That Time Lord Lullaby


"I'll see you again when the two suns start to rise in the orange sky and as the darkness starts to hide. Don't you dare forget this lullaby. It may seem unusual now to know but for the future yet to come. Just remember one thing. Your friends may leave you in the end but you'll never be alone. No never, be alone."

The Doctor had been singing this to himself softly for awhile lately. It worried Amy, she didn't know why he would sing this. He wasn't alone and he won't be he never would be. Right? Amy shook her head. Maybe he just misses home so he is singing to himself about home. Amy watched as the Doctor mess with things on the TARDIS console. He looked upset. "Doctor?" Amy said softly. His head snapped up "Yes Pond?" "Are you alright?" "OH. Perfectly brilliant!" he clapped his hands moving switches making the TARDIS take off. The Doctor had that grin on his face. Amy and the Doctor held tight so they wouldn't fall. But then a noise came from the console. A noise that should never be heard from the TARDIS. Amy saw the grin on his face disappear, she knew this couldn't be good.