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Chapter 24

The Vikings took off and went right to their ship which stayed anchored where they left.

The sun was rising. The night had been one filled with terror and victory. The Vikings were exhausted and felt the consequences of their trial.

When they landed on the ship they set out to turn her toward Berk.

Strangely there was a wind that seemed to wish them safe return. The Vikings could rest and let the wind push them home.

Onska had followed them. Unwilling to leave the first beings whom had shown compassion to her. It was a bit of a squeeze but they made it work.

Hiccup settled on the bow and wrapped himself up in a blanket. Astrid walked over to him and joined. The cold still lingered in the air.

"So, let me get this straight," Astrid said. "We came all this way, killed two massive sea serpents, conquered an army and possibly sent a civilization into a downward spiral to free a dragon."

Hiccup nodded with an awkward smile on his face.

Please don't kill me.

Astrid shrugged. "Typical you,"

"Well, I mean there's more to..." Hiccup was cut off as Astrid embraced him in a long kiss.

The dragons had found their beds and were tired themselves. They were soon asleep.

Astrid and Hiccup sat in the same blanket on the bow of the ship and drifted off to sleep themselves wrapped in one another's arms.

Hiccup's dream

Hiccup walked through what seemed like clouds. But Hiccup had touched the clouds and they were soft and one could fall right through them.

But the ground he stood on was solid. He looked down at his feet.

He couldn't see anything other than the clouds supporting him.


His feet! Both of his feet were there. No prothstetic. No metal. Just his old foot.

"This has to be a dream," Hiccup said. "Or I died in my sleep."

"No you're still quite alive Hiccup," Said a voice from nowhere.

"Who is that?" Hiccup said turning around a few times.

Hiccup scanned everything in sight. He gave up and stayed still. Then...

"Boo!" Loki said as he materialized right in front of Hiccup. Hiccup fell back and landed on his rear. "Oh you're so excitable Haddock."

"Who are you?" Hiccup asked while he still sat in shock. "And how do you know my name? And what are you doing in my dreams?"

"Who am I?" Loki repeated. "I'll give you a hint. Notorious trickster, son of a certain man with one eye, my brother throws those accursed lightning bolts."

"You're Loki." Hiccup said in awe as he tried to back away. Loki wasn't exactly a favorite god among Vikings.

"Ding-ding! Give this boy a prize!" Loki exclaimed jokingly. "Now as for how I know your name. I've been watching you for quite some time."

"Oh that's not creepy," Hiccup said sarcastically.

"See that!" Loki said. "That's why I like you! You have such a wonderful taste of humor, unlike the other knuckle draggers that inhabit that island of yours."

Hiccup just stared at the god.

"Now as for what I'm doing in your dreams." Loki continued. "Just tell you some news.

Hiccup finally rose. "What kind of news?" He asked.

"The good kind. And the bad kind." Loki replied simply.

"Of course," Hiccup said.

"First off I'll start with the bad news." Loki began. "The gods don't like you,"

"What?" Hiccup asked. "Why not?"

"You kind of... threw everything out of whack when you made peace with the dragons." Loki said. "It was never predicted. You did something even the gods thought would never happen. You defied destiny."

"So they hate me for it?" Hiccup asked.

"Did I say 'hate'?" Loki said. "No, I said don't like only a few hate you."

"Who hates me then?" Hiccup asked.

"Mostly my brother," Loki answered.

"Thor?" Hiccup asked. "The really powerful god who throws lightning bolts? In case you haven't noticed I kind of spend a lot of time in the air! Oh wait! Of course you know that! You've been creepily watching me for... I don't even know how long."

"Relax, Haddock." Loki said brushing the comment aside. "He can't harm you. I've blessed you as my champion."

Hiccup blankly stared at him.

"That's the good news," Loki said. "This is the part where you say: 'Oh thank you Lord Loki for helping to save my mortal ass!'"

"It's not that I'm not grateful." Hiccup said. "But, why?"

"In good time," Loki replied. "Right now you need to get home and relax. I've convinced Njord to help you out on that. The weather will comfortable and the winds at your back. He happens to like you. And that's good because between you and me Haddock... We're going to need all the friends we can get in Valhalla."

"I really don't like the sound of that last part."

"Too bad. It's time you back to your friends. Remember, Haddock. As my champion you can call on me for help in a quest. I can't guarantee success on my part but hey no one's perfect."

With Hiccup

Hiccup stirred. He woke from his strange dream. He moved carefully as to not wake Astrid whose head lay on his chest.

It was about midday and the others were beginning to wake as well.

Hiccup sat there looking around the boat.

They were still on course. The sky was clear and the wind was at their back. They might make it to Berk before dinner.

Hiccup looked up at the sky. The dream was too vivid to be some stress induced illusion. Hiccup had the strange feeling that Loki was indeed watching him. So were other eyes.

He decided that now would not be the best time to deal with any godly problems.

He gently nudged Astrid until she woke up.

"Good morning, Handsome." Astrid said smiling.

"More like good afternoon," Hiccup said.

"Whatever," Astrid said.

They shared a quick kiss and departed from the warmth and comfort of their blanket.

Ruffnut had cooked a piece of meat and it was given out for lunch.

"Geez, with this weather we'll make it home before the sun." Snotlout observed.

"You have no idea." Hiccup mumbled.

"What was that?" Snot asked.

"Oh... What? Me? I didn't say anything." Hiccup said to avoid talking about his strange dream.

"Alright, don't flip off the boat," Snot said.

Hiccup felt a little more at ease. But, Astrid saw his change in behavior. She was going to ask him what it was about but decided that if it was something important he would tell them.

"So how do you think everyone will feel when we bring back a legendary dragon?" Tuffnut asked.

"I'm hoping they'll be happy." Hiccup said. He made it sound like he was talking about the tribe but there was only one person that "they" was meant for.


"I can see them," shouted a Viking running from the docks into town. "They're back," he said in excitement.

Everyone was overjoyed to hear Hiccup was back. Yes the war had stopped and the Vikings and dragons were friends but no one knew how to keep them under control like Hiccup did.

"He's early," Stoick said to himself as he walked toward the docks. He frowned "Must not have found it," He said sadly.

Gobber was next to Stoick. "Um... right. I'll meet you down there." Gobber said as he quickly limped back to his forge.

That's strange. I thought he'd want to see Hiccup as much as me. Stoick thought.

Stoick made his way down to the dock and watched as the boat sailed in. The sun was about ready to set.

The boat came into port. The dragons flew off ahead of it. Eager to see their children who had been cared for by some of the other Vikings and dragons. Only Toothless and Onska remained on board.

The Vikings disembarked. And trailing behind them was a massive blue dragon no one knew.

Stoick looked amazed.

"What... is that?" He asked. The whole village shared his curiosity.

"This is the famous wishing dragon." Hiccup replied. "I was going to try and stall a few days but I couldn't help myself."

"Stall for what?" Stoick asked.

"For your birthday Dad," Hiccup said. "You haven't ridden a dragon yet. So I figured I'd find one suitable."

Stoick was shocked. Hell the whole damn island was shocked.

"Why not just give me a Nightmare? Why go on some dangerous quest for some dragon that could or could not have been real?"

"A couple reasons really," Hiccup said. "First one, it's the only dragon I've heard of big enough to fly easily with some called Stoick the Vast riding it."

The village laughed.

"Second," Hiccup continued. "It's the only dragon rumored to be Mom's favorite color."

There was a silence.

"And lastly," Hiccup concluded. "It's the only dragon you were willing to find and not kill."

Another silence.

Stoick had slain many dragons in his day. But, he had no delusions of slaying Onska. He only wished to get his wife back.

"And that's where I come in," Gobber said as he walked in on the scene carrying a massive saddle. "Hiccup and I have been working on it for weeks. Should be good to use on her."

Stoick felt so much pride for his son.

"So this is Onska?" Stoick said as he approached the dragon.

She let out a vicious growl and everyone backed away.

"Yes I would imagine you don't like that name," Stoick said. "How does Valhallarma sound?"

The dragon lightened. It had a ring to it.

Stoick then reached out and touched her snout. His hands may not be as soft as Hiccup's but they were certainly warm and held comfort in them.

They saddled her up. At first she seemed against it. But through Hiccup's expertise they were able to calm her down. Stoick eventually mounted.

Both seemed uncomfortable with the situation.

"You ready, Dad?" Hiccup asked.

"I think so," Stoick replied. "Are you sure I can do this?"

"Of course you can," Hiccup said confidently. "We're Vikings. This is a new occupational hazard."

With that the Vikings and their dragons took off into the sky.

Stoick and Valhallarama were a bit awkward but they managed to stay near Hiccup and his friends. Also in the air was Gobber and Bones.

In fact most of the village had joined in the flight.

Hiccup looked around. Not only at his friends and family but at the whole mass of Vikings among them.

At that moment he didn't care what the gods thought of him. What hardships lie ahead. How many challenges he would have to overcome.

He knew at that moment that as long as he had his friends, his family, and his people beside him... well then Odin himself should get nervous.

At the Great Hall

"Such a peculiar boy," Loki said to himself as he watched the Vikings take off on their new pets. He stood in front of the Great Hall overlooking most of the village.

"What are you doing here?" Said a voice from behind him.

Loki didn't bother to turn around. He knew who it was. "Is that how someone of your caliber would greet a god?"

"Only you," Said the Elder.

"Don't worry yourself old woman," Loki said. "I'm only keeping an eye on an investment."

"And what would that be?" The Elder asked walking up to stand beside the god.

"As if you need to ask," Loki said.

"I will not let you hurt him,"

"Relax. I'm not the one who wants him dead. If it weren't for me him and all his little friends would be dead."

"Why would you care?"

"Because, I'm going to need him. And he's going to need me. He should feel Loki to have me."

The Elder stared back unamused.

"You people wouldn't know a joke if it bit onto your ass."

"So you have chosen him as your champion?"

"Yes. He will be like no other before him and none after. Plus that sense of humor is something I have never seen before in any Viking." Loki looked to the sun. "Well, I must be going now."

"Do not lie to yourself Trickster," The Elder said.

"And what I be lying about?" Loki asked.

"Why you want him," The Elder said.

Loki turned to look at the old woman.

"You can say it's because you need him for something, you can act like it's to anger your brother, and you can even say just because he makes you laugh but you know the real reason you want to protect him."

Loki raised an eyebrow.

"He's you. He's an outsider. Someone who is different. Someone with different ways of looking at things, of thinking, of... telling jokes. His cousin is in a way like your brother. Favored. Stoick like your own father is a powerful leader and even though he always intended for Hiccup to take his place as Chief he still lacked everything Stoick wanted from a son."

Loki was shocked that the old woman had made the correlation.

"Just don't tell my brother," Loki semi-asked. "He'll bug me for it for centuries."

"Very well," The Elder replied. "But, you must provide us with a plentiful amount of fish for the coming year."

Loki smiled. A very wise old woman. "Very well. I think Njord still owes me a few more favors. I'll even make him do something about those pitiful crops. Just out of the kindness of my heart."

The Elder rolled her eyes.

Loki disappeared.

The Elder looked up to where her village was flying. "You have much more to change in this world Hiccup,"

The End