Setsuna was sitting up in her hospital bed, her eyes on the dark haired man sitting next to her bed whom had identified himself as Casey Jones. Her cousin April's husband- telling her not to worry about anything. April was handling Aunt Marie and other issues, like where she was going to live, and making appointments for her to see a theropist and such.

She felt Casey take her smaller hand in his and give her a sweet smile as the door to her room opened and April walked in with a whole bag of goodies for her and her husband.

"Okay, the gift shop is now officially out of magazines, books, get well cards, and candy. Speaking of which- Casey here's your candy bar and soda," April said as she fished out a Hersey's bar and Coke.

Casey released Setsuna's hand and made a happy sound as he took the candy and coke and then said, "You're the best babe."

April grinned at him and pulled some more stuff out of the bag before asking in a teasing tone, "Well isn't that why you married me?" Casey looked his wife over for a moment, his mind automatically recognizing the trap she was waiting for him to step in as he stuffed as much of his candy bar in his mouth as he could and nodded his head. Slowly.

After all, women like April could smell fear on a man from a mile away and tended to pounce at the damndest times.

So it was best to say nothing and let her draw her own conclusions. April gave him a sideways look and a knowing smirk and Casey let out a mental sigh of relief as he reached for another candy bar and tore at the wraper.

Whew. Dodged that bullet. He thought as he swallowed what was in his mouth and took a small drink of his coke before biting into his new candy bar. The room lapsed into total silence for a moment before April set something light weight in Setsuna's lap, earning a startled look from the young woman as April smiled and said. "I also found those at the gift shop downstairs and just couldn't resist. I hope that you don't mind."

Setsuna looked her cousin for a moment before carefully reaching into the plastic bag sitting in her lap and pulling out two baby outfits, both onesies. One was a light pink with a purple butterfly on it. And the other was a light blue with a little green sea turtle on it. Setsuna gently ran her fingertips over the little turtle design as her eyes started to sting with unshed tears.

It was cute- the little outfit was perfect for her baby weather it was a boy or not.

"Thanks April. They're really cute." She said after a moment or so of trying to think of what to say before asking, "You talked to Aunt Marie earlier?" April's sunny smile faltered and Casey stopped stuffing his face, both elders looking uncomfortable for a moment before April said,

"Yeah. And as usual she's a bitch... She claims that you stole money from her-"

Setsuna's head came up and her grip on the onesie in her hand became white knuckled as she thought, That witch! That was the money mom and dad left for me when they died and she actually thinks she has any claim to it. I'll burn it first! "She said that if you don't return her money, she'll have you arrested for attempting to kill her."

"Oh she did, did she." Setsuna said in a flat tone devoid of any warmth.

"Look Set, I know you. You're not a thief. The only reason that I can think of for you taking anything, is if it belonged to you or your late parents. Will you tell us what happened? Ya know, just so we can refute her claim."

"She was hitting me with her cane,"

"Cherry oak one?" April asked, her mind trying to process the information. Setsuna nodded her head and wiped at her eyes with the back of one hand while Casey said,

"Well, dat explains some of the markings on you. The doctor asked about them several times but we couldn't tell them nothin." April made a shushing sound and Casey automatically shut up, wanting to hear the rest of Setsuna's story.

"Marie was pissed because she caught me taking the money that mom and dad left to me when they died. She thought beating me would make me give up on taking it. Like you said, she thinks she has a claim to it. But that wasn't nearly as bad as what she screamed at me the whole time she was hitting me..."

"What did she say Setsuna?" April asked as she fisted her hands in her lap. Her mind awhirl at this latest bit of outrage.

"S-She said that if I wanted money so damn bad that I could go and earn it like a whore." Setsuna sniffled as the tears that had been threatening to spill, finally made their way down her face as both April and Casey gasped in horror.

"T-That bitch!" Casey growled as he suddenly shot to his feet then all but shouted at April, "I knew you should have let me run her over with the car at our wedding. Especially after what she did to Splinter. That rotten old-"

"Casey, shut up!" April snapped at him as she got up from her seat and wrapped her arms around her crying little cousin. Casey stopped in mid rant and looked down at Setsuna who had her knees drawn up to her chest, her shoulders were hunched and she was shaking.

Shit. Casey thought as he forced himself to calm down then sat back down in his chair and reached for Setsuna's hand and took it in his again and simply remained silent while April worked on calming her little cousin down.

(************************************************* ************************************************** ***)

Nightfall came slowly to the city as Donatello's drugs finally ran their course through Leo's body.

Sitting up on the cot in the lab, Leo rubbed his wrist and looked at his twin brother. It was time to go. Setsuna was waiting for him. And he was eager to see her too. "You ready Raph?" He asked as he slipped from of the cot.

His brother gave him a smirk. "Ready as I'll ever be." Raph replied as he shifted in the shadows until he had stepped forward into the light where he could be seen.

"Alright, lets go."