Chapter 5: Sherlock Holmes

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Ash's eyes grew wide as he saw two figures walking down the road. He exchanges glances with Pikachu and stood up, trying to get a better look at Barry, who was walking next to a now perfectly calm Misty.

Much to Ash's surprise, Barry looked completely unharmed. He didn't have any bruises, scratches, or hammer marks. Either he was able to talk Misty out of beating the crap out of him, or May intervened in time, but Ash didn't see the brunette anywhere.

What was more was Barry and Misty where having a friendly conversation, talking and laughing as they approached the Ketchum household.

"Wow Barry," Ash said as he approached the two, "You avoided Misty's wrath? How did you do it?"

Barry and Misty exchanged glances.


"I-if you hurt me..." Barry stammered, "My Dad will get you!"

Misty laughed. "Right, he would be thrown in jail for abusing a 'helpless girl'," she said.

It was Barry's turn to laugh. "That's where you're wrong," he said, "My dad can do whatever he wants, he's an undercover cop!"

Barry slapped his hand over his mouth after saying that. Misty's eyes began to glow with curiosity. "You're dad is a what?"

"Mpherplmenthmd," Barry said, but he was not understandable due to his hand still covering his mouth. Misty stepped over to him and removed his hand from his mouth.

"What did you say?" Misty asked, "Your Dad is an undercover cop?"

Barry remained silent for a few seconds before letting out a deep breath. "Yeah," he admitted, "But it's an absolute secret, you shouldn't know."

Misty tilted her head, her rage seeming to fade away. "Why is it such a secret?" she asked.

Barry twisted his arm to free it from Misty's grasp and tried to escape, but Misty quickly grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back. "Tell me, or I'll tell everyone your dad is a cop," she insisted.

"You wouldn't..." Barry dared, tensing up a little.

"Try me," Misty said with a smile. Barry studied her face, trying to detect if she was lying, but she seemed completely sincere.

"We're looking for someone," Barry said quietly, "If that person knows that someone like my dad is here, he or she would run, and we would never find him."

Misty tilted her head. "What's the case?" she asked.

Barry shook his head. "It's confidential, I can't tell you," he said. Misty chuckled and pressed Barry up against a tree, pressing herself up against him.

"I think you can," she said.

Barry scowled, "Why is this so important to you?" He asked.

Misty thought for a minute. "I like being in the know," she said.

Barry rolled his eyes, "That is a horrible reason."

"I'll tell," Misty warned.

Barry shook his head. "So let me get this straight," he began, "You're willing to blow my cover and allow one of the greatest criminals of the four regions to get away so that you're 'in the know'?"

Misty excitedly bounced up and down "Greatest criminal of the four regions? Now you have to tell me!" she insisted.

Barry sighed, seeing no way out of it. "Several months ago, in Cherrygrove City, a man and I woman fell deeply in love," he began.

"It's a romance story?" Misty asked.

"Let me finish!" Barry shot, "The two were to be wed, but something happened."

"What?" Misty asked, eyes sparkling.

"The woman told the man one of her greatest secrets, the code to access an excessive amount of cash she had inherited," Barry continued, "A few nights later, this man attempted to take all of the woman's money and ran off."

Misty gasped, "That's horrible!" she said.

Barry nodded in agreement. "But there was a mishap. The man's Pokémon, a Gengar, had grown attached to the wealthy woman, and warned her of what the man was doing."

"The Gengar turned on his own trainer?" Misty asked.

Barry nodded, "Indeed, the woman and the Gengar tried to stop the man, but he hit her and knocked her out, getting away with the all money."


"Wow," Misty said, "But that doesn't explain everything. What brought you to Pallet Town? And why is it so hard to find this guy? The woman he was engaged to knew who he was."

"When he hit the woman, he knocked her into a coma that she has yet to recover from," Barry said, "Besides, it's been a long time, and the man probably changed his identity, so that information would be useless. As for Pallet Town, that was the only tip we got, we heard he was probably headed this way to lay low for a while."

Misty finally let go of Barry, blushing slightly. "Wow, that's a lot," she said.

"This isn't the first time he done this," Barry said, "There have been several cases where he took quick cash from other women, but he killed them all."

Misty gasped and covered her hand with her mouth. "Oh man," she said, "Have you gotten any closer to finding the murderer?"

Barry shook his head. "He covered his tracks too well," Barry said, "We have no idea who we're looking for."

Misty looked around nervously. "It's a bit scary knowing there could be a murderer hiding in Pallet Town," she said, goose-bumps appearing on her arms.

Barry smiled proudly. "That's why my dad and I are here," he said, "To bring the criminal to justice!" Misty smiled, seeming comforted by the fact.

"Now, you have to promise not to tell anyone," Barry said, "Not even Ash or May."

Misty chuckled and crossed her hand over her chest. "Cross my heart," she said.

"Swear to die if you do?" Barry asked.

Misty though for a moment. "Uh, no, I'm not going that far."


"Barry is a very smooth talker," Misty lied to Ash, "Totally cooled down my temper."

"Like a boss," Barry said proudly.

Shortly after Barry and Misty returned, May appeared in the distance, strolling down the road. She approached the house with a surprised look on her face. "Oh, there you are," she said, "I've been looking for you two."

The days flew by pretty quickly for May. She didn't see much of Isaac, mostly because she kept herself occupied with Ash, Misty, Barry, and Pikachu. Palmer came by to eat and occasionally hang out, he and Mrs. Ketchum would sit in the living room and talk for hours on end.

When Isaac was around, he kept a close eye on May, making sure she never did anything that displeased him. May tried to keep her distance and avoid eye contact, not wanting to interact with Isaac at all, but that was hard when Ash wanted to hang out with him.

The day of the wedding was quickly approaching. Mrs. Ketchum was constantly out and about preparing for the wedding with her friends. May hated watching Mrs. Ketchum as well, the poor woman was unaware of Isaac's true intentions, and she was so happy and excited. To think her heart was about to be broken saddened May more than anything else. Delia was one of the kindest women she knew, she didn't deserve for this to happen to her.

It was because of that, May tried a desperate attempt to stop Isaac. She followed him to the place where he and his lackeys liked to hang out.

"Isaac," she began, stepping into the light so everyone could see her.

Isaac turned his head and looked at her with a scowl. "You again, what do you want?" he grumbled.

"Let's throw her out!" one of his friends shouted.

"Wait!" May exclaimed, stopping the men from approaching her, "Isaac, you don't want to do this," she said, "Delia has one of the biggest hearts that I know. Please... Please don't break it..."

Isaac laughed, finding her amusing; he began to slowly circle around her. "Listen kiddo," Isaac began, "I don't give a crap for Delia, or her precious heart." He chuckled, seeming to find the situation funny. "She's just like all the other women, blinded by good looks, and unable to see in the heart."

"That's not true!" May protested.

"Oh, but it is," Isaac said, his friends nodding in agreement, "And because of that she deserves to be robbed, and that's what I plan to do."

"She deserves it!" one if his friends shouted.

"We're doing the right thing!"

"Anybody that shallow shouldn't have riches!"

"It's simple, May," Isaac said, using her name for the first time in a long time, "I'll just take the money and leave, never to be seen again. You won't be affected at all. I'm not going to kill her like I have my previous targets."

May's bottom quivered. "You hypocrite!" she screamed, "You say she deserves this! You think she's shallow? You have no room to talk! You're just interested in women for their money!"

"Enough!" Isaac exclaimed, smacking May, knocking her to her feet. She felt her cheek, it was bleeding.

Isaac knelt down next to her. "You're young, and stupid, just like that dumb boyfriend of yours" Isaac spat, "You don't understand the world, and how things work. You just go off on your stupid adventures and catch silly Pokémon."

He stood back up, towering over May. "Now get out," he motioned for her to leave, "Or I'll leave you in the hands of my buddies, I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

His friends all laughed menacingly. May stood up, and after shooting and final glare at Isaac, she left.

Why must people be so driven by greed? She thought continually, to the point where they don't care if they hurt others just to get what they want.

When she got home, Ash noticed her cheek, which still had a mark. She said she had tripped and fallen, scratching her face. Of course, Ash got his mother to clean off the wound and take care of it.

On the day of the wedding, May was walking to the hill she and Ash liked to share time on, where the ceremony would be held. Ash was walking next to her, for once, he was actually dressed nicely, but he refused to take off his cap, which still sat over his messy hair.

May was wearing her bride's maids dress; she had taken off her bandana and put white bows in her hair.

"You look amazing," Ash had told her several times, she felt unsatisfied with her appearance at first, but if Ash liked it, then she was fine with it.

Barry and Misty were walking behind them, talking about different things. Barry was also dressed for success, sporting a tuxedo he claimed use to be his dad's. Misty, who was also a bride's maid, was dressed similar to May.

As happy as today was supposed to be, May struggled to smile. She just stayed close to Ash; he was always good at making her feel better. When they reached the hill, May was thankful that she hadn't dressed fancy when it came to shoes, it would have been a horror story trudging up in high heels.

Ash on the other hand, was excited, at long last he would have someone he could call his dad. He had been worried at first, but Isaac seemed like a great guy.

"Oh hey, you guys,"

Ash turned around and saw two familiar faces, one was excited the other seemed a bit bored. "Dawn, Gary, man it's been a while," he said, approaching them, he shook hands with Gary and warmly hugged Dawn. "You two excited?" he asked.

"Oh yes!" Dawn said happily, bouncing on her toes, "I love weddings." Then she scowled, "But Gary needed some convincing," she giggled, "but I talked him into it."

"Hey, it just seemed like a waste of time," Gary said, trying to defend himself.

Dawn giggled again. "It only took a pair of puppy eyes and a kiss," she said proudly. Ash couldn't help but smirk.

"You try resisting the puppy eyes," Gary grumbled, grumpily folding his arms.

"I don't see what the big- oh dear Arceus, Dawn, stop," Ash said as he looked at Dawn, who was putting on her best puppy eyes.

"Hey, where's May?" Dawn asked, "You two are still together, right?"

Ash nodded, "Yeah, of course, she's um..." he looked around, she was walking over to him, "Oh, here she comes now."

May smiled as she saw Dawn and Gary. The two girls ran up to each other and happily embraced, letting out peppy girl squeals. Ash and Gary simply watched in embarrassment.

"Oh my gosh," Dawn said, "You look great in that dress!"

May blushed. "You think so, I wasn't really confident about it, but Ash said otherwise."

Ash sighed, uninterested in their girl talk. He glanced around, his mother was nowhere to be seen, probably hiding from the groom, who was talking to some of his friends up at the front of a large set of chairs, where people were filing in and taking seats. Pikachu was playing with Dawn's Piplup, and Barry, Misty, and Palmer where talking. Barry was looking over an object in his hands, which Misty appeared to be talking about, Ash couldn't tell what it was though.

"So I bet you're really excited..."

"Hm? What?" Ash asked, he turned and saw Dawn looking at him.

"I bet you're really excited about having a Dad," Dawn said with a bright smile.

Ash smiled and gave her a thumbs up. "You bet, I've been waiting most of my life for this," Ash said excitedly.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu agreed, sharing Ash's enthusiasm.

Gary sighed, "You have it good," he said, "I don't have a mom or a dad. My sister and I have been living with Gramps for as long as I can remember."

Dawn smiled and grabbed Gary's arm, trying to cheer him up. Ash turned to May, who seemed to be in her own world. She appeared to be watching Isaac as he conversed with his friends. He could detect sadness in her eyes as she watched his future stepfather.

I wonder what's wrong with May, Ash thought to himself, does she not like Isaac?

"We should probably find seats," Dawn said, she grabbed Ash and Gary and dragged them to the cluster of seats set up before the stage. May went off for find Mrs. Ketchum.

Delia had constantly asked Ash to do something other than sit in with crowd. "Be the ring man," she suggested, "Or the flower boy, I don't know."

Ash refused though, he didn't want to draw attention to himself, and knowing his luck he would have dropped the rings, and he definitely wasn't going to be the flower boy. So Mrs. Ketchum turned to Pikachu, who happily took up the offer.

People began to take their positions on stage or find seats. Gary checked his watch, "five minutes until this starts."

Ash shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Something was off, something didn't feel right. He glanced around, scanning the crowd of people. Something bad was going to happen, he could feel it.

Team Rocket, if you crash this wedding and try to take Pikachu, I'm going to blast you off all the way to Unova, Ash thought, scanning the sky for any sign of them.

"What's wrong, Ash?" Dawn asked, she could tell something was troubling him.

"Do you not feel it?" he asked.

Dawn exchanged glances with Gary. "Feel what?" she asked.

Ash shuddered slightly, still looking around. "Something isn't right, I don't get it," he said.

Suddenly, the music began to play, everyone fell silent. The wedding was beginning. Everyone twisted their backs and craned their necks to see who was coming down the aisle.

The ceremony proceeded normally; several people came down the aisle. Pikachu and Piplup threw flower petals around, earning "aws" from the crowd. In a way it almost annoyed Ash, seeing one of his most powerful Pokémon throw little pink flower petals around.

Finally, his mother came down. She was dressed in the large, white wedding dress, which flowed behind her as she slowly walked forward. As she passed by, Ash flashed her a thumbs up, putting on a big smile. His mother smiled brightly to him and continued walking.

Unless it was something that absolutely intrigued him, Ash struggled to sit for long periods of time with nothing to do.

"We are gathered here today, on this happy and joyous occasion, to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony..."

And there was nothing that could have been more boring than listen to the preacher talk to the soon-to-be-wed couple standing before him.

Ash let out a yawn at one point, in which Dawn noticed and hit him, quietly scolding him. May, Misty, and two of his mother's friends where the brides maids, who stood up on stage the whole time, like the grooms, Isaac's friends, whom Ash didn't recognize.

"Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Ash squinted. What the heck? This isn't the 1950s, nobody says that these days, he thought, besides, who would have the nerves to object?

"Do you, Isaac Mustarm, take Delia to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the preacher asked.

Isaac nodded and flashed a toothy grin. "I do," he said.

Ash let out sigh, this would be over in a few minutes, then he could get up and stretch his legs.

"Do you, Delia Ketchum, take Isaac to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the preacher asked.

Mrs. Ketchum nodded and smiled, "I do," she said.

The preacher nodded and smiled, "You may-"


Every head turned towards the back again. Palmer and Barry were both standing with their arms crossed, glaring at Isaac. Palmer stormed forward.

"W-what is the meaning of this!" The preacher asked as Palmer marched up to Isaac.

"FBI, I've been on an undercover mission, and I have been on it for a long time," Palmer said.

"What do you think you're doing Palmer," Isaac growled through his teeth, "You can't just interrupt weddings like this!"

Palmer pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Actually, I can. And I think I'm here to put you under arrest."

"What!" Ash exclaimed, standing up out of his seat, "You can't do that!" He began to run at Palmer but was tackled to the ground by Barry.

"Stay cool, man," Barry grunted as he and Ash struggled on the ground, "We know what we're doing."

"No you don't!" Ash exclaimed, "This is ridiculous!"

May hurried down from her place on stage and over to Ash. "You have to calm down," she told him, helping Barry hold Ash down.

"The boy is right, Palmer," Isaac said, "You can't arrest me without reason."

"I have plenty of reasons," Palmer said, pulling out a sheet of paper, "Let's see, you are under arrest for theft, murder, rape, and most recently, child abuse."

Isaac looked at him in disbelief. "You have no proof, you still can't arrest me."

"Isaac, you don't want to do this," May's voice could be heard, "Delia has one of the biggest hearts that I know. Please... Please don't break it..."

Palmer was holding a recording device in his hand, cranking it to its loudest setting so everyone could hear.

Everyone heard a laugh. "Listen kiddo," Isaac could be heard saying in the recording, "I don't give a crap for Delia, or her precious heart. She's just like all the other women, blinded by good looks, and unable to see in the heart."

Mrs. Ketchum gasped, stepping back; it looked as if someone had just shot her.

"That's not true!"May shouted in the recording.

"Oh, but it is," Isaac said, "And because of that she deserves to be robbed, and that's what I plan on doing."

The crowd gasped. Isaac looked baffled, and Palmer had a smirk on his face. "Oh, and it gets better," he said, fast forwarding a little and playing again.

"It's simple, May," Isaac said, "I'll just take the money and leave, never to be seen again. You won't be effected at all. I'm not going to kill her like I have my previous targets."

"You hypocrite!" May screamed, "You say she deserves this! You think she's shallow? You have no room to talk! You're just interested in women for their money!"

"Enough!"Isaac exclaimed. There was a loud slapping noise, and it sounded like May had fallen to the ground. The crowd gasped again, and Ash's eyes widened, he looked at the mark on May's cheek, which was still present.

"You're young, and stupid, just like that dumb boyfriend of yours" Isaac said, Ash stiffened, "You don't understand the world, and how things work. You just go off on your stupid adventures and catch silly Pokémon."

Barry and May got off Ash, allowing him to rise back to his feet.

"Now get out, or I'll leave you in the hands of my buddies, I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

Several of Isaac's best men stiffened. Palmer chuckled, putting the recording away. "At least you won't be lonely, you'll have your buddies to keep you company."

Isaac's face was red with anger; he looked about ready to explode. "You!" he exclaimed, pointing at May, "This is your fault! You are so dead!" with a powerful shove, he knocked Palmer off his feet, causing him to fall onto Delia and the preacher. Isaac angrily ran at May, looking ready to kill.

"Not today." Ash growled, lifting his foot and delivering a mighty kick to Isaac in the stomach. With the wind knocked out of him, the man fell to the ground, "Pikachu! Give him you're best Thunder!"

Pikachu's cheeks began to spark as he too angrily glared at Isaac. He looked ready to deliver an attack more powerful than anything he had given Team Rocket. With a shout, sparks flew from the electric mouse and struck Isaac.

Isaac let out a scream of pain as he was electrocuted, but when Pikachu subdued the attack, the shout stopped, and Isaac fell unconscious.




Several Officer Jennys came running down the aisle in an orderly fashion. In a matter of seconds, they had handcuffs on all of Isaac's lackeys, and Isaac himself, who was dragged away.

The crowd was erupting with commotion, talking about what had just happened. Dawn and Gary rushed over to Ash and May. Misty followed Barry as he went to see the criminals off.

May was hugging Ash tightly, refusing to let go. "So was that what you couldn't tell me?" he asked sadly, hugging her back.

May nodded. "He threatened me," was all she said.

"That jerk..." Ash mumbled, hugging May tighter. Pikachu climbed up Ash and perched himself on his shoulder.

"That was so crazy!" Dawn said, seeming to be unable to contain herself.

Palmer rose to his feet and turned to Delia, who was still on the ground. "Here, let me help you up," he offered, but she didn't even look up at him. "Delia?"

Mrs. Ketchum sniffed and wiped a tear off her cheek. "I'm so stupid," she said, her voice shaky, "I didn't see it, his deception, his lies..."

Delia sniffed again. "If not for May, I would have married that jerk... And then what? He would have robbed me!" she cried, "Isaac was right, I'm shallow... I didn't see... I didn't see that he didn't care, I just saw him from the outside... I'm such an idiot!"

Palmer knelt down next to the crying woman. "That's not true at all," he said, wiping a tear off her face, she just looked at him sadly. "You're one of the kindest people I have ever met."

"B-but Isaac, he was..." Mrs. Ketchum tried to protest.

Palmer shushed her. "Isaac was deceptive, he fooled many other women," he assured her, "You aren't any of the things he said you were. You have a heart of gold."

Mrs. Ketchum nodded before bursting into tears again. She leaned in towards Palmer, who hugged her comfortingly.

May walked towards the police cars parked at the bottom of the hill. She found Barry and Misty watching the police cars carefully. "Is he up yet?" May asked.

Barry turned towards, the police car Isaac was in. "Yep, but barely," he said. May thanked him and walked over to the police car. Officer Jenny glanced at May and nodded, stepping aside so May could talk to the man in cuffs.

"You... Little %#?$..." Isaac grunted, sighing, "How'd you catch me like that?"

May smirked, thinking about when her plan first began.


May huffed and puffed as she ran through the forest, she had seen Misty turn into them, but had yet to find her or Barry. Suddenly, she heard a yelp. Without a second to lose, May dashed in the direction of the sound.

"What did you say?" she heard Misty ask, "You're Dad is an undercover cop?"

May spotted them; she quieted her steps so they didn't know of her presence.

"Yeah," Barry admitted, "But it's an absolute secret, you shouldn't know."

May ducked behind a bush, careful not to make any noise, she kept quiet and continued to listen.

"We're looking for someone," Barry said quietly, "If that person knows that someone like my dad is here, he or she would run, and we would never find him or her."

Barry proceeded to explain to Misty about the man, the woman, and the Gengar. May remembered Isaac talking about owning a Gengar, and was a hundred percent sure that the man Palmer was after was indeed Isaac.

Knowing that she had someone to turn to, namely Palmer, a plan began to form in May's head. She knew she could catch Isaac.


"That recording bit was pretty clever," Isaac mumbled, "I didn't think you were that bright."

May rolled her eyes. "I guess I'm not the young and stupid child you thought I was," she said.

Isaac glared up at her. "How did you get the recorder to Palmer without us knowing?" he asked.

May smiled and crossed her arms. "Oh that was easy, I just gave it to Misty, and she gave it to Barry, who gave it to Palmer," she said, "The situation was out of my hands after that."

Isaac growled, seeming suddenly frustrated. "Outsmarted by a little girl," he grumbled, "What are the odds?"

Several weeks later.

"Come on, you Slowpokes! If you don't hurry up I'll fine you!" Barry shouted, he had Misty's hand in his as they went up the hill. Ash and May were following them up, but at a much slower pace. In one of Ash's hands was a picnic basket and May's hand was in his other. Along with Pikachu, they strolled up the hill, reaching the top to meet an impatient Barry.

"Come on, man," Barry said, checking his watch app, "What took you so long?"

"Yeah Ash," Misty grunted, "You were running all over the place when we traveled together."

Ash laughed. "Yeah, but May doesn't like to run," he said.

"Unless she sees a buffet," Barry grumbled.

"What was that?" May asked menacingly.

"Nothing, nothing," Barry said.

They all spread out the picnic blanket on the grass and set out the food. "Man," Barry said, "I don't know if I'll ever get used to seeing Dad kissing."

"To my mom, no less" Ash added, pulling out a sandwich and handing it to May.

"Eh, at least I get to eat awesome food," Barry said, Ash glared at Barry. "I'm just kidding! You're mom is awesome. Geez don't take things so personally."

May laughed. "You just sounded too shallow for Ash's liking."

Barry rolled his eyes. "Please... Do you think I would be so heartless?"

Misty chuckled. "Well you definitely don't think about what you say too often."


"I outta fine you."

The End.

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