeping the smile off of her face.

This time my face was stretched out surprised. "When did this happen? I didn't even know you two liked each other!"

"It just sort of happened." She admitted sheepishly. "He came up for a beer and we got to talking about you and-"

"What about me?" I interrupted.

Laughing she continued. "Well if you'd let me finish I would have told you."

"Sorry, go on." I urged her.

"We were talking about your other life. How you and Tony both hid your feelings from each other for so long eventually it was too late. Barry said he didn't want us to end up like you two so he put it all out there and wanted to know how I felt about it." She grinned, suddenly acting like a school girl with a crush.

"Obviously his feelings were mutually." I nodded towards her bedroom door. "He's Barry now?"

"Just when we're alone. At the office he's still Frost. We decided against telling everyone at least for the time being until we see how this goes." She replied.

"Jane that's great, I'm happy for you." I reached over and gave her hug, truly meaning what I said.

"Me too. But don't think you're off the hook. You need to get your butt back home and wait for Tony. If, that it, he isn't already there camped outside your front door as we speak." She chuckled knowing that was she said was probably accurate.

"You're right I'll go talk to him. But I'm not making any promises. I haven't decided anything yet." I told her getting up to leave.

"You guys will work something out."

"I'll call you later." I promised as she walked me to her door.

"Only after you've had the make-up sex!" She called after me before shutting her door.

By the time I stepped out of the elevator my headache had grown. No matter what choice I went with I was going to have to give up somebody that I loved. Now I just had to pick which somebody that would be.

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