Chapter 6: What's New with the Rest of My Family

Mom and Dad: They are still as in love and they have 3 new miracles to prove it.

Carrie: She married a man named Austin; they live in Israel with their 4 adopted kids.

Eric: He lives in Colorado with his wife and twin daughters.

Brady: He is running a company that he started with Dad 2 years ago.

Belle: She married Austin's younger brother Lucas and they are sailing around the world with their daughter.

Aunt Kayla and Uncle Steve (Stephanie's parents and my mom's sister and brother – in – law): About 4 years ago they welcomed a sweet baby boy into the world.

Stephanie: She married a man named Wade and they have a beautiful little girl.

Aunt Hope and Uncle Bo (Chelsea's parents and my mom's brother and sister – in – law): They had a son, Shawn D, Belle's age, a daughter, Chelsea, Brady's age, another son, Zack, Johnny and Sydney's age, and another little girl, Ciara, Sydney and Grace's age.

Chelsea: She moved to London with her boyfriend Max.

A/N: Since I made Shawn and Caroline adopt Marlena as a child, I had to change Belle and Shawn D's pairings. Otherwise it would have just been really wrong. Sorry.