Summary: During the Kira investagtion, everybody is out, besides L and Light. What can happen on such a day?


"Light-kun, can you come here for a second?" L asked.

"What do you need this time Ryuzaki?" Light asked and rolled his eyes.

"I just need you to come help me slice up this cake," L replied. "We should celebrate the new year with cake, yes?"

"I guess," Light said and shrugged. He walked over to L who handed him a knife. Light put the knife down. "Uhm, where's the cake?"

"Oh yeah," L replied slowly as he remembered. "I forgot, we still have to make the cake!"

"Er..." Light was going to disagree but L never let him.

L pulled out a recipe book and opened to a page that showed a one layered cake with vanilla frosting with strawberries all around the edges on the layer.

"Ryuzaki, I hope you're as much as a good as a cooker as you are with your deductive skills," Light said, unsure if he wanted to proceed with this task.

"Of course I am," L responded. "Why wouldn't I be? Now lets grab out all the ingredients for what we need!"

They both managed to grab out each thing they needed. They grabbed the cake mix and poured it into one of the bowls scattered among the kitchen table.

They grabbed the flour and butter, measured them both, and put it in the bowl. L started to combine the mix together while Light cracked four eggs open and put them into the mix as well.

As Light came back from throwing the egg shells in the garbage, L grabbed a wooden spoon and threw some of the batter on Light. It hit him right on the face.

"What the heck?" Light yelled as his hand reached his face. "What was that for?"

"Sorry Light-kun," L replied in a monotone voice. "I didn't mean to." But he threw some more cake batter at Light yet again. This time, however, Light managed to dodge it and grabbed the bowl from L.

"Now it's my turn," Light said and reached in the bowl with his hand. Before L could make a move or respond, Light pulled his hand out of the bowl with lots of batter on his hand. He was now next to L so he put his hand on L's face and smudged it all over him. "Oops, I'm sorry Ryuzaki!"

"Hmmf, I see how it goes," L replied as he grabbed a napkin and cleaned his eyes so he could see yet again. He put his thumb to his mouth and thought for a moment. After a second or two, he managed to come up with an idea.

L walked over to Light and pulled back the bowl. He put the bowl over Light's head and poured it all over light.

"Ryuzaki!" Light exclaimed. "I can't believe you!"

"Oh I'm sorry Light-kun," L replied in a mocking tone, similar to how Light spoke earlier. Light was going to chase after L, but he managed to slip on cake batter that fell from Light's face and fell to the ground. L laughed, but since karma showed up, L walked near Light to help him up but he also slipped, landing above Light.

"Guess that was my chance of revenge," Light sighed. "Although it attended to fail back with karma." L didn't respond but instead did something unexpected of him.

L saw some of the cake batter on Light and reached out for his nose. His finger touched the batter and he licked his finger. L smiled while Light blushed, hoping L wouldn't see this, although he did laughed. "Happy new years Light-kun."

"Happy new years, Ryuzaki."