I Never Told You

Hello readers ( typical British greet there! YUP I'M BRITISH AND PROUD MATE! ;P). I've been a fan of Colbie Callait for over a year now and her song I Never Told You is basically what this fanfiction is about; loosing the person you loved the most. Possible 3/2 shot.

PLOT: There is a song for every mood possible; happy, sad, grieving...etc. There is only one mood that Sally has been feeling. Now he is gone. She never told him how much he meant to him. Now she can only tell him through her dreams. A song she loved, she can barely listen to it ever again...

It was dead in the night. Silence. If you listen carefully, you could hear very faintly water from the Wheel Well waterfall.

Sally Carrera was asleep in her bed which she once shared with Lightning McQueen. She rolled over in her bed. The nightmare had plagued her since the incident happened. He was no longer here. Not with her or even in this world. Sometimes Sally swore she could hear his voice or see his ghost. Suddenly Sally awoke gasping for air. Sometimes thinking about Lightning strangled her and suffocated her. She fumbled for the switch of her lamp. She gulped down her water and swore for a second that she felt McQueen's touch. Her face crumpled up and tears began to fall slowly.

Lightning "Stickers" McQueen was killed racing in L.A by Chick...Almost exactly like the way he did to The King. But The King didn't die. Chick was arrested and banned from ever racing again. Chick had apologised but nothing could ever bring Lightning back. Sally had never felt so depressed, angry and terrified all at the same time in all of her 24 years of living. Lightning was killed a week ago and it silenced the whole town. 23 was too young for anyone to die. But to die doing what you loved...

Sally hugged herself and let the tears flow. Her nails dug into her arms' flesh leaving little Red Crescent moons behind. Every moon left a mark of what never came to be.

She was wearing Lightning's black #95 t-shirt. . One of the only things she kept of him. She didn't want to be reminded of what never happened. Like marriage or family. By now she was really crying. She wished he was here to wrap his arms around her and tell her it was okay to cry because he was there. But he wasn't. She gripped the shirt. She felt numb and dead. Love was a game that can turn into a deathly chase which could haunt you forever. She wanted to be cold as stone so she couldn't feel her feelings or the sting of her tears.

Sally walked over to her closet and pulled out a pair of tracking bottoms and pulled them over her pyjama shorts. As she grabbed the clothing, a picture of her and Stickers caught her eye. Lightning's arm was draped over hers and lips pressed against her cheek. In the picture Sally was blushing. She loved him. Chick had forever scarred her for loving again. She rubbed her eyes and picked up the photo. A single tear landed on Lightning and his smiling face. Oh how she longed for him to come back. But he couldn't ever come back. Before Sally could gather her senses together, she threw the picture frame across the room smashing into the mirror. Sally then ran outside onto the balcony before breaking down into tears. She looked up into the stars. Somehow the stars had made a constellation of a love heart.

"I hope you can hear me Stickers. I loved you and will never love you again. Chick made me cry; Chick made these tears sting," Sally wept through her tears. "I will never...ever...let go of you Stickers..." She curled up into a ball and cried wishing none of this had happened. She felt the last crack of her heart shatter as her heart broke. Now no-one could ever fix it...

A.M: This is loosely based on what I wrote in an English assessment. I got HARS 42 (level 6! Only in Key Stage 3! :D.). Obviously the characters weren't from the Cars world. If I get good reviews, I would extend it. P.S. Update on Black Roses should be I dunno Friday/weekend. CRAZY BUSY THIS WEEK! Got a massive concert. I have to sing. Choir and alone. SO SCARED! So yh. Updates are gunna b late this week.

~Chloe. x