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The Radiance in the Hollow Abyss

11. Yours

"This keyblade is yours by right," Riku would keep hearing those words in his head, his heart swelled with jealousy.

"Do everything I tell you," Maleficent had once told him. "And victory will be yours. Kairi's heart will be found, I assure you."

And as she asked, he did. He travelled throughout worlds, collaborated with suspicious individuals and helped them achieve what they wanted no matter how much his conscience objected. After all, didn't the end justify the means? He would have done everything in his power for Kairi. And more and more power he did have. Soon, Maleficent even granted him the ability to command the Heartless.

"The power to command the Heartless is yours? Riku, don't you see?" Sora had warned him when they faced each other on Captain Hook's ship. "Sooner or later, they'll swallow your heart!"

"Nothing is mine now," he thought grimly. So much for his victory, trapped as he was in the darkness, his body conquered and controlled. Sora was right: darkness had consumed and swallowed him whole. He had lost everything: his heart, his body and even his friends. And here he was, his very body in a fight to the death against Sora who was resisting with all his might in order to keep this giant keyhole in Hollow Bastion locked. Soon he felt his body crumble and Ansem fortunately retreating for a while and that's when he realised that this fight was still his.

"Run!" He shouted at Donald, Goofy and Kairi as his mind managed to freeze Ansem for a while.

He would always possess the ability to choose right from wrong and his very choice and determination to protect his friends, no matter what the cost, was where true power lay.