I Never Told You chapter 2

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This chapter is rather jumpy in places.


A day before Lightning's passing.

Sally sighed and embraced the music in her ears. It was Owl City's song, Lonely Lullaby. She didn't really think the song would play such an important role in her life in her future. She just loved the piano in the song. Suddenly, she jumped in surprise. Lightning had poked her in the ribs and scared her. Lightning was doubling over in laughter.

"Haha did you see your face!" Lightning laughed. He loved pranking his friends but not as much as Mater. Sally rolled her eyes playfully.

"Blah blah haha, you got your laugh," Sally said dryly before winking. She yanked the headphones out her ears and stood up. "Aren't you meant to be at the racetrack?"

"Yeah but Holley and Finn are picking us up via helicopter. Best service in the business!" Lightning joked draping his arm over Sally. "Plus I get to spend more time with the one I love." He turned to face Sal.

"Love you too Stickers. You promise me you won't get hurt today?" Sally asked with deep concern in her voice. Lightning slowly pressed his lips against Sally's.

"I promise. Here I want to show you a song which made me think of you when I'm not here," Lightning said once he stopped kissing her. Her went over to her computer and typed in I Never Told You Colbie Callait. The beginning of the song played out through the speakers. The lyrics dug a wound in Sally's skin. They spoke to her when he wasn't here.

"I miss those blue eyes
How you kissed me at night
I miss the way we sleep
Like there's no sunrise
Like the taste of your smile
I miss the way we breathe

But I never told you
What I should have said
No I never told you
I just held it in
And now I miss everything
About you
I can't believe I still want you
After all the things we've
Been through
I miss everything about you
Without you"

Sally was welling up once the song was over. Lightning had blue eyes and she missed him when he was away obviously. She smiled at Lightning. She then kissed his cheek sweetly and Lightning pulled her into one of his kisses.

"Hey guys! Miss Holley an Finn are here!" Mater yelled from outside. He casually walked in and saw the too before walking out. Sally stifled a laugh.

"C'mon, we don't wanna be late for the race," Sally said linking hands with Lightning.

Sally was watching from the pits cheering her boyfriend on.

"Go Stickers! 10 more laps and that Piston Cup is yours!" Sally said through a Headset.

"Lightning McQueen is really going for it today! He's gonna win the piston cup!" Darrell Cartrip announced. Sally's eyes watched Lightning's car speed by. Suddenly, Chick crept up behind him. "Chick was brought back into the racing season last spring and certainly isn't going easy on any racer here. Just look at the speed he is going at!"

The net few seconds were a blur. Chick had rammed into Lightning, sending him flying into the grass, rolling him over and eventually landing on the roof of the car. Everyone was still in silence. Sally froze to the spot. Her entire body became numb. Tears welled up in her eyes as smoke drifted out the bonnet. Her hands shook violently as tears slowly fell down.

"Is he-?" Sally began but her windpipes blocked her voice. Flo tried to pull her in. Sally shook free as she watched paramedics fly onto the track. She broke free and raced onto the track with Mater trying to tug her back. "GET OFF OF ME!" Sally saw the medical team freeing Lightning's body.

"He still has pulse; we need to get him to a hospital," the head paramedic announced to his team. Lightning was put on a stretcher.

"You promised me you wouldn't get hurt," Sally wept touching Lightning's bloody face. He had blood dripping from his head, arms, legs and hands. "They're taking you to a hospital now. You'll be alright. I promise you. I love you." She clasped hold of Lightning's hand.

"I...Love...you..too..." Lightning breathed weakly feebly holding onto Sally's hand before being carried off.

Sally and Mater were sitting by Lightning's hospital bed. Sally hadn't slept since. She was holding his hand. She hoped Lightning would live. But it wasn't likely. Suddenly, a rapid beep from Lightning's heart monitor went off breaking the serene silence. Nurses rushed in with equipment and pushed Sally and Mater out.

"WAIT!" Sally screamed. "I LOVE YOU LIGHTNING!" Lightning's monitor went silence and the nurses stopped.

"He's gone," one nurse said to another. Sally's own heart stopped. He was gone.

For good this time.

She sank down a wall and wailed into Mater's jacket.

"He had a whole life ahead of him," Sally cried. Marriage, kids were all future that they had disscussed.

Love is a dangerous gift; it can't be replaced sometimes.