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Chapter 9

Will stopped going to band practices and turned up drunk to gigs. He is a mess. Wills behaviour gets so bad the guys from the band try to talk to him but he don't explain what is wrong and they end up having to kick him out of the band. They hope they can have him back when he has got through his issues but have to take another lead guitarist on. Lizzy is devastated when she hears this and tries to seek out Will but it is difficult as he has cut ties with everyone he knows and cares about. Lizzy is determined to find him. Even if he doesn't love her anymore she doesn't want him to be unhappy. She cannot understand what has happened to him. In the end she tracks him down in a remote cottage in Scotland owned by his family but not really used. She gets the courage to break in as he will not open the door and finds him slumped against a wall in a state passed out in his own vomit, deathly pale and thin, stinking of whisky, empty bottle in one hand. She put him in the recovery position on a blanket and covered him with another blanket. She cleaned up his face and sat on the floor with him stroking his hair until he opened his eyes.

"Am I dreaming?, are you really here Lizzy?" he said weakly.

"I am really here Will, you get some more rest and I will make you some food for when you wake up, when did you eat last?" Lizzy asked.

"I don't remember?" said Will. "It's really you?, he said again. "Is he with you?" said Will.

"Is who with me? Nobodies with me I came up here on my own when I managed to track you down" she said "Now get some sleep".

Lizzy was puzzled why was Will asking if he was with me and why did he think he was dreaming seeing her?

Lizzy cooked up some soup and the smell must have roused Will from his slumber. Lizzy had set the table and placed a bowl of soup in front of him and handed him the spoon. Wordlessly he slowly took his first sip and he closed his eyes. Soon he had eaten the whole bowl and then he looked up and made eye contact with Lizzy.

"Why did you come Lizzy?" said Will.

"Because I was worried about you, I don't understand, what has happened to make you so miserable?" Lizzy asked.

"You really don't know?" said Will.

"Of course I don't, I wouldn't be asking if I knew" said Lizzy.

"I'm so embarrassed that you are seeing me in this state, I've really hit rock bottom. I'm going to have a shower and make myself look a bit more presentable". Will shuffled off to the bathroom while Lizzy cleaned up the dishes and looked around the house. There were whisky and beer bottles everywhere but underneath the mess looked a sweet little cottage with rustic wooden furniture. The front room had a beautiful view of a loch and rolling hills all around with no other houses in sight.

When Will appeared again he looked like a different person, he still looked pale and gaunt but he was clean shaved and clean generally. He sat on the sofa opposite Lizzy.

"Thank you for coming Lizzy, it means the world to me but you should have just left me alone. You have your life to live I don't want to cause trouble for you" Will said.

"What on earth do you mean? It's no trouble I'm way ahead with my work that's the only problem there would be with being away" said Lizzy looking puzzled. "Just because you stopped loving me doesn't mean I wouldn't come to your aid when you needed me. Yes it was really hard coming here and seeing you again when you broke my heart but I will always be there for you".

Will looked at Lizzy in shock and said "I never stopped loving you Lizzy, can't you see that is why I am in this mess because I can't be with you".

"But you broke up with me and it tore me apart but I had to get on with life or I would give up" said Lizzy.

"I didn't want to stand in the way of you and Richard, are you happy with him?" said Will.

"We are not together why would you think that? I have never had feelings for him? We went on a couple of dates after you dumped me but I was so miserable I thought it might take my mind off you but it didn't work I could never stop loving you".

"Oh" said Will.

"I'm not seeing anyone" said Lizzy.

"I'm so sorry Lizzy, what have I done?"

Lizzy couldn't believe that Will had recked their lives because he thought someone else would be better for her. She was so angry with him for putting them through this. She walked over to the sofa and sat by Will.

"So let me get this right, we still love each other?" said Lizzy.

"So it seems" said Will. Would there be any chance we could start again?" Will turned to face Lizzy and placed his hand on her cheek and gazed into her eyes.

"I don't know Will….you hurt me really badly I don't think I could go through that again. Lets just give it some time. As I said I am way ahead with my work I can take some time off if we stay here for a bit and get you sorted out".

"Thankyou Lizzy that's more than I deserve" said Will as he started shaking as it was the first time he had stopped drinking in a while and had started getting tremors and was sweating profusely.

"Right first things first we need to get rid of any alcohol in the house so you are not tempted."

Will pointed to a couple of bottles of whiskey in the corner "that's all I have left but I don't need the alcohol now you are here" he said.

Lizzy poured the alcohol down the sink anyway to stop temptation.

Over the next month Lizzy nursed Will back to health, all that time they stayed at the cottage getting to know each other again. They went walking in the beautiful Scottish countryside and swimming in the loch. In time their love blossomed again and Will promised that he wouldn't run out on her again however unworthy he feels. He knows now that it would destroy him and to prove his commitment to Lizzy he proposes to her on the night before they go back to London and Lizzy accepts. When they get back to London the band welcomes him back with open arms as their friend and as the lead guitarist in the band once more.

The end