It all started with a surprise visit to April and Casey's place a month after the two had gotten married. The four had mentioned to the couple on their wedding day that they wouldn't be by for any visits for at least a month to allow them some uninterrupted time alone.

Splinter, their father and master had even gone so far as to tell the couple that he would enforce the rule with cruel and strange punishments then had walked off with a swish of his tail and an evil sounding cackle that had the four brothers practically shaking in their shells.

Sometime after the wedding April had called to tell them that they were moving to a different place and had given them the new adress and told them which apartment was her new home, then all communication with them had gone back to silence.

That is until this morning after the four had finished their training with Splinter when Casey had called all jazzed up about them being able to visit again.

So after wringing the promise from them that they would visit, after their patrol, Casey hung up and didn't call again until sometime around one p.m. to complain about April taking him out shopping.

It was raining hard, and after a long hard night of patroling the chill of the rain soothed the burning ache of the muscles under their skin as they leapt over onto the emergency fire escape and deftly climbed into the window. April and Casey's new apartment building was the standard for a nice neighborhood. It stood close to seven stories high, and the apartments were larger than expected.

Almost like condo's.

Casey was coming out of the kitchen with some popcorn while April sat on the couch with a phone to her ear and a displeased look on her face when her husband noticed the four brothers standing just inside the window looking around in awe since April's former apartment had been nothing at all like this. It was just so- so spacious!

"Hey it's the guys!" Casey exclaimed happily as he practially thrust the bowl into April's lap and jumped over the couch to give his brothers hugs. "Leo, Ralph, Don, Mikey! How are you? I've missed you!"

Leo and Ralph stepped back and chuckled at Casey's dramatic exclimation as he threw his arms around Mikey and Don's necks and kissed both of them on the cheek. Embarrassing the two to the point where they groaned and muttered various oaths. Pretending to be disgusted by the display of affection.

April growled low in her throat and slammed the popcorn bowl down on the coffee table in front of her rattling the coke bottles sitting there as she stood up and put a hand over the mouth piece and hissed at her husband. "Shut. Up."

Casey instantly looked taken aback by his wife's outburst and dropped his arms back to his sides and blinked at her as she took her hand away from the mouth piece and started talking again.

"Yes Aunty Marie. Yes, I know. It is a tad bit troubling considering her health problems. However-" April said in a softer tone as she turned and after motioning for the five males to keep their voices down walked off into the kitchen.

The second that she was out of the room Don asked, "Wow, I've seen April angry before. Why is she so angry looking?"

"Did you do something to her again?" Ralph asked in an amused tone.

"Are we in the way of something Casey?" Leo asked curiously.

"Is she mad cause we came over without calling?" Mikey asked. Casey shrugged his shoulders.

"No. It's not because of you-" Casey muttered as he ran his fingers through his shoulder length dark hair.

"It's cause there is something going on with one of her family-" Casey said with a sigh. "Apparently her great, great, great Aunt Marie-"

"Marie. Marie..." Don said thoughtfully as Leo asked.

"Wasn't she the one who-" Ralph cut him off rudely.

"The crazy old bat that stepped on Splinter's tail then laughed."

"Yeah-" Casey said, looking a little bit uneasy. He knew how much Splinter and the guys hated that particual woman and her cruel ways. But what could he do? She was like a million and had both feet in the grave. "That would be her. Anyways she's at her wits end about what to do with April's cousin. She was just released from the hospital after having a mental melt down of some sort a month or so ago after being assaulted."

The four visibly tensed a bit as Casey continued speaking. "She didn't tell anyone that she had been raped and instead closed out Marie and everyone else. A week or so after the attack happened she really freaked and swallowed two whole bottles of sleeping pills. She wasn't found for close to twenty minutes and by then she was barely alive."

"They managed to save her and pump her stomach but they kept her medicated because they felt she needed the rest. after a few days they woke her up and her aunt Marie gave her a choice. Stay in the hospital or live in the gutter or something like that."

"What? Why would April's aunt do that?" Don asked in a horrified tone. Leo reached out and put his hand over his brother's mouth and made a shushing sound before saying softly.

"April's aunt had a reason for doing something like that right?"

"Marie...was close to her eighties when that stuff happened. Her heart is bad, and she just can't take anymore. Now I'm not saying that April's cousin deserved to be abandoned either given the circumstances, but from what April told me about her- She's very deeply disturbed and things just got worse for her because she found out that she's pregnant with her assaliants baby recently. And to complicate things more, it's too late to abort it. I think Marie called here to ask if we could move the kid in with us or something."

"Can you and April handle having someone so distraught in with you 24/7? I mean you guys just got married a month ago. Wouldn't it be bad for your relationship?" Mikey asked worriedly.

"I doubt it would be that bad since the kid is old enough to live on her own. So if April thinks she can't handle having her here then we could set her up in an apartment close by and just keep a check on her." Casey said as April suddenly stopped talking and hung up the phone before ripping the cord out of the wall and shrieking angrily.

"That damned witch!" Causing the five men to all flinch at both her tone and her language a second before she came walking back into the living room and looked at them then said in a softer tone, "I seriously hate that woman sometimes."

"What is it April?" Casey asked in a concerned tone as his wife came walking into the living room looking upset enough to rip someone's head off.

"Marie tried to have Setsuna put in a damned mental hospital this morning!"


"What for?" Ralph asked curiously. A blank look on his face as he crossed his arms over the front of his shell as he exchanged a look with Leo. If April's cousin bore watching then the more information they had the more they could determine if they could help or not.

"Well apparently she thinks Setsuna is crazy-" April snarled as she picked up one of the soda bottles on the coffee table and with a growl hurled it across the room where it hit the wall and shattered into a million pieces. "That poor girl isn't crazy! She needs theropy and someone who actually gives a damn about her! Not to be so doped up that she's out of her frigging mind. Especially in her present condition."

The turtles were silent, though they agreed with their adopted sister on that point. They had seen enough over the past twenty five years to know what happened when pregnant women were doped up. Frankly the outcome left an bitter acidic taste in their mouths.

"Is she going to be coming here?" Casey asked almost nervously. April turned her head and looked at them.

"Oh your damn right she's coming here. And while I'm trying to set her life back into order I'm wresting the money that that bitch Aunt of mine stole from Setsuna, back."

Casey and the turtles looked a tad bit confused as April let out a frustrated growl then said in an irritated tone, "Marie took Setsuna in because of the money her parents left to her when they died. And since her parents died in the same car accident mine died in, we were pretty close as kids despite the gap in age. So she should be comfortable here or close to here. We'll figure it out I guess." April sighed and took several deep breaths then suddenly seemed to drain of her anger and just looked- well she looked like their April again.

Though they could sense that she was still upset she finally smiled at them and held her arms out for a hug from all of them. Muttering that she was happy to see them again. She had missed her green brothers very much.