Thanks to the inspiration from x4ashes4ashes' blog and her amazing Axl/Sue story, I decided to finally write a fanfic for an incest-shipping that has completely taken me by surprise and has undeniably captured my shipper heart.

I'm going to try and make this story as long as possible, but as with everything, inspiration and motivation are vital components to the longevity of these stories, so please read, and if you like, or don't like, let me know with a review! Thanks =)

Side Note: I have a way of always incorporating flashbacks or "previews" of future scenes which will later come together in a conglomerate of memories and moments that define the story. So if characters seem OOC, it's most likely because some scenes they are in are of a future them.

This chapter will be a blend of the beginning and the end of this story, a prologue, if you will.


"What if no one ever loves me like that again…?"

She's moon faced and starry eyed, her optimism always running on high. She'll smile in light of his insults and forgive him despite his half-felt apologies. She believes everyone has a heart as big as hers, and is constantly proven wrong, yet she continues to fearlessly love all around her, and Axl really does have to admit, to himself, that he admires her for it.

So when she's crying in her room alone, after her first real boyfriend dumps her, he can't seem to bring himself to ignore her and instead comforts her. When she asks the question he knew would eventually come up, her heart in her eyes, her fingers gently tugging on his new baseball uniform, he knows this will not be the last time someone loves Sue Heck.


Back in the day, this place was like a house of magic. A place so filled with tears and laughter. I thought, surely, we would always be this happy...

"Axl! Don't-"

"You're delirious Sue! You always have been! I don't know how you could possibly think this would ever work!"

She takes a last glimpse of comfort at the ticking on the clock's face and she swears those hands move faster every day. There's a moment, a small moment of hesitation, of desperation but then they soon fall away out of reach.

The noise of the door shutting far off echo within her and she knows they've finally crossed the line. She silently falls to the floor but all she can do is gaze at the time.

You were my lullaby delirium.


He's gotten used to her showing up to his baseball games, cheering him on with her high pitched squeaks and clapping like a retarded seal. He whispers 'lame' before kicking at the baseball mound, wishing his hot girlfriend and her even hotter friends were there instead of his sister but when he takes a glance up at her, her bright braces and headgear reflecting the sun causing him to adjust his baseball cap, he smiles softly. Beats having no one, he determines and then focuses on the pitch.

After the game, he strips himself until he's just in boxers and throws his sweaty, dirt covered clothes into the trunk of the car. Sue bobbles up to him with two cups in hand, offering the one with little ice to him as a 'good game' reward, even though they lost.

"Thanks." He muffles as he downs the drink and hands it back harshly to her which throws her off balance. "Come on, let's go, there's a party I need to get ready for." Her head perks up but he throws his hands up and pushes her head down instinctively. "No. You're not invited. You already came to two of my games this week, God!"

"Oh. Yeah…You're right Axl, I should get started on my homework anyway." After a weak smile, she walks towards the passenger door while adjusting her headgear before sipping her drink. As they get in the car, Sue humming some ridiculous Justin Beiber song, he thinks about what to wear and who to hook up with, there was Becky from English with the hot body but not so hot face and there was Lauren from Math with the awesome car but talked too much, and if desperate, there was his girlfriend Chelsea who he was beyond tired with.

"Axl?" He chooses to ignore her at first, but after the third time he barks out a 'what'. "Geez Axl, I was just trying to tell you that next month is the spring dance! Since it's my first year at the high school, I was wondering if you could, you know…" she wiggles her eyebrows and slowly grins creepily. After a moment of silence and Axl obviously not comprehending, Sue throws her hands in the air and jumps up and down excitedly exclaiming whether he could help her get a date with one of his friends.

"What? No! No way, Sue. All of my friends are cool and you are not. There is absolutely no way any of my friends would go with you! Ew. Gross! The very thought of it is making me sick- for them!"

"Wow Axl, I was just asking… you don't need to be so mean!" She crosses her arms and decides to not talk for the remainder of the car ride, which he actually prefers. Only, after two minutes, he feels uncomfortable and without knowing why, he speaks out. "Why can't you… you know, go to the spring…dance thingy with someone in your grade?"

"'Cause Axl, only juniors and seniors can go to the dance! Freshmen are only allowed to go if they are dates."

Exasperated he lets out a heavy sigh. "Soooooo, why not wait two more years and then you can go to the stupid dance? I mean honestly Sue, must I always be the brains of this family?"

"But Carly is going!"

"What? Your geeky friend Carly?" Sue nods to this, her cheeks flushed, he can't tell if she's angry or jealous. He thinks back to the last time he's seen Sue's friend and makes a slight motion of approval. She has gotten a little hotter, while Sue has…he takes a quick glance at the headgear and the big puffy sweater she's wearing and inwardly cringes.

"Listen, just because Carly is going doesn't mean you have to… but if you really want to, why don't you ask her to ask whatever loser is taking her to ask his friends? There! I helped! Now stop talking to me about this!" Slowing down, he pulls up to the house and after parking, jumps out of the car, goes to the trunk to get his soiled clothing and runs into the house. Sue trails behind, nodding to herself, thinking about what her brother said and ultimately agreeing.

"Hey kids! How was the game?" Axl rushes past her 'no time to talk, woman!' to which Frankie exchanges a frown with her husband, Mike, who is sitting on the couch with a beer about to watch a game, before turning to her only daughter.

"Oh hi mom! Axl's team lost but he played really well!" Shrugging off her schoolbag she goes straight for the phone and then hides in her room.

"Oh… better luck next time Axl!" she ultimately screams this as Axl is already in the shower. Turning to the messy kitchen, she then reaches for the phone deciding to order Chinese but meets with an empty stand. "Sue!"

In Sue's room she's talking a mile a minute, excited about the prospect of having a dance partner. "Carly, maybe Eric will have a friend that would like to go with me? That way we can go together! Axl thought of it! What to do you think?"

"Oh my god! Why didn't I think of that? Your brother is so smart! I'll call him and ask right away! Call you back, bye!" When the phone goes dead, Sue giggles and leaves her room, bumping to Brick on the way. "Oh hi Brick! Guess what? Carly is going to ask her super cool spring dance date to find a friend to take me to the dance! Look at your big sister! Going to an older kid's dance! Ahhh!"

Blankly, the youngest Heck nods. "That's great Sue. Mom was looking for the phone by the way and you have food stuck to your braces...(braces)."

"Oh! Thanks Brick! Mooooooooooooooommmmm! Guess what?"


She never closes her door, which makes it so easy to bother her and learn of her personal business. He's wearing a tight t-shirt and loose fitting jeans and he's put just a smidge of gel in his hair. Leaning on her door frame, watching her silently for a moment, he takes in how she constantly pushes her hair back from her face instead of simply tying it into a ponytail. Her eyebrows are scrunched together in concentration and she swings her right foot up and down in an unthinkable habit. For a fearful moment, he can't help but think his sister, to some nerd or dorky person that is, could appear to be adorable.


"Ahhh! Axl! What were you thinking?" She's yelling at him through his laughter while she holds her hand to her chest to steady her quickly beating heart. "You could have given me a heart attack, Axl!"

"Good! Then mom and dad won't be so broke anymore and get me a new car!"

"Axl! Get out!" he lifts his hands in the air and turns to leave but quickly side steps backwards. "Axl, I said get-"

"Hey! I just wanted to ask if you took my advice for that dance thing!" he shifts uncomfortably and places his hands in his pockets. "Not that I care or anything."

Sue watches him for a moment before mindlessly shifting her homework around. "Carly said Eric didn't really know of anyone…but that's just off the top of his head! I'm sure when we get to school on Monday, he'll think of someone!"

Doubtful, but he doesn't voice this opinion. "Yeah, sure. Whatever, I'm out of here."

"Have fun Axl!" he waves her off and soon the door closes and he's gone.

At the party, he hates to admit that instead of hooking up with the many available girls he is instead asking his friends and random guys there if they are going to the dance with anyone.

"Dude, are you asking me to the dance? 'Cause, no offense, even though you are the Axe man, I don't go that way."

"What? No! Darryl, you're an idiot! I'm asking for…a friend. Now go away!" He takes a sip of a poorly concealed alcoholic beverage and surveys the room. Hottie #1 Becky is with his current girlfriend Chelsea and when Chelsea eyes lit up he turns quickly to pretend he didn't see her.

None of these guys are good enough for Sue-er correction, none of them will stoop low enough to take her, he means, and shakes his head to organize his thoughts. Sean is sitting on the couch and chatting with some friends and Axl instantly thinks back to when Sue had a crush on him and wrote that lame poem.

"Sean! Hey Sean, come over here for a second." Getting up with an apology to his friends, Sean politely makes his way through the crowd to Axl's position.

"What's up man? Having fun?" Throwing his hands over his friend, he pulls him into a corner and checks his surrounding before whispering.

"Sean…what if I told you a girl…a super hot girl wanted you to ask her to the spring dance?"

"What? Really man? I'd say hell yes! Where is she? Is she at the party? I was thinking of taking Lauren but didn't know if you were going for her…wait, oh man, is it Lauren?"

Shaking his head and slapping his friend's shoulder, he urges the bigger boy to focus. "Focus! No, this girl… doesn't go to our school. She's really mysterious and she uh…" scratching his head, he tries to think of a plan to make this work. "She won't be able to meet until the night of the dance!"

"What…? That sounds a little weird Axl, are you messing with me?" Shaking his head before taking another swig of his drink, Axl points at himself and then at Sean.

"Are you kidding me? I'd never do something like that to you man! Trust me on this one… she can e-mail! Yeah, she can e-mail and even write letters, if you're into that or whatever, but she's like, grounded, and stuff, and so she can't meet!"

"Oh… I guess that makes sense… kind of. Do you have a picture of her or better yet, does she have a facebook?" Shoot. He didn't think of this, and Sue's facebook is not one to show to the general public. Ever.

"No man, weren't you listening? She's grounded! Her stupid parents made her take down her Facebook! Can't you keep up? God!"

"Oh, right, right, sorry…but wait, then how can she e-mail…?" The music started getting louder and Axl took this as his cue.

"Sorry man! I can't hear you! But I'll let her know you'll take her! Thanks man! See you at school!" Effortlessly maneuvering through the crowd, Axl bypasses the two girls he had planned to make out with earlier in the day and opted to drive home and tell Sue the good news as soon as he could.

Not because he cared about her happiness, or anything.


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