Don't try to fix me; I'm not broken

Evanescence, Hello

Finn Connolly in 100 words:

He sits up on the cliff top, watching. Nothing seems wrong, nothing seems right, either.

He lets out a gust of breath, watches it blow away with the wind. The sea looks angry, revolting against the weather and the beasts.

He picks up a used notebook, skimming past pages that make it momentarily hard to breathe.

The clouds look like they're about to explode above him, ready to let loose a storm like no other, but Finn Connolly doesn't care, he's busy.

He ignores the spot, like he always does. He imagines blood to still be there.

He misses her.

AU, is in I'm pretending Puck died and Finn is forced to race the year after. Review?:)