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Latest Victim Claimed by Severus Snape and His Web of Lies

By Rita Skeeter

For those who have been so convinced that Severus Snape was the unsung hero that helped Harry Potter save the world, the following Daily Prophet's exclusive bombshell discovery may come as a complete surprise.

It seemed only months ago when Snape successfully wiggled himself out of the investigation conducted by the Ministry of Magic. In the process of doing so, he had portrayed himself as a faithful admirer of Lily Potter, the late mother of Mr. Harry Potter, and a brave protector of the young man during his quest to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. His skillful choice of words obviously hoodwinked many, including his recently acquired new bride, the heroine of the Golden Trio. All of his claims however, quickly began to crumble as a recent discovery of his decade-long secret affair with a mysterious witch.

According to thorough investigations and countless interviews with individuals close to the source, the Daily Prophet reporter obtained evidence of a scandalous affair that Snape had tried desperately to hide. The mysterious witch involved in the secret affair made her first appearance at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the summer of 1983. She claimed to be a traveling scholar from the Durmstrang Institute by the name of Helena Garness. This claim was quickly proven to be false as the Daily Prophet's foreign correspondent obtained a statement from the Durmstrang Institute denying any traveling scholar bearing such name. Furthermore, there was no records of a Helena Garness ever employed or studied at the prestigious foreign wizarding school.

In addition to the true identity behind the alias "Helena Garness", more questions soon began to mount regarding the original purpose of the witch's visit to Hogwarts. It was extremely intriguing to note the particular timing that she had chosen for her visit. One would certainly not plan a visit to a school for academic purposes during the summer months, when students and most of the professors were away for holiday.

According to eyewitnesses, Garness was a witty witch whose beauty put veela to shame. She was said to be a fierce dragon slayer, a skilled werewolf hunter, and a witch possessing extraordinary knowledge in potions. It was therefore not difficult to imagine how quickly the young Severus Snape was swept head over heels by her charm. According to eyewitnesses, within days of her arrival, Garness moved into Snape's private quarter and spent most of her time with him alone behind public eyes.

Other than spending passionate hours behind the curtains in Snape's bedchamber, the two also held lengthy meetings in Snape's office. As a measure to protect the subject of their discussions, no one was ever allowed to be close to Snape's office during this time. Fortunately, Daily Prophet was able to connect with a source close to Hogwarts and obtain certain details of their meetings. It was reported that large quantity of various portion ingredients was present in Snape's office at the time. It was clear that the two were involved in certain advanced potion making research. Was this mysterious witch simply a foreign socialite looking for some summer excitement? Or did she have some much darker secrets to hide? Given the subject of their research and Snape's passion in dark magic, it is only reasonable to conclude that the two were working on a secret project, possibly a weapon, involving powerful, and possibly even, extremely dark magic. The much bigger question remained however: was the weapon to be developed for the Order of the Phoenix, for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, or rather, for another foreign organization with a completely different agenda?

The secrecy of Helena Garness was further mystified when both the German Ministry Of Magic and its counterpart in France refused to confirm or deny their agents' involvement with the ex-Death Eater and former headmaster of Hogwarts. Garness herself was proven to be an experienced spy who never left any trace of evidence that would linked her to her superiors. Her accomplishment in this secret project and her successful establishment of a strong tie with Snape had no doubt helped her moving up the ranks within the intelligent community for which she served.

Garness' presence at Hogwarts was eventually discovered by Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster at the time. After a heated argument, possibly caused by Dumbledore's confrontation of the two's secret research, Garness was soon dismissed.

The short-lived summer romance certainly did not hinder the continuing development of the secret affair. According to sources close to Snape's inner circle, Snape had been madly in love with the witch throughout the years and continued correspondence with her. In return, Garness had also revisited Snape in subsequent years. Although infrequent in occurrence, their meetings had always taken place in the middle of the night, mostly in Snape's private quarter at Hogwarts. The witch's visits became noticeably more frequent during Snape's tenure as the headmaster. Was she there to renew her passion with an old flame? Was she there to deliver instructions on be half of her superiors? Or was she there to help Snape planning for his exit strategy subsequent to the war? These questions may only be answered by the two people in the room. Unfortunately neither could be reached for comments.

It was most unfortunate for the latest victim caught by Severus Snape's web of lies. Hermione Granger, the young, naive, and inexperienced witch finally paid a dear price for her arrogance and overconfidence. It would certainly be a hard lesson to learn when she discovered the darkest secrets that her new husband had been keeping since long before her coming of age.

Currently it is unclear where Snape has taken his new bride. Although according to Daily Prophet's sources, Snape had long ago made arrangements to leave the country as soon as he could escape the Ministry's investigation. Why was he in such a hurry to leave the country? Was he trying to reconnect with Garness? Is his new employer one of the foreign agencies that he had been maintaining contact for all these years? What will he do next to control and manipulate his young wife? These are the questions mostly concern Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, both of whom had tried for years but failed miserably in gaining the affection of Hermione Granger. Other than stating bitterly that neither of them had information about the couple's whereabouts, both young men declined an interview with the Daily Prophet for understandable reasons.

Although the recent uncovered scandal involving Severus Snape may sound unexpected, it is not at all surprising if you have read the Daily Prophet Best Seller "Snape: Scoundrel or Saint". After all, when it comes to Severus Snape, trust may be the last thing you can place in him.

"What a load of rubbish!" Severus grumbled as he threw the paper on to the floor, "I can't believe I let you talk me into reading this!"

"I thought it's rather entertaining." Hermione smiled as she walked next to Severus and settled herself in his lap.

"You call that entertaining?" he growled, "Which part? The part where she called you a dragon slayer and a werewolf hunter?"

"Oh it's not me she was talking about... Remember, I'm the inexperienced and naive girl that is finally paying for her arrogance and overconfidence!" She laughed as she began to trace his eyebrows and make little circles around his temples with her fingers.

"Mmmm..." a smile spread across Severus' face as he slowly closed his eyes, "well, at least she got one thing right."

"Oh really? What may that be?"

"It is a fact that Severus Snape has been madly in love with the mysterious witch all these years."

Hermione kissed him quickly and asked, "is that it? That's the only fact you saw?"

"What else can you expect from this woman?" Severus opened his eyes unwillingly.

"Well not much. But she did also get one other thing right." Hermione smiled mischievously.

Severus raised an eyebrow and searched his memory momentarily. "What else was true? Are you telling me you are a foreign spy in disguise?"

"Oh dear no." Hermione laughed, "One spy, an ex-spy I may add, in the family is more than enough. I'm talking about those late-night visits in your private quarter throughout the years..."

Severus' eyes widened upon hearing her words. He quickly narrowed his eyes on her, "Are you saying... those were... not... dreams?"

Hermione did not answer, instead she leaned over her husband and covered his lips with her own. She deepened her kiss while running her fingers through his soft dark hair, and slowly slid her other hand down his shoulder to his chest.

When she finally broke the kiss she whispered in his ear, "Is this a dream my love?"

Severus' mind had long been lost in her delicious kiss. There was only one thing that occupied his mind, and it was most certainly not a question. As far as her peculiar statement, he would just have to find the answers later, maybe tomorrow, or well, some other time...

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