Description: Haru Miura is having a terrible time. Not only did her confession to Tsunayoshi Sawada fail, but her father left her and her mother and has sworn off men until the end of time. So when stoic Hayato Gokudera surprises her with a confession, her life suddenly is turned upside down: raging fangirls, a jealous stalker, and not to mention her mother, what's a girl to do but follow her heart?

From: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Pairings mentioned: TsunaxKyoko, GokuderaxHaru, YamamotoxChrome and various OCs.

Note: This is set in their High School years and has nothing really related to the story or anime line. The characters are not mine, I'm simply using them in a story. Enjoy!

It started like any normal High School romance should. A confession on the rooftop.

It just wasn't mine.

I was dumbfounded. "What?" My hoarse voice asked, staring in disbelief at my so-called crusher.

Hayato Gokudera. A plus student, notoriously tardy, and a known delinquent with supposedly dyed silver hair and skull rings and necklaces decorating his lean form, shuffled under my shocked gaze. "I…I…said…" He stuttered so uncharacteristically that I almost laughed. "…I said I like you! A-and…" The boy whipped his head away, a pink flush rising over his cheek. "…A-and I…I want you…to go out…with me…" He crossed his arms like he normally does when he's embarrassed and kept his head away, watching me from one corner of his eye.

It was…shocking to say the least. I mean, yesterday I thought this guy hated my guts and we would never get along. Ever. And yet today he's looking at me with a deep blush staining his supposedly impenetrable poker face. Yesterday this guy was considered the poster-boy for all the wrongdoings in the world, and yet was now facing me, fists in his pockets, looking like a kicked puppy.

Was this another way to torture me? To rub in my face the fact that my long term love had chosen my best friend over me? Gokudera did belong to Tsuna's posse after all. But then again, Tsuna had never been the kind to be cruel.

It must have been a prank of his own design, I decided. Well, shame on him. But I wasn't going to fall for his stupid joke. This was something a man would do anyway.

Gokudera cocked his head slightly, obviously attempting to read my mind. "…Um…are, are you okay?"

I snapped back to reality, shaking off a twinge of something indescribable. "Yeah. Yes, I'm alright."
"Good." He shuffled, looking at anything but me. He settled for staring at his shoes while I waited for the punch line to occur. Where was the fanfare and the "Psyche!"?

He slowly rolled his eyes back to my face, gaging my reaction like I did a few months back with a different person. "…So…wh-what do you think?" That desperate sound in his voice rattled me somewhat, and I had to take a moment to regain my senses before answering.

I sighed and turned away and made a beeline for the door. "Sorry, but I'm not interested in anyone right now. I don't want a relationship, and I don't feel like being tricked."

"Tricked?" Though my back was turned away, I could hear the confusion in his voice. "Who's tricking you?"
"You are obviously."


I grasped the doorknob to the rooftop and briskly opened it before I turned back to face Gokudera's stunned one. "It's just…you and I have never gotten along. Why now, all of a sudden, hm? I don't need unnecessary stress in my life. So I guess…thank you, but no thank you." I was out the door before I could hear the pitiful attempt to get me to stay and hear him out. Much more professional than the last time I was there at least…

"And so, if we look across the board to the second slide, many early historians believe that the fall of Rome may have been attributed to more than just Caesar's death…"

My pencil scratched along my textbook quickly, not writing down anything my droning teacher said or doodling along the corner like I normally did. I hated to admit it, but the earlier confession set me back from my normal, blank routine. For some reason, I just couldn't bring myself to concentrate.

I dazed in and out of consciousness, focusing on random conversations buzzing around me unbeknownst to the teacher now talking drivel about the economy of Rome. One girl was excited because her boyfriend had promised to take her to the drive-in movie theater later that night and her friends praised her for her gusto and wished her luck. Another guy was boasting how he had broken some unknown girl's heart after a confession earlier that week and was giving a grueling description of her teary face. And another girl was complaining about her father not giving her enough money to pay for the large shopping trip she and her girlfriends had planned for the end of the week.

My pencil slipped from my fingers and clattered to the desk, forgotten. My gaze then became fixed on the scenery through the window, wishing I was a bird so I could fly myself out of here. No homework, no snotty foolish kids, and least of all no men. I could be a dove, or even an ibis. I would love to be an ibis. Ibises are beautiful, and I read a story about one last year. It was sad and lonely, and I vowed I wanted to be the ibis's friend.

Now I suddenly felt as alone as him.

My ears then became attuned to another conversation and my blood ran cold. My head jerked around when I heard giggling in the back of the room. I knew that giggling. It was the same giggle that my best friend possessed and the same low chortle that had me fall head over heels for my first love.

Kyoko tousled his soft brown hair, something that I had always dreamed of doing, touching a thin finger to his golden iris and outlining his long eyelashes. Tsuna then reached a strong hand behind her head and neck, over her pale cheek, caressing her cheekbone and kissing her honey-brown temple above a chocolate brown eyeball.

Their heads were bowed together, eyelashes almost touching. They giggled again about something incoherent and Tsuna brushed a hand across her petite one.

My mouth became dry as they both leaned into each other. I tried to keep my face blank as they gazed at each other lovingly, but even I couldn't help a small squeak as their lips met, eyes closed.

Kyoko Sasagawa. My best friend.

Tsunayoshi Sawada. My first love.

Together. In love.

It dug into my skin like a hot knife, and I couldn't bring myself to keep watching. I quickly turned away, nails digging into my fisted palms. A tear slipped onto my knuckles and I quickly brushed it away before anyone could notice.

Men. Why could anyone trust them?

A few months ago, my father left. In all the years that I'd been alive, I never told my father I hated him. Not once. And yet, in the split second he chose his breasty, slutty office clerk over my mom and me, I found myself blurting out the words "You two-faced ass! I'll hate you forever!" with my chest heaving and tears overflowing.

I hadn't seen him since. And I wasn't about to let Mom's mistake be mine, no matter all the begging in the world.

Tsuna was my first and only love. Ever since the day he had saved me from drowning in the river, I knew I was destined to be by his side. I prepared myself to be the best wife I could be for him. I gave up my career goals to follow him to High School and be with him and his friends. I no longer wanted to be a daycare manager or a fashion designer or a folklorist; I wanted to be a mafia boss's wife.

And yet, when I confessed a few months into the fall term, Tsuna told me his choice. My bronzed hero wanted my bronze-haired best friend.

Suddenly, everything I had worked so hard for became worthless. What was the point of going to Italian class if I was never going to use the linguaggio? Why did I need to learn to cook if Tsuna was never going to eat a bite of it? Who needs political science if there was never going to be any chance for me to deal with international issues? (Not that I minded it too much, I hated political science.)

I stopped bothering and just started existing.

What was worse, Kyoko and Tsuna were together all of the time. No matter where I went with one, the other would follow. Because surprisingly enough, Kyoko had wanted Tsuna too. I suffered through stifling lunchtimes when Kyoko would hand feed Tsuna her homemade bento in front of me. I tolerated weekly study groups with everyone, pretending not to see Kyoko and Tsuna's interlocked hands under the table. And then I stopped going to PE class because I couldn't stand near them without them sharing a kiss or two.

I slowly began drifting. And I allowed myself to stop caring.

Because who would love leftovers anyway?

"Gokudera didn't show up after lunch today." Tsuna announced, slinging his bag over his shoulder as soon as the teacher packed up his things and left when the dismissal bell rang.

Kyoko glanced over at his empty seat with a look of surprise. "Gosh, you're right. I hope everything's alright."

I slowly dragged my chair back into its place, attempting not to care. So what if the guy who confessed to me didn't come back to class. It wasn't my fault or anything. It was his own choice to confess to me. I just told him the truth, instead of some stupid mumbo jumbo about lack of commitment. I kept him from being hurt too much anyway.

I harrumphed and strode towards the doorway.

"Wait, Haru!" I froze when I heard Kyoko's sweet voice calling to me from across the classroom. "Don't you want to come with us to Buttercup Bakery? We haven't gone together in such a long time!"

Kyoko knew my weakness. It had been months since I had treated myself to my favorite cake from my favorite bakery. The last time I was there, we celebrated all of us getting into the same High School and I had spent the entire time pondering how I was going to confess to Tsuna. Now, the thought brought a sinking feeling to my stomach.

I forced a smile on my face as I turned around. "Sorry but I have some chores to do today. You guys go have fun and eat some for me!"

Kyoko's sweet face fell at my words, and I felt another twinge of guilt. I almost reconsidered but she seemed to recover and smiled back in response. "Oh…sure…I suppose…" She replied, a hint of regret staining her words.

I turned and quickly ran out before anyone else caught me. I zoomed past the other students, trying to ignore the fact that I saw Tsuna sneak a hand around Kyoko's waist in comfort. By the time I reached the shoe lockers, I was about ready to cry inanely. Somehow I managed to calm myself enough to approach my locker.

All calm flew out the window as soon as I realized that Hayato Gokudera was waiting for me, blocking the way.

I screamed and jumped backwards, shocked at his presence.

He arched an eyebrow and rolled a blue-green eyeball at me. "Now you know how I felt this morning," He grumbled, shifting himself against the wall of lockers and blockading mine. "Now you have to listen to me."

I found myself growling lowly and glaring daggers at him. "And I thought I told you this morning, I don't feel like being tricked. Now get out of my way."

He didn't move. "Why are you so certain that I'm trying to hurt you?"
"Oh, you mean it's something new?"

"If you actually stopped to get to know me better—"

"What, do I have to follow you to prison now?"

"I've never been to prison!"

"Oh sure, I believe that."

Gokudera fisted his hair and sucked in a deep breath, apparently attempting to calm himself. "…Look. I just wanted you to know how I felt about you. You seemed so down recently, I thought I could help."

I'll admit, I did falter at his words. Then I got angry. "How many times have you used that line, huh?"

"Never! I'm being honest here!"

"And so am I. When I said this morning that I didn't want you, I meant it." With every word, I found myself inching forward and pushing him back against the wall until we were nose to nose. "I don't need a boyfriend, I don't need a boy who's a friend; I don't need any boys!" His face was in a mask of shock as I stood there, huffing and puffing until I regained my breath. After a moment, I slowly backed off him.

"So that's it." I growled, pushing him away from my locker. I briskly opened the door and yanked my school shoes off my feet. I plopped myself down onto the ground, yanking on my sneakers. Gokudera wasn't as shell-shocked as before, placing himself against the lockers again until I stood up and brushed off my skirt.

I sighed, glancing back to his blank face slightly wondering if I hurt him too badly. Cursing my instinctually kind side, I quickly shrugged it off as nothing of my concern and turned towards the door.

"…Want me to give you a lift?"

Two inches away from the door, I exhaled in annoyance. "What did I just say?"

"I just thought since the school was so out of your way you might want a ride instead of walking all the way back." He shrugged awkwardly, fists in his leather jacket. "Just…something nice, not…romantic or anything."

I frowned. "But you have a motorbike, right? I don't know if I can ride that thing…" I blinked, surprised at my own words. "I-if I actually wanted a stupid ride from you!" I sputtered, pink spilling over my face.

Gokudera snorted and chuckled. My eyes widened at the rare sight of a small smile growing over cool-Gokudera's face. "Believe me, anybody can ride my bike." He strode up to me, bumping his nose with mine as he towered a good foot over my silly 5'2" frame. "If they actually wanted a stupid ride from me anyway." He grinned as mischievously as the Cheshire cat from picture books, his steely blue-green eyes giving away nothing.

Before I could even respond, Gokudera walked away. He bent over his denim messenger bag and rummaged around inside. When he stood back up, he produced a bright cherry red helmet with a tornado drawn on the side and held it out to me. "So…a stupid five minute ride from me or you can walk a twenty minute walk home. Your choice."

I growled and gave him my best glare. There was absolutely no way I was going to give this stupid bastard the satisfaction of controlling me, even if the idea of shaving about fifteen minutes off my commute sounded extremely good.

I winced as I managed to slide onto the cold metal of Gokudera's bike, attempting to straddle the thin seat. My breath felt constricted in the tight confines of the black and red helmet covering my face and ears. In every sense of the word, I stewed in anger as Gokudera fastened my and his schoolbag onto the cargo hold. Inside, I was freaking in both fear and slight excitement.

"Alright, she's set." He slammed the lid shut with a bang, making the vehicle shudder under me. I gripped the metal desperately, afraid for my life. My ears burned with embarrassment as Gokudera's soft laugh drifted over the helmet's padding.

"It's not gonna buck you off you know." He called out, unpeeling my fingers from the vehicle's frame. My eyes clenched shut as I was forced upwards and the vehicle shuddered once again as extra weight was added.

Then the strangest thing occurred. My hands wrapped around something warm and muscled. I was pulled forward and my nose met the most pleasant and tantalizing smell. I recognized it as cigarettes and orange spices, my two secret favorite smells. As I began breathing in the scent, I thought back on my childhood memories as I grew up popping little orange mints from my father's pocket into my mouth whenever no one was looking, just for the pleasure of the tingle it left in my mouth afterwards. Cigarette smoke reminded me of my elderly grandfather who enjoyed fine cigars and taught me the ways of a connoisseur before passing away quietly in his sleep some years before.

These smells invaded my nose with every breath and I found myself snuggling into the source. I was vaguely aware of a rumbling beneath me but I did feel a rush of wind hit my face suddenly. My eyes flew open as the vehicle made a slow turn at a crowded intersection. I gripped the unknown thing tighter and let out a muffled scream from inside the helmet.

"Ouch…you don't need to hold me so hard! I'm even going slower than usual!" Gokudera's voice drifted to my ears over the low sound of an engine. I froze, looking down at my hands. I nearly screeched again, realizing the warm, sweet-smelling thing that I had been grasping so desperately was Gokudera's middle.

Before I had known it, Gokudera had started the bike and was making the slow journey down the road to my house. His silver hair was whipping around in all directions and he was sternly focused on the road ahead. It was almost beautiful. Too bad I was too terrified to truly enjoy it.

I clenched my eyes shut again. "Slow down, slow down!" I screeched, subconsciously pressing against his back in comfort.

"I can't! This is as slow as I can go, and this is ten miles slower than the speed limit I'll have you know! People in cars have been passing us!"

"Slow downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" I continued to whine. Gokudera only laughed and cranked the throttle.

It was a smooth ride, I'll admit. I definitely could tell that Gokudera slowed down some more on the road even though he said he didn't. At one point, I even decided to be brave and to move myself enough to peer over his shoulder while he was stopped at a stoplight. A secret thrill creeped up my back with the realization that I was surviving on a motorcycle despite the driver. The moment Gokudera moved again, however, I eeped and disappeared into his back.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, I felt the vehicle shudder and slow to a stop with a thump as Gokudera's foot caught the ground. He pulled my arms off his torso and dismounted. My eyes were still tightly shut but I eventually willed them open.

I blinked several times before allowing Gokudera's hands to guide me off the bike. The moment I touched the ground, I fell to my knees thanking whatever god was watching that I was alive. I even raked my fingers through the lush grass like a madwoman.

Gokudera watched me with a grin and a chuckle. "One would think you've never seen ground before Miura. Funny." He walked over to me and helped pull the tight helmet off my head.

I sighed with relief at being able to breathe again. I shook out my hair from my high ponytail and ran my fingers through like a comb before letting it tumble down past my ears. It was then that I noticed Gokudera still staring at me. "What?" I asked, concerned.

"Nothing." He mumbled, turning away embarrassed. "Just…looking. You have…nice hair…"

I blinked and flushed as his words stuck at my heart. I pulled my hair away from my shoulders into one bunch off to the side in embarrassment. I couldn't even face him as he handed me my schoolbag.

Suddenly, something clicked.


"Huh?" He questioned, turning around.

"You…you called me Miura."

"Yeah." He said, crossing his arms and giving me a 'duh' look. "It's your name."

"Yes, but…you never called me it. Ever. You either referred to me as 'one of the girls' or 'Stupid Woman'." I corrected. "Why did you call me that?"

Gokudera shrugged, grabbing the helmet and slipping it over his head. "I just thought, even though you said you didn't need a boyfriend, I could just treat you as a friend first." He said, straddling his bike again. "Believe me Miura, I know what it's like feeling like an outcast. But I care about you so I guess I just don't want you to feel like one." He gave me another rare Gokudera smile, along with an unusual look that I'd never seen before. Before I could say anything, he started up the bike and whirled the throttle.

"Have a good day." He said briskly while hiding another pink flush, quickly driving away obviously much faster than he had been with me. My eyes followed him down the street until he disappeared out of sight. Then, automatically like a robot, I went to my bag and fished out my house keys. After jiggling them in the lock, I opened the door and stepped inside my house.

I went to the kitchen and grasped a speckled banana, peeling it. I bit into the fruit, chewing slowly as I checked my phone for messages. Kyoko sent me pictures of my favorite cake, Chrome sent me a message using Yamamoto's phone saying that she wished I had come, and my mom called to tell me she was going to be late from work.

I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of orange juice. Banana, juice, and schoolbag carefully balanced, I made my way to my room like normal. The moment I shut the door, I squealed in excitement and happiness. I dropped the banana and juice on my bed as I danced around in excitement for some reason that I absolutely could not understand.

After my crazy dance, I finally collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. My throat was dry, and not just because I had spent most of the ride screeching at Gokudera to slow down.

The look he had given me before he drove away remain etched in my mind as though he was simply on pause. For several hours after he had driven away, Gokudera did circles in mind replaying our conversations over and over until I was almost sick of it.

What was I thinking? He was the enemy! Had I not vowed some hours before that I would never, ever submit to him? Men were the reason for my misery. Men were the reason that my mother was a broken down shell of what she used to be.

I frowned, finally calming myself down. Now that I had my priorities straight, I went back to normal routine with diligence. I sat down at my desk and flicked on my lamp and opened my textbook. However, Gokudera's face continued to flood my mind and before I knew it, I was doodling nonsense drawings that were supposed to look like his stupid face.

When my mom called me down for dinner, I had not made a dent in my homework. I glared at my perfect drawing of Stupid Face Gokudera and vowed I would never get anything done with him staring at me like a big fat idiot. I crumpled up the paper and tossed it in the trash with renewed vigor to never submit to the enemy ever again for as long as I lived.

And yet, for some reason, I still couldn't get the smell of cigarettes and orange spice out of my nose.