Teddy Duncan was an average 18 year old, school homework but something was different she was lesbian but never told anyone she'd been that way since about she was 12. But kept it a secret. One day while she was helping her mom fold laundry she blurted out a question that would change her life forever. Mom have you ever thought about being lesbian? Amy dropped the bra she was folding and stared at her daughter for what seemed like hours. Then she grabbed her daughter and softly said" how about we do laundry later. Then they went into Teddy's room next door and got onto the bed. Teddy pulled her mom into a passionate kiss but Amy broke that kiss to pull off her daughter's silk almost transparent dress. After that Teddy grabbed onto her t-shirt and almost ripped it off with her teeth. Showing that she wasn't wearing a bra. Teddy took one breast into her mouth and suckled it almost biting it. Then out of no where a stream of milk squirted out of her breast and hit Teddy in the face Teddy not taking this lightly sucked and sucked on that breast until she drank at least a gallon of milk. While she did this Amy pulled her pants revealing a panty less shaved pussy. Then Teddy with open eyes said is that for me? Going off the c cup breast Teddy scraped her mother's skin with her teeth trailing down to her vagina which she lapped and lapped like a cat with milk Amy couldn't help but let out a moan of pure pleasure before squirting her daughter straight in the face with stream after stream of cum. Which Teddy gladly took it all in her mouth. And begged for more. Which Amy gladly obliged and arched her back in the air and hit Teddy in the face with her wet both of them laughed. And kissed and couldn't wait to do it again tomorrow.s