At The Office

Chapter 6:

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It was as if a fire of pure jealously, hatred and disgust boiled inside the sliver haired male's heart. The sight before him was just too shocking for words; Sora, his lover, being grinded into. That pure innocence being tainted by such vile hands; it's just sickening. Riku rushed over to the two before him; his eyes no longer their precious aquamarine. He quickly turned Sora to face him; cerulean orbs glossy and unfocused.

"R-Riku, what are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you that Sora, what the hell's going on here and why are you with… him ?"

"It's not what you think Riku… please just let me explain." The brunette said, his voice hushed and eyes locked into the others.

"Enlighten me; explain to me how this scene isn't ambiguous." Riku snapped, making Sora tense up slightly at the harsh tone of his voice. It wasn't the usual smooth and sexy voice he grew to know and love; it was angry and loud.

Looking into those furious teal eyes made the brunette's heart drop into his stomach; Riku's expression just then was one that Sora has never seen; right then and there, that wasn't his lover in front of him.

"Riku… I-I"

"Oh What, fresh out of lies? I can't believe that you'd cheat on me with the one person I despise, the one who just irks me Sora!"

"I'm not cheating on you Riku, you just have to believe me!

"How the fuck am I supposed to just believe what you're telling me, when I see you dancing with him like some cheap prostitute!"

By now there was a large crowd surrounding them; people around them just stood there watching the two argue. Sora stood there for a few moments in silence, the words his lover just said to him just hurt him to the core. He wanted to tell him how and why he was even in this situation; but he couldn't, at least not there.

" Riku let's talk about this at home; please just stop yelling you're causing a scene…"

"No, we need to talk about this right fucking now! If you can explain to me how this isn't cheating, then I'll believe you and drop this whole thing; but if not I don't what we're gonna do Sora."

Time seemed to have slowed down; the music faintly playing in the background, movements around them were in slow motion in the brunette's mind. The fate of their relationship all depended on the brunette's answer to his lover's question.

"Riku… I love you, and I would never ever cheat on you! Why don't you believe me? Tell me why dammit!

Now Sora's voice was loud; it was shaky and filled with hurt, sadness. He was on the verge of tears as he spoke, his hands unsteady and his body shook slightly. But Riku didn't look fazed, he had a stoic and cold exterior.

" That's not a good enough answer, anyone can just say 'I love you' but love's an action word Sora; you have to show me that you do… and this right here tells me the complete opposite.. and I-*sigh* you know what, I'm done with this conversation right now… "The silver haired male said, turning to head towards the exit.

"Wait! Please Riku, don't walk away from me! Let's just talk about this Please!" the brunette yelled to the older male.

"I'll talk to you when I'm ready to…until then don't bother calling me, I won't answer …"

"C'mon, just here him out Hasune, if you really love him, you'll listen to him an-"

The redhead's sentence was cut short by a quick and harsh blow to the jaw.

"You've got some nerve to tell ME what I should do about MY relationship! So if I were you' id keep my fucking mouth shut! Stay out of things that don't concern you Kaji" Riku growled as he turned away from them; making it out of the club without once looking back or caving in to the cries of his lover; tears of his own shed as he disappeared into the mass of people.

Sora froze, deep down he was hoping that this was just a terrible nightmare; wanting that fight to have never commenced. But it was all too real, the tears running down his cheeks, the pain in his heart and the feeling of abandonment all resided in his heart.

" Sora… Are you gonna be alrigh-"

"…please just take me home now..."

The redhead didn't say anything else; he just took the younger by the hand and led them to his car. The car ride to Sora's was a very quiet one; the tension was heavy and awkward. But it didn't take long until they made it.

As they walked up to the brunette's door, Axel sighed softly and looked down at the melancholy male next to him.

"Sora look I'm Sorry for what happened tonight… if there's anything I can say or do I'll-"

"You've done more than enough Axel! Just leave me alone alright? I don't want to every see your stupid face again. I don't even care if you tell people about me and Riku's relationship! It's already ruined because of you, so just get the hell away from me! You've gotten what you wanted" Sora yelled, those feelings finally overflowing; tears pouring out of his cerulean eyes like the sea's waves caressing the sand.

"No… you're wrong Sora… this isn't what I wanted…"

"What the hell are you talking about? Did you seriously think you'd get lucky with me? You bastard! I can't believe yo-"

"No… that's not what i meant it's…* sigh* can we go inside to talk about this?" Axel said , his voice serious; not the slightest one of teasing or mockery.

The younger of the two stood and thought about it for a moment, trying to see if Axel had other plans besides just "talking. But by the look on the man's face he could tell that he was actually serious. Nodding, Sora opened the door and let him inside.

They sat in silence, on opposite sides of the couch in the quite apartment. The tension was heavy and the silence was killing Axel, it was just too much he had to say something. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, he heard soft sobs coming from the brunette.

" … He must hate me… I mean the way he yelled and looked at me; I've never seen him angry like that before…And it's your entire fault. Because of you, Riku and my relationship is in jeopardy. You must really hate me, don't you? You just love making my life hell; just like in highschool… well if your goal was to break me and Riku up, I believe your plan was a success!" the brunette yelled his voice slightly hoarse from yelling at the club earlier.

Axel immediately felt a wave of guilt; this wasn't what he wanted to happen, seeing the younger man shed tears that he caused, made his heart clench in sadness. The redhead sighed, looking at his hands before speaking.

"No… Sora, this may be surprising or whatever but… the truth is, I love you. I have ever since day one. I know this probably seems like a bunch of bullshit to you, but I'm dead serious right now. In the beginning I was trying to break you guys up, I didn't like seeing you with another person that wasn't me… but as things went on I guess my feelings began to really reveal themselves… I guess what I wanna say is that, im sorry and I really regret making you hurt like this; I never intended for it to get to this far."

Sora was shocked, he looked up into apologetic emerald; their eyes gazing into each other's, just completely locked. A warm hand cupped the brunette's tan, tear-stained cheek; he used his thumb to wipe away the remainder of his tears.

The brunette looked away from the older man's intense gaze, but he gently grabbed his chin; making Sora face him as he began to lean in slowly. Sora closed his eyes as their lips touched, it was one-sided at first but the younger began to move against the others slowly. As time passed the two's kiss became more passionate; alcohol still resided on their tongues, but it wasn't unpleasant. The older of the two laid the smaller male down against the cushions, kissing him full on; trailing his hand down his slightly exposed chest.


Arms wrapped around the back of the elder's neck, soft moans and pants filled the once quite room. The redheaded man began kissing down the younger's tan neck, nipping it softly. He looked down at the flushed faced brunette underneath; eyes clouded with a blinded desire, cerulean orbs dazed. The younger was still slightly drunk and not completely sober.

'What the hell am I doing…?' the redhead thought to himself; getting from on top of the brunette.

He stood up, running this left hand through his crimson spikes sighing out loud; his back turned from Sora. The younger of the two sat up, leaning against his elbows looking up at the redhead in confusion. Sora was about to speak when he saw Axel grab his coat and his keys, heading for his front door ; but the he beat him to it.

"I-I think it's time for me to go… I'll see you later alright" Axel said with a heavy sigh as he opened the door, stepping out without looking back at the brunette.

The apartment was silent once again; Sora sat there confused and unsure of what just took place only minutes before.

"W-what just happened?"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*END CHAPTER 6~*~*~*~*~*~~*~


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