Author's note: So, here's me trying to write my own version of WishingDreamer5's Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion 50 themes challenge. I've always wanted to try one and hers seemed quite appealing. I love Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion's history (let's face it, it's the most interesting world in KH haha) and I'm really excited about it. When it comes to updates, I intend it to be at least weekly. I hope it'll be possible.

This scene is in KH2 but as you can see, I kind of changed it. That's just what popped up in my mind when I saw this particular theme. Enjoy. :)

The Radiance in the Hollow Abyss

01. Restoration

"Meet the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee!" A small young black-haired girl in her late teens cheerfully shouted to Sora and his two companions, Donald and Goofy. Yuffie clearly did not loose her casual excitement, even after a whole year.

Aerith and Cid happily greeted them. Squall – or Leon, as he liked to be called – merely shrugged as he huffed, "I knew it."

Sora tilted his head to one side, puzzled. "Knew what?"

A small smirk made its way on Leon's face. It was his way of showing he was happy to see the trio again. "A while back, everybody suddenly remembered you guys, all at the same time."

Sora hummed thoughtfully until it occurred to him… Wait…

Yuffie left him no time to object as she forced a card into his hand.

"They're presents for you," Aerith explained. "Leon thought you might like them."

He threw a look at it and turned it around. Sora saw his name on it along with a "title" and read it: "Hollow Bastion Committee Honorary Member." His lips curved into a smile as he glanced at Donald and Goofy happily as he muttered cheerfully, "Cool…"

"Membership cards!" Donald hopped excitedly.

Sora grinned at Leon. "Thanks!"

He glanced back at his membership card. It felt good to be back. Leon, Aerith, Cid and Yuffie… They had been by his side since his beginnings as a Keyblade wielder and had helped him through the trials he had had to face. He would always be grateful to them for it.

"But… what do you mean, you suddenly remembered us?"