'The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound,

I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground...'

Howl, Florence and the Machine

One second she's drinking a glass of cold milk to get rid of the Up-induced headache she's been suffering from all day, after hearing directly from the busty redhead Magma that he's been to see her every night this week, and the next she's pressed against the closed fridge, her milk cast off onto a countertop, and said headache is kissing her like she's everything.


The next thing she knows his hand is down her shorts, his fingers rubbing her clit, and her hand is down his shorts, palming and stroking his cock in the way she remembers doing last week when they were both so alone and both very much into each other.

But that was last week.

"Cabrón!" Taz grunts, throwing her off of him and practically collapsing against the fridge on her wobbly knees. "Get off of me!"

Up's moustache is askew when she looks up at him next, and his shorts are twisted on his fantastically-cut hips, but none of this matters when his eyes are practically black and he's staring at her so intensely she can barely catch her breath.

He pins her to the fridge. "I want you so bad, Taz."

She freezes. "No! It was de planet!"

"I know you might not feel for me like I thought, but can't we make somethin' of it? Do we have to go back to– what?"

Taz stares up at him as he questions her sudden unwavering glare. "Me? It's joo who changed! I love joo!"

And then everything stills and turns so quiet she thinks time might have really just stopped. But it hasn't, it's moving, because she can see Up's heartbeat pulsing out a Spanish samba in his neck and his eyes are flickering back and forth between hers like he can't believe what she's just said. She can't either.

Taz doesn't have time to backpedal.

Up grabs her face and kisses her, hard. He groans against her mouth as she melts in a definite un-tough manner, gripping her hips and pulling her up against him.

"What are joo doing?" She asks against his mouth as she feels him pulling her away somewhere.

"I love you, too," he tells her, without any preamble. "And we're gonna do this right."

They stumble through the door to Up's quarters, lips fused and clothes being pulled off by hands other than their own.

"I hate joo for seeing Magma," Taz tells Up as they throw each other down, naked, onto his bed, the door to his rooms shutting with a soft swish behind them.

"I hate you for going off with Krayonder," is Up's reply as he pulls her on top of him and grasps her hips, lowering them over his thick cock.

Taz takes him inside of her with faltering breath, before setting up a punishing pace and groaning out, "I hate de whole thing."

"Me, too."

"I love joo."

"I love you, too."

It's something subtle that wakes him, he knows it, but he can't quite put his finger on it when he opens his eyes to his dark quarters and can't see the clock across from his bed.

"Lights on," he grits out, wondering whether Taz is having the same trouble sleeping as he is when he sees it's only four in the morning.

He's about to say 'lights off' when he turns back into his covers and notices the slight figure sleeping beside him. He lifts the duvet and sees Taz, fast asleep, his grey commander-moustache stuck to her neck.

It hits him like lightning, the memories, all of them – Taz and him in so many different positions, kissing, talking, making love...


He can't believe she's here, in his bed, curling up to him as he stares down at her. Because she's so glorious, even without her bandana and her zapper, facing down thousands of bloodthirsty robots, and she's so beautiful, even when she's only wearing her skin.

"Lights, low," Up murmurs, curling his arm around her and stroking a hand down her warm back.

The lights dim until it's dark in his room but there's just enough illumination to see Taz's face. It's a beautiful realisation, a completion of his fantasy, and it'll only take one thing to make it better.

Up rolls her onto his chest, slipping his legs between hers, and cupping a hand over her mound, feeling out the topmost curve of her slit to find her–

Taz jolts awake as he rubs her clit and it only takes her a second to get her bearings before she's riding him to kingdom-fucking-come. When they're both spent, her black hair around her face like a fuzzy halo, she lifts herself off of his chest to whisper in his ear.

"Thought about joo a lot, Up – many's de time I've dreamed of dis."

He just grins, peeling his moustache off of her soft and slender neck, before turning them both over and completing that fantasy of his– theirs again, and, if they aren't too tired, again.