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"Was this your plan all along…? To make me look so…stupid and alone? In front of everyone?"

"Sue…it wasn't like that…"

"How could you? I trusted you!"

"Please-wait! Just hear me out! I didn't mean to-"

"ENOUGH! I'm done listening to your excuses! I'm done…with you!"


While everyone made the long dreaded walk back to the school, Sue and Axl were actually looking forward to the school week. Axl, happy to be away from their stuffy house filled with annoying parents and chores never to be done, was eager to get the note his mother had conjured up for him, on his behalf, to Sean, so that phase one of his plan could be fulfilled.

Sue, on the other hand, was excited to show off her new look to her friends Carly and Brad, and finally be able to possibly be seen with her brother at school, maybe to even sit at the popular table with him. Shaking her head at the insanely overly hopeful thought, Sue perked her head up when Axl parked the car and told her to get out right at the front of the school.

"Axl..? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, whatever. Least you're not a brace face anymore. Just hurry and go." Jumping out of the car, Axl swung his backpack over his right shoulder and slammed his car door shut. Making sure the car was locked, Axl then proceeded to enter to school, Sue running to catch up behind him.

"Hey… who's that? Is she a transfer student?"

"I got dibs dude!"

"Nun-huh! She can't be new, I work at the school office and didn't see any transfer students…where has she been hiding?"

"Ax man! What's up?" Darrin, gripping on to Axl's shoulders, gave his usual energetic greeting in the mornings. Axl, distracted by all the whispering guys around him, tried to pinpoint what they were so fascinated by but was distracted before doing so. "Hey, so, I was wondering if we can take your car out tonight to grab some pizza and then do so doughnuts in an empty parking lot! I have this big test tomorrow and I rather not think about it… what do you say?"

"Darrin. Are you crazy? That sounds like a dangerous idea!" Axl looking as though to reprimand, Darrin frowned at his friend, confused by his disapproval of the idea.

"Um…okay…I guess?"

Axl's face shifted from a frown to a grin as he punched his fist into his friend's chest. "Hah! Got you! Of course man! I'm down for that!"

"Man Axl! You got me that time!"

"Dude, I get you every time!" playfully punching a couple of more times, Axl broke away, curious as to where the third man of their group was. "Hey, where's Sean? I have something for him."

"Oh, he's in the Guidance Counselor's Office, apparently he needed advice on what back up colleges he should apply for; he said he would be really quick."

"Man, I didn't even know we had a guidance counselor…well, whatever, I guess I'll catch him later."


"Well, alright Sean, I think you're all set! You have a wonderful GPA so I think you'll do find. Come back and see me any time!"

"Thanks Mrs. Marsh!"

"Just Miss! Ah…forget it. You're welcome!"

Waving at the weird woman, Sean plastered a bit of a confused smile before exiting the office. Crashing straight into another body, Sean scrambled to get up while apologizing profusely. "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there, are you hurt? Here, let me help you!"

"Ow…ah-ha, I'm okay, this happens to me a lot… don't worry!"

"Sue? Is that you?" helping her up, Sean took a second look over the girl in front of him and inwardly whistled. "Wow. You look…different. In a good way!"

"Really? Thanks Sean. Yeah, I went shopping and got my braces off, so I do feel a bit different!"

"Wow. Excellent. Well…I have to get going to class but, I guess I'll see you around?"

"Yeah…I guess when you come to visit Axl!" smiling oblivious, Sue didn't notice Sean awkward shuffle of his feet.

"Um…yeah, or maybe, I can stop by and just see you?"

"Huh? But why? I don't really play games or have a car…" Confused, Sue tried to think about why Sean would want to come by the house only to see her when Jane Marsh called out to her.

"Sue! Is that you? Did you get hurt?"

"Oh hello Miss Marsh! I'm fine!" Turning back to Sean, she waved goodbye before stepping into the office before closing the door. Turning away from the scene, Sean scratched his head in utter confusion.


"Here, just take it. I got this note from your mystery girl and she told me to give it to you."

"Alright, cool man…hey, about your sister…"

"Excuse me! Do you two have anything you'd like to share with the class?"

"No ma'am!" Grabbing the paper quickly and shoving it into his inside jacket pocket, Sean tried to look as innocent as can be.

"Very well then, back to the lesson."

A few minutes had passed and when the coast was clear, Sean opened up the note and read what had to be the most girly letter he had ever read.

"Wow. This is…something. This girl must really like me huh?"

"Yeah, I guess, whatever. Anyway, there's her information, so you can e-mail her now so I don't have to play stupid messenger and go back and forth with you guys."

"Oh, yeah, cool, thanks Axl! I hope she's hot! Speaking of hot…did you know that your sister-"

"Mr. Donahue! Since you can't stop talking during class, may I suggest you come up to the board and solve this equation?"

Sighing, Sean got up from his desk among the snickers of laughter from his classmates to do as he was told.


"Hey, Axl! Thanks for waiting! Sorry I took a little while but for some reason the wrestling team took longer to get started between the matches. They kept looking over at the Wrestlerettes and whispering among themselves. I think maybe they are trying to throw another surprise romantic gesture! Like Matt did to me! I think maybe Carl might have a thing for Ashley-oh! You don't mind right? I know you and Ashley went to prom together and-"

"God. Do you ever stop talking? Just get in the car woman! I have places to go!"

"Geez Axl, I was just making sure your feelings weren't going to get hurt!"

"My feelings? Sue- get a grip! I do not care about Weird Ashley! Those guys on the wrestling team are stupid anyway and were probably taking so long because they were trying to decide whether they should forfeit right then and there!"

"Wow Axl! You're being really mean right now! What happened?"

"Ugh! Why do you always have to get like this? Trying to figure out why I act the way that I do? Maybe I am just born like this? Just like you're born to be plain, stupid and ugly!" Immediately, Axl wanted to take back what he had said to Sue. It felt volatile while coming out of his mouth, but he couldn't stop himself from uttering those words. He had noticed throughout the day that guys were looking at Sue. Noticing her. Sean trying to tell him that his sister was hot did not go unnoticed by Axl. He simply just wanted to ignore it but instead it was redirected into rage at his sister. His sweet, innocently oblivious sister who was now suffering from his unbridled jealousy.

Silently, Sue got out of Axl's car. Thinking she could dial Carly's house and ask for a ride, she tried to keep the tears from flowing at Axl's words. Just this weekend he had complimented her appearance, and just yesterday they had an amazing time at the Mall. So why was he being so cruel to her now? She couldn't help but think that maybe he had been bored and that was why he had been nice to her, and now that he was back at school and with his friends, his real feelings were showing on the surface.

Getting out of the car to follow his sister, Axl kicked himself for being such a jerk. Not really knowing what to say, he sighed and walked up to her. "Sue…listen, don't get so dramatic, just get back in the car and let's go home."

In disbelief, Sue glared at her older brother. "That's not an apology Axl!" Shutting her mouth quickly, she flushed in embarrassment as she noticed there were a good amount of kids from the school watching the display.

Huffing, Axl threw his hands into the air before staring at Sue. "Fiiiiine. Sorry. You happy now?"

"No! I'm not happy Axl! You don't even mean it! You're being such a jerk and for no reason!"

Reaching out to hold on to her arm, Axl tried to forcibly get her into the car. "Just. Get. In!"

"Hey! Axl…and Sue? What'cha guys up to?"

"Sean! Hey man, just trying to drop the dorky sister home so I can meet up with Darrin…like, now! Sue! We'll talk about this later, can you just get in the car!"

"No! Not until you apologize and mean it!"

Sean, looking between the two, smiled awkwardly before tentatively extending a suggestion. "Hey, if you're really in a rush and you guys seem to be…you know, fighting, my mom is here to pick me up and since we're neighbors, I'm sure she won't mind having Sue along for the ride. You down for that Sue?"

Flabbergasted, Axl tried to stop the cogs of fate that were turning. "Wait. No. It's fine-we're fine, really."

"Sean, that would be lovely. Thank you!" Placing her hands into Sean's arms forcibly, as though she were a high and mighty queen, Sue gave Axl a look of triumph before walking away with a confused Sean.

Left standing alone, Axl watched as his sister drove off with his best friend and feared what was to come.


The night before had been a blur. Quickly, Axl decided to forget about Sue and drive to Darrin's house but he soon found that only his body was there while his mind had stayed with the last image he had of Sue. Her face red and angry at him, her smile towards Sean, and her holding on to him as though she were his.

Darrin had asked him multiple times what his problem was but Axl neither responded nor reacted to the questions. His friend had called the quits on their night of fun and decided it would be best to actually go home and study for his test instead. Only when he offhandedly remarked that he wished Sean wasn't out with some girl and instead here with them did Axl perk his head up and inquire as to what Darrin was talking about. When he had found out that Sean had taken some girl out to get some ice cream, Axl put the pieces together and realized that he had taken Sue out on an unofficial date.

Quickly dropping Darrin off at his house, he rushed over to the ice cream shops he knew in town but could not find the seemingly new couple. Eventually having to return home, Axl waited for a good hour for Sue to get home, and when she did he almost yelled at her. When she refused to look at him, he realized that he had no right to be upset with her after the way he treated her earlier and instead left to his room, no longer seeing her for the rest of the night.

Now, the morning after, they still had not spoken, and Frankie had to drive Sue to school as Axl had left without saying a word.

Leaning against his locker, Axl tried to distract himself from the scene playing before him. Two guys were chatting Sue up, getting her name wrong and calling her "Sally", but all this was going right over Sue's head as she was just excited to be noticed finally.

"Hey, who knew there was a hottie under that?"

"Shut up Darrin."

"Hey, sorry man, just speaking the truth! I know she's your sister and everything but wow!"

"Darrin! Just Shut Up!" Putting his hands in the air defensively, Darrin backed away and started to head towards class. When Axl saw Sean walking towards Sue, he intercepted his friend and pulled him to the side.

"Hey, what's up with you?"

"Hey Axl…what do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb! You know what I mean, you took my sister out for ice cream last night! Friend's don't date other friend's sisters! Also! You were supposed to e-mail mystery girl last night!"

"Oh, sorry man…I was going to e-mail, I promise! I just got distracted with house chores and then homework- and I got back late because, yeah, I took your sister out for ice cream but it wasn't a date, I swear!"

"Oh yeah? Then what was it then?" Poking his finger into his friend's chest, Axl started to realize that his aggressive behavior towards the situation was becoming over the top and he had to remind himself to calm down.

"She was just really sad okay? She said she couldn't stand being home right at that moment and that you had made her really upset. At first I was going to have her talk to my mom since your mom was still working but you know my family can be really loud and listen in on everyone's conversation…so I just took her to get some ice cream to cheer her up! I didn't see any harm in it bro."

Silent, Axl was at a lost for words. Sean had always been this really great guy, he knew this and at times, envied him for it, but to think that he would go above and beyond for his sister out of the sheer kindness of his heart made him feel worse about the situation, and himself.

"What…did she tell you?"

"Ah… I don't know if I should say anything man. You know, girl's really trust in that whole secret stuff."


"Alright, alright." Checking his surroundings, Sean leaned in sneakily and relayed what information he uncovered during his outing with Sue. "She said she had just started to feel better about her image and that you made her feel really bad about herself but that she was confused because you had been nice to her all weekend." Standing up straight, Sean waved to a teacher before lowering his head to continue. "She also said she was hoping that you'd finally wouldn't be so ashamed to be seen with her and that maybe she could have lunch with you this week. That was about it really, she went on about some guy named Matt and how she thinks she'll never find love again but I lost track of what she was saying because she screams a lot and talks really fast."

Frowning, Axl nodded and thanked Sean for the information. Knowing he had to make things right with Sue, but not really knowing how, Axl spent the rest of the day avoiding her, worried that he'd only anger her more if they ran into each other prematurely, he tried to come up with the perfect plan during class.

When he went to his car at the end of the day, thinking that he could apologize to her within the confinements and privacy of the vehicle, then take her wherever she wanted to go to make it up to her, he grew worried when she didn't show up after a half-hour. Seeing Brad come out, sweaty and…happy, was the only word Axl could think of to describe the guy, Axl started to panic.

"Hey, Brad, where's Sue?"

"Oh! Axl! Don't you look awesome in that jacket of yours! Sue went home early! Didn't you know? Your mom came to pick her up, she said she wasn't feeling well."

"Oh. Yeah. Right, forgot about that. Alright…thanks!"

"No problemo mi amigo! And remember! Don't text and drive! You'll die a horrific death!"

Shrugging the boy's words off his shoulder, Axl got into the car quickly and drove home.


"Mom? Sue? You guys here?"

"Axl! Oh thank god you're home! I can still make up two hours of work, can you watch Sue? She wasn't feeling well so I had to pick her up from school. I'll be back at five! Thanks!" Running outside the house, Frankie left the door open as she jumped into her car and sped down the street.

Walking towards Sue's room, Axl softly knocked on her door before going inside. "Sue?" when an angry mumble was his reply, he smiled before sitting on a chair adjacent to her bed. "Hey. What's wrong?"

"Go. Away. Axl."

Rolling his eyes, Axl smacked what he thought was her foot under the covers.

"Ow! That's my head!" Pulling the covers back, Sue revealed herself to be upside down on her bed. Hey face inches from Axl's, she blushed when she noticed their close proximity and awkwardly tunneled back under her covers for protection.

"Sorry. Actually, sorry about what I said yesterday Sue. I didn't mean it."

"You embarrassed me in front of a lot of classmates Axl- and in front of Sean too! You're going to have to do better than that!"

"Oh please! Sean hardly cares and all those people probably don't remember who you were! If anything, I'm the one that should be asking you to apologize for embarrassing me!"

"There you go again! I knew you didn't mean it! Just get out of my room Axl! I'm never talking to you again!"

"Oh, please Sue, you know that never works!" when silence was his answer, Axl frowned. He never liked when Sue gave him the silent treatment, it always unnerved him for some reason.

"Sue, cut it out. Just get over it already. Why are you making this into such a big deal?" Waiting impatiently, Axl tugged on the covers that hid his sister from view, trying to reveal her form. "Stop being a child Sue!" When her strength surprised him and she wouldn't relinquish control of the covers, Axl threw his hands in the air and gave up.

"You know what? Fine! See if I care! It's a blessing to have you never speak to me again!"

Storming out of the room and slamming the door shut, Axl missed the sounds of Sue's soft sobs.


He was starting to like not having her next to him in the morning. He liked that he didn't have to hear her annoying voice sing along to annoying teen pop music. He loved having his car to himself, being able to do whatever he wanted to, whenever he wanted to.

Axl felt that things were going well when he got home that day after not speaking or interacting with Sue throughout the entire school day. He didn't even react when Sue tripped in the hallway, knocking down two senior students along the way, or when her hair got caught in a locker and caused her to slam back into said locker. He didn't even notice her glance from across the lunch room and how sad she looked when he broke her gaze. Yup, things were so good he almost forgot about the scam he had befallen unto his friend.

Sean had started e-mailing Axl's fabricated girl, and with each exchange of e-mail, Axl had started to become all the more grossed out and uncomfortable with the things Sean was writing to him. How was he supposed to respond to "You're really sweet and I can't wait to look at your beautiful face while I hold you in my arms"?

Typing out some overly exaggerated mushy words to send back as a reply, Axl then felt it best to make some food. He pondered why he was still even going through this elaborate ruse for Sue, on account that she no longer existed to him but before he could figure out a reason why he heard a car pull up outside the house. Peering through the window to find the Donahue's dropping Sue off once more, and seeing her wave with a smile to Sean made his stomach lurch for a moment, but he then decided it was due to being hungry and finished making his sandwich. Expertly avoiding her as he dashed into his room, Axl was determined in the belief that he did not need Sue to occupy his day.


He was starting to miss having her next to him in the morning. He disliked that he didn't have her voice to wake him up before class, and found that annoying teen pop music was much more bearable when she sang along to it. He hated his car now, because all it did was remind him that he had nothing better to do, now that Sue wasn't with him.

When he asked for someone to pass the orange juice in the morning, knowing that it was right by Sue's hands, but no orange juice came, he knew he was going to have to try harder to get Sue to interact with him. After changing into clothes and finding his schoolbag under a pile of random unmentionables, he waited outside by his car, pretending he was busy with his phone, hoping Sue would ask for a ride. When she didn't show for ten minutes, realizing they were going to be late, he ran inside, feigning that he forgot something, only to find she had already left with the Donahue's.

Grumbling throughout the entire drive to school, Axl ignored Darrin's usual greeting and went straight to Sue's locker. Seeing some random guy talking to both her and Carly almost made him snap, but breathing out slowly, he calmly walked over to the trio.

"Hey buddy! The principal's looking for you! Not lookin' to good, better hurry up and get goin'!"

Confused, the tall sophomore nodded and walked away, leaving Axl with the two females. Turning towards Carly and her doe eyes, he sighed and put his hand on her shoulder. "Hey. Why don't you do me a favor and get me something to drink, anything is fine. Thanks kid."

Risking a quick glance at Sue, Carly then nodded eagerly and dashed off towards the cafeteria. Sue, frustrated at Axl's ability to make her best friend a slave, closed her locker hard and started to walk away without a word.

"Sue! Wait!" Pulling her aside as the throngs of students rushed to get to their class, Axl wanted to keep his apology as secret as possible. "Who was that guy? I hope you're not taking him to the dance because you already have a date remember!"

"Axl! I wouldn't do something like! Anyway that was Carly's date Eric! Ugh. Just go away. I'm not even supposed to be talking to you." Trying to maneuver out of his grasp, Axl held on to her a little firmer, forcing her to look at him.

"Sorry. I'm really sorry okay? Can you forgive me now? It's annoying having you angry at me."

Softening up a bit, Sue then shook her head sadly. Reaching up to break his grasp on her, she then pulled away from him. "You just don't get it, do you Axl? You embarrassed me in front of so many kids at school; on a day when I felt my prettiest…telling me you're sorry like this, it just isn't enough. I…have to go to class."

Walking away, running into Carly who was about to bring Axl a milk carton, she pulled her friend into a nearby classroom, leaving Axl alone in the hallway to think about Sue's words.


Throughout the first half of the school day, Axl had thought long and hard as to what Sue had been talking about. He hadn't really considered the fact that their little display the other day had been publicly embarrassing for Sue. Wasn't she used to public embarrassment by now anyway? Why was this one so different? He thought about what Sean had confided in him, after he took Sue out for ice cream. Something about being ashamed of her and having lunch together…?

Snapping his hands and kicking his feet on the ground after having his epiphany, Axl knew what he had to do to have Sue forgive him. He just had to get through reading some old English text as a form of punishment for disrupting his class first.


It was lunch time and Darrin and Sean were hovering over him annoyingly. He wanted to make this as painless as possible but knew somehow or another he was going to go down hard for this. Debating whether or not he should go through with his plan, his doubt ceased to exist when he saw her walk into the cafeteria, unsure of where to sit. Her quick glance towards his table, and then the duck of her head gave him all the motivation to stand up.

"Hey Axl, where you going? You know they won't give you seconds! We tried that before!"

"Darrin, shut up for a sec. And make room, someone else is going to sit with us." Leaving the table, Axl started to walk towards Sue, every intention on making things right with her. He found it perplexing as to why he was so nervous, and why his palms were starting to sweat. Looking around at the cafeteria, he wondered how many people were going to notice his gesture but soon realized he didn't care.

When Sue caught sight of Axl coming towards her, she looked to both sides of her and behind her before realizing that his small smile was for her. Starting to smile herself, she took a step forward before being blocked by long red hair.

"Axl! There you are!"

"Chelsea…what? Uh…hey!" Shifting uncomfortably on his feet, Axl tried to avoid eye contact with the girl in front of him who was unfortunately his forgotten girlfriend.

"Axl…what was up with you last Friday night? You didn't dance with me at all…and then you didn't call me all weekend and we haven't even talked throughout school this week! At first I thought you were playing hard to get, and so I wanted to play hard to get right back- but you weren't calling me…so I started getting worried that you wanted to break up! That's not true, right Axl?"

Sue, watching the scene unfold before her, started to back away from the dysfunctional couple, feeling as though she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Uh...Chelsea, actually, I did want to talk to you about…us, and- ah! Sue! Hold on!" Moving around Chelsea, Axl jogged to reach Sue before she disappeared among the crowd.

"Axl…you should really talk to that girl, whatever we have to talk about, we can do it later at home, you know, when no one is watching…" glancing around at some of the kids that were now interested in what Axl was doing, Sue then tried to leave again.

"No, wait. This is important. Trust me. I just wanted to-"

"Axl! Who is that girl? Why have I never seen her be-oh wait! You're that new transfer student right? The pretty one? What are you doing around Axl? Oh. My. GOD! Axl! Are you leaving me for her?"

"You think I'm pretty…?" Sue, distracted by the compliment, failed to realize the situation she was in. Axl, feeling as though nothing will ever go right for him, became flustered.

"Uh yeah! Wait! I mean no! Chelsea. Ew. What I'm trying to say is…yes, I'm breaking up with you. But not because of her- Sorry, but I just think that we are better apart and-ow! That hurt!" cradling his recently slapped face, he watched as Chelsea stormed off with her two girlfriends and grunted at the giggles in the lunchroom towards his plight.

"Axl! That look like it hurt…here, let me see it." Taking his left cheek into her hands after placing her lunch tray on a nearby table, Sue examined the slap and laughed a little. "She got you good. You could have been a little nicer when breaking up with her Axl…but I think you'll survive. I can ask for some ice from the lunch lady, or the nurse! They both know me pretty well…well, kind of, they keep calling me Sally but they at least know my face now and-"

"Sue…be quiet." His voice was almost a whisper as he shook his head and pressed his index finger against her lips. Quickly realizing the very public intimate gesture he instead grabbed Sue's hand into his. Silently, he guided her towards his table. Sean smiled and gave a gesture of greeting towards Sue while Darrin looked around confused. "Here. Sit with us today and stop being angry at me, okay?"

Shocked, Sue stood still while trying to register what was happening to her. "You mean…you're alright with me sitting at the cool table with you? In front of all your friends?" Her voice was starting to rise and Axl prematurely flinched in preparation for her excitement.

"Yeah. Whatever. Just for today though!"


"What the hell was that?"

"Was that a bat?"

"Bats? Where?"

"It's light out doofus! No bats to be found here!"

"Then a bobcat!"

"Are you retarded?"

The cafeteria was in a buzz trying to figure out where the loud sound came from, causing both Axl and Sue to laugh. Sitting down next to her brother, Sue frowned when she realized she had left her tray over by where the confrontation between him and his now ex-girlfriend took place. Axl, noticing that she didn't have any food with her, silently slid his tray over to her.

"Take some. I'm not really hungry today anyway."

Smiling, Sue reached over and started to pop some fries in her mouth. "Thanks, Axl." Nudging him in the arm, she continued to eat happily at the cool table, only stopping to wave excited at Carly in the distance and point to her surroundings before giving a firm nod of acknowledgement towards her best friend's silent question.

While Sue was distracted with playing Ms. Mime with her friend, Sean leaned over to whisper to Axl. "Hey man, so does this mean you guys worked everything out?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Cool bro! Hey listen, about that girl I've been e-mailing…she's really cool! I wish I could see a picture of her. Maybe I can sneak a peak of her, like, when she goes to her school or something?"

"Uh…yeah, maybe."


"Axl! Look! I'm a walrus!" placing two fries on the front of her teeth, Sue started to make ridiculous non-walrus like sounds, causing Axl to shake his head in dismay. "This is so fun! I never got to do this before because of my braces, but now I can!"

Realizing that his sister could be so happy and grateful over the simplest of things, like being a pretend walrus or sitting at the 'cool' table beside him made Axl endure the embarrassment silently. Darrin, who was still confused soon got up and left, Sean following soon after.

Eventually, the cafeteria started to clear out, leaving the two of them and some stragglers behind.

"I don't ever want to get up from this seat Axl." Whimsically, Sue started to trace the lines etched into the table before her.

"Why not? Don't you hate being late for class?"

"Yeah but…I know that when I do get up, all this will be gone. When tomorrow comes, I'll be back to sitting in the back table that's closest to the cafeteria food and garbage cans. When tomorrow comes, you'll go back to pretending like you don't know me."

Rolling his eyes and throwing his head onto the table, Axl once again felt that he could never win.

"Oh Axl! I'm sorry! I'm not trying to be ungrateful or anything. I really am happy that you let me sit next to you during lunch today…I'm just going to miss it, is all. I'm going to miss getting to hangout with you in school."


"Don't worry, I'm already so happy you let me go to your games sometime, it's really nice of you. I know it's hard for you to be nice to me, so I do appreciate it! I guess I can get a little carried away and take advantage though…I'm sorry about that. I just have so much fun I don't want it to stop. It's so easy for you Axl, to be so cool, to fit in so well. It's so hard for me…I always say the wrong things, or wear the wrong clothes, I wish I was more like you, I guess."

Speechless, Axl watched as Sue stood up from the table, prepared to leave the cafeteria. Wanting to reach out, but not knowing what to say, he merely tugged on her long sleeved pink shirt, silently begging her to give him time to come up with the right words to placate her heart.

When no words came though, Sue smiled softly and walked away. All the while, he was starting to wonder why his sister had this penchant for leaving him alone and feeling bad about himself.


"Axl, can you drive your sister to school today? Nancy Donahue told me that they have been driving her for the past few days and I don't want word getting around the neighborhood that I leave my daughter to the mercy of strangers! I don't know what's going on with you two, but whatever it is, make up and drive her!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Sue! Come on, we're going to be late!" Grabbing a sandwich from the road, he waved to his father who was just getting ready to leave.

"Mike, don't forget that Brick has that parent teacher conference today, and I'm going to be at work until really late tonight so I can't go."

"Frankie. You know I don't do those sorts of things."

"Well tough luck buddy, you have to." Kissing her husband on the cheek, she left the house to end the discussion. Sighing, Mike looked to Brick who was slowly walking over to him.

"Alright kiddo, let's go. Axl! Don't leave too late!" Leaving the house with his youngest son, Mike left Axl and Sue to their own devices.

"Ah! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I couldn't find my homework and I was looking everywhere for it! It's missing! But I guess I'll just ask the teacher if I can do some sort of make-up homework so we won't be late."

Watching Sue, Axl noticed she was wearing a very attractive top, despite her purple pants. Her hair had started to fall back into the usual frizziness but whatever treatment they gave her hair at the salon seemed to still make it shine.

"You know, I have a test today I didn't study for."

"So?" Deadpanned, Sue waited for Axl at the door. "Axl, come on, we're going to be late."

"What if, we didn't go to school today?"

"What? Axl. Come on. Stop joking around." Opening the door, Sue started to walk to the car. Catching up to her, Axl leaned against the passenger side door and jingled the keys in front of her.

"The bus already left and I'm the only way you're getting there, so why not just skip it and go with me somewhere else."

"What? What are you talking about? You're being weird."

"Hey, that hurts. I'm offended Sue." Faking a frown and placing his hand on his chest, Axl then started to walk to the driver's side of the car. "Just trust me okay? You already won perfect attendance once, you can do without it this year."

"I don't know Axl…what if mom and dad finds out?"

"They won't. We'll get home before them, they'll be out late remember? We'll delete the phone messages and forge notes. The plan is fullproof!" Starting the ignition, Axl revved up the car as a sign for Sue to get in with him.

"I can't believe I'm doing this…" Jumping into the car, Sue's guilt left her when Axl sped off down the street with a smile as he sang along horribly with her to teen pop music.

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