At The Office

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Walking through the hallway, Sora approaches a large black door. He knocks softly waiting for an answer from the other side.

"Uh, excuse me Mr. Hasune I have the paperwork you wanted…" the brunette said softly as he cracked the door.

"Great, come in" a deeper voice responded

Sitting in a swivel chair, Riku Hasune the CEO of Destiny Enterprise looks up from his small stack of paper. His long silver hair, intense aquamarine eyes and skin that resembles the color of ivory made the younger brunette blush at his attractive physique.

"You can just place them over here on my desk, Hashiba." Riku said his voice smooth like silk.

"Oh, o-okay… here sir" Sora walks over to the older man's desk, handing him the vanilla colored folder.

"Thank you very much" The silver haired man chimed, flashing Sora a pearly white smile.

"Er, you're welcome… If you need anything else just let me know" Sora stated, his blush spreading across his slightly tan skin.

Turning for the door, Sora makes his way out of the large office.

"Oh and Sora, there is one more thing you could do…"

Strong arms wrap around the younger's waist from behind, grinding into the brunette's backside which made him gasp out in surprise.

"My, my Sora you look so sexy today, I don't think I can hold back anymore" Riku whispered huskily into his ear, making him shudder.

" I-I ..."

"Why so formal? You know you can just call me Riku, oh and moan it while you're at it."Riku said nibbling on the brunette's earlobe.

The silver haired man began kissing down Sora's neck, soft moans escaping his lips.

"W-wait Hasune, stop we can't…Uhhng n-not here."

"Sora, I need you right now, and besides you're on break"

"I know b-but what if we get caught or if someone hears us?" Sora whimpered, biting his bottom lip as the older of the two began unbuttoning his shirt, loosening his cerulean tie.

"…I doubt that'll happen, so just relax and enjoy yourself okay?"

Without letting Sora respond Riku picked him up, placing him down on his Maplewood desk kissing him deeply as he pulled his body close.

"Hnn~ y-yes Riku" Sora whimpered, tugging on his boss's tie, arching his back.

"I'm glad that you're enjoying our little rendezvous as much as me Hashiba…" Riku smirked against his neck, unzipping his dark wash jeans.

"Hmm, it seems like the more we do this, the harder you get Sora~" Riku teased while biting his bottom lip, pulling out the said brunette's very noticeable erection stroking it tantalizingly slow.

Without wasting another second, Riku started removing Sora's clothing, pulling off his dark-wash jeans around his ankles and fully exposing his chest.

Looking down at his lover's flushed face, tight tan skin and petite body made him just want to cum right then. He traces the smooth skin of his chest with his hand; the brunette's chest heaving up and down with excitement.

"Damn Hashiba, . right now" The Man marveled at the sight of the brunette beauty on his desk, unzipping his black pinstripe slacks and his shirt, but leaving it on.

"Y-your shirt, aren't you gonna take that it of-"

"Next time okay…" Riku kissed Sora on the lips quickly

Nodding, Sora looked up into the elder's eyes; cerulean and aquamarine gaze into each other as they both closing in for a sweet kiss.

As the kiss continued, Riku took his tie and skillfully tied Sora's wrists together tightly, but not enough to hurt him.

"Mhn Riku? That's tight what are you doin-"

"Trying something new today, you know to spice things up."

Lifting Sora's legs, placing them on his broad shoulders, Riku pulled a condom out of his pocket. He tore the gold foil with his teeth and rolled on the protection, lining himself with the younger male's entrance.

Sora winced as Riku began pushing his rock hard erection through his tight ring of muscle.

"Ahng R-Riku!" Sora groaned, his inner walls clamping down on his lover's member, making Riku moan deeply at the tightness; Making its way further inside, tan fingers tangle in the silky soft strands of silver.

Not much time had passed until Riku started a nice and steady pace, each thrust made Sora cry out in ecstasy, begging for more. Riku silenced him with a hard kiss, to remind him where they were.

"Shh, remember we can't be too loud Hashiba" the elder panted huskily into the younger's ear; his thrusts becoming faster and more frantic.

"Ahh R-Riku, yes Hasune… Mhn give it to me" the brunette moaned into his lover's ear, wrapping both arms around the back of Riku's moist skin; beads of sweat rolled down both of their foreheads.

The elder had a quick idea, Picking Sora up they headed over to his black leather swivel chair. He sat in it, the brunette on his lap; bucking and his slender hips.

Sora met Riku's powerful thrusts, rolling his hips down as the older trusted upward which created a delicious friction; making both males moan out loudly . You could tell that their climaxes were soon to come.

"Hnn R-Riku I'm so close~ I feel like I'm going to explode"

"I know me too; just hold it a little longer Sora"

With only a few more thrusts, both males reach their explosive climaxes; Sora threw his head back in a silent scream and arching his back in the process.

"F-fuck! Hnn Sora~ "Riku groans; filling his condom to the brim with his hot and milky seed.

"Riku I-"

"Love you so much~" Riku finished, gently kissing his lover's sweaty forehead before pulling out of the hot cavern.

*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*((*(*(*(*(*(*(*(* A FEW MINUTES LATER*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(**(

Coming down from their erotic high, Sora sighs as he pulls his pants up.

"Riku… we can't keep doing this at work, people are already talking about me dating the boss… and I don't want any rumors spreading…" Sora sighed as he looked over to his lover who was straightening his aquamarine colored tie.

"… Sora, don't worry, if I hear anything ill put a stop to it ASAP so…" Kisses Sora's lips softly, lifting his chin to look in his eyes" stop stressing over it okay baby?"

A moment of silence passed before the brunette responded.

"O-okay, I will, but will you promise to keep the office sex down to a minimum please, it messes up with my work flow" Sora giggled, kissing Riku's chin.

"I can't promise that, especially since you come to work looking so damn fuckable everyday; I'm sorry that I have testosterone." The silver haired male chuckled, kissing Sora on the nose which crunched up when he did so.

"I'm sorry; I love looking sexy for my man~" the brunette giggled again, flashing a cutesy grin at his lover.

"You don't even have to try, that one of the reasons I love you, and plus the office sex is pretty kinky, you can't say you didn't like it" Riku teased picking Sora up off the ground and kissing his lips.

"Hey, put me down, I gotta get back to work my break has been over for a while now…" the younger said, scratching the back of his head, laughing softly.

"Hmm I guess you're right, wouldn't want you in trouble…. We're still on for dinner tonight right baby?"

"Of course, Love you"

"Love you too baby, see you later"

As Sora closes the door, Riku lets out a satisfied sigh.

"Man, Love my job!"

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*THE END~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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