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Ch. 8: Home Bound to Learn Her Role

When they woke up they set to tearing down their camp and hurrying towards home. Kita figured the faster they get home the faster Kagome can learn her duties.

They reached the Southern Castle in only a few short hours using demonic speed. When they reached the gates the guards yelled out, "STOP! Explain yourselves!" Kita turned towards the guard on the left and said calmly, "My name is Kita. I once ruled over these lands. I had to hide to protect my pup." The other guard scoffed and said, "Ha! Lady Kita and her pup died a long time ago." Kita replied, "It was an illusion so my pup and I could get to safety."

The guard she first spoke to asked, "If you are our lady, where have you been?" She replied, "With the Western Lord, Sesshomaru. He has become my most helpful friend and ally." Kagome lifted her hood from over her head and growled out impatiently,"Let us in before I go find Akira-sama or my uncle Hitashi!"

The guard on the righ pinned her arms behind her back and growled out, "How dare you speak the names of two of the cardinal lords with such informality!" She flipped around so fast he was forced to let go. She told him, "I am the long lost pup of Lord Akito and Lady Kita. Uncle Akira and Uncle Hitashi will prove it to you. Hell, even Lord Sesshomaru will!"

The two guards looked shocked that this girl knew 3 of the cardinal lords by name and had mentioned the previous rulers of the Southern Lands. Kita decided to step in at this moment and said snarkily, "Believe us now?!" A newcomer joined in the fight by saying, "Let them in. They are who they say they are." Kita looked over and saw her old nursemaid.

The guards finally decided to let them in when they realized she was telling the truth and that she was hugging the stranger so affectionately. Kagome and Kita were led to their rooms where they laid down and crashed for a few hours. When they woke up they felt more refreshed then they had in weeks. Kita heard a knock on the door and asked, "Who is it?"

The knocker revealed himself to be Akira. He told Kita he was ready to help advise Kagome and Kita on the day to day affairs of the land. She nodded at him and shooed him out of her room so she can get fresh clothing on. When she walked out of her room she found Akira waiting outside with Kagome.

She asked, "Kagome dear, what pray tell are you doing here?" Kagome replied, "I felt uncle's presence and was curious." Akira ruffled Kagome's hair making her snap her fangs at him. He quickly retreated his claws and yelped, "Hey!" She gave him a grin and asked, "Yes uncle?" He just shook his head and turned towards Kita. He said, "Come and show yourselves to the people in the castle so they may know that their lady has returned." With those words they walked towards the castle's grand throne room.