That's Just Me

~I do not own Inuyasha nor any of its characters. They belong to Rumiko Takahashi and she will always own them. Even though Sesshomaru is sexy~

Ch. 1~Destroyed Life~

Kagome stared at her inu-hanyou best friend as he spewed out all the usual insults about she will never be as good as Kikyo. Being used to every bad remark she ignored him after awhile, planning her escape from him. In the midst of all his ranting and raving she looked up feeling a high trace of demonic energy.

She yelled, "Inuyasha, high level of demonic energy coming our way!" He looked up, sniffed the air, and growled out, "It's my bastard of a brother!" A moment later Sesshomaru walked through the clearing.

Inuyasha yelled, "OI! What do ya want, ya bastard?" Sesshomaru blankly stared at him before turning to Kagome. He said, "Miko, I require your presence. My ward has fallen gravely ill." Inuyasha scoffed at what he believed to be complete and utter bullshit.

Kagome heard this and she yelled, "Inuyasha, SIT!" A moment later the hanyou face planted into the ground. She looked up at the youkai lord before looking at the grumpy hanyou and said, "Please, lead the way Sesshomaru-sama."

He turned around and walked out of the camp. Shippo all of a sudden yelled, "Okaa, don't leave me!" Kagome turned around, looked between Shippo and the youkai lord, and pleaded with her eyes to allow him to come along. The youkai silently gave agreement.

Shippo hopped along after his momma in silent pleasure. A few hours later they reached the camp of the youkai lord. Kagome reached little Rin's resting spot, took one look at her, and gasped. Rin was covered from head to toe in bruises.

She turned around and asked, "What happened to her Sesshomaru-sama?" He looked at her and said, "I don't know. I found her in this state. She won't even talk." Kagome looked mortified at the youkai lord's answer.

She asked, "Do you mind if I get a little privacy with Rin-chan, Sesshomaru-sama?" He nodded to her, turned around and swept out of the clearing. Kagome turned to look at Rin and noticed she was awake. Rin took one look at Kagome before scrambling to her for comfort.

All Kagome could do for this poor girl was hold her as she cried. A little while later Rin silently stood up and walked out of the clearing. Kagome followed her as she reached Sesshomaru-sama's private spot. He looked up at them and asked, "Rin? What is it?"

Rin mumbled something barely audible to the youkai lord's ears. He pulled Rin to him and asked her to repeat her words. So she did so saying, "I am sorry to worry Sesshomaru-sama. Rin promises not to worry her lord anymore."

Sesshomaru put his hand on Rin's head and said so only Rin could hear, "It's ok. What happened?" Rin looked up in fear, not wanting to answer his question. She got out of his lap and ran to Kagome crying, "Don't make me say it! I don't wanna remember! Make it go away!"

Kagome held Rin to her lulling her to sleep before turning to the youkai lord. She spoke all of a sudden saying, "The way it looks to me is that she has been abused. The way she flinches when touched or when she looks at males makes me think physical and sexual." Sesshomaru growled at the thought that any being could harm his little Rin.