Well, guys.

First off: I'm going to apologize. I totally thought I'd be able to update for you now, but it just isn't happening. I have NOTHING written for the next chapter.

It's not writer's block. I know what's coming next. The problem is school. I have two weeks and a bit until my semester is over, which means I have that long to write two term papers, put together two portfolios, make a powerpoint, and study for finals.

And as if that weren't enough, I also have until the seventeenth to decide where I'm going to school next year.

So yeah. I'm a little stressed.

I'm not abandoning this story, I promise. But I won't be updating ANY of my stories regularly again for a while. Don't expect an update for a few weeks. May sixteenth is the LATEST possible date between now and the next update. I don't want to take that long, but I'm not going to make any promises.

I'll still be popping onto the site occasionally if you want to talk or something.

Some Review Replies that I had already written up:

Dunwannalogin: Yeah, if he were to do more good he'd be all like 'look at me doing the right thing you peoples!' QotU: Well, camping is fun. Except for the spiders.

Guest: I'm not even twenty. I don't know what criteria you're basing your age guessing off of, but you might want to clarify facts a bit more before jumping to conclusions like that, particularly because fanfiction is a website for people of ALL ages, not just young people. I don't see what your knowing Michael Buckley or the fact that he gets input has to do with my fanfic, and I found your review very vague, unhelpful, and hurtful.

Kingsvillereader: ^-^ Glad you liked it! It was fun to write.

Meow: ...How I end my paragraphs? But okay. :) Puck in this story MIGHT do something like this on his own, but I feel like he'd probably need SOME incentive. Because the 'I need to take care of you' dynamic isn't something the two of them have in this fic. I meant the best vacation you'd been on. And yours is definitely pretty cool.

Nello Orella: She really DID have that coming. Yeah, the whole thing (except the prologue) has been in third person. I've just been working on distinctive POV voices coming through anyway, like with Sabrina's detail-focus and the way the characters refer to other characters. QotU: I meant best vacation you've been on. (Should have been a little clearer...) If I ever go to Mongolia, I will avoid horse milk.

Randomchick: I work part-time in a library while I'm going to school.

slinky: Thanks so much!