The Doctor frowned when they did not tell him who "she" was. The Doctor did not like not being told things; he kept leaning against the wall. "Um…can we like hurry this up?" Amy commented. "Hush Pond. Be nice." The Doctor replied. "As if you can talk sometimes," Amy thought. The intern came back in "She's on her way." A few minutes later, which seemed like hours to the Doctor and Amy, a blonde woman wearing a white coat came in. "Rose Tyler?" "And you ar-"Rose cut herself off seeing the blue box behind the Doctor and Amy. She turned to them "Where's the Doctor then?" The Doctor stepped forward with a grin on his face. "The Doctor is at your service Rose Tyler." "You've regenerated Doctor. It is different from your last one. The hair is still looking good though." Rose snickered. The Doctor smiled and could not help but pull Rose into a hug. "Look at you. Standing tall and running this place. Where are we again?" Rose laughed at the Doctor's comment rolling her eyes. "Typical Doctor. Welcome to Torchwood, but it has changed here all for good. No killing we don't even have guns here." "That's what I like to hear, I'm not surprised that you run Torchwood here, but how did you pull me here?" "Don't really know…" "That's not a good sign, Rose." The Doctor couldn't stop grinning as he spoke to Rose, Amy on the other hand stood behind the Doctor her arms crossed over her chest. "Hello? Doctor! Who is she?!"