Chapter Thirty Five

Finding Happiness Again

Fifteen years later,

"Robert! Hugh! James! Crystal! Allan! Jonas! Stop it now!"

Guy looked up from the desk, looking out the window to see Meg shrieking at their children. Well, teens actually. Robert and Hugh were sixteen, both were strikingly handsome and took after him. Crystal was fifteen and the tomboy of the group. Allan was going to turn twelve and Jonas, at ten was the youngest. James, was twenty-eight and he was going to marry some village girl he'd met on a trip and he'd been corresponding with her ever since.

Right now, all five of them were having a huge friendly, wrestling match on the front lawn. And Meg, for some crazy reason, was shrieking her head off.

Guy set down the quill and walked out to where Meg was standing holding onto the horse's reins. He frowned; she'd gone into town riding the horse and came back walking the horse. Guy, after time earned the towns trust and was elected sheriff and he'd been one for fourteen years. Meg, had made a lovely sheriff's wife, except now, she had a nasty look on her face.

"Meg?" she turned and shot him a sour look, he pretended not to notice it. "Something wrong with the horse?"

"No." she bit out.

"Well, then why aren't you riding him?" he brushed back a strand of her unruly hair. She slapped his hand away.

She dug her hands in her waistline. "I am not getting on a horse again after what you did to me Sir Fitzgerald Griffith Guy of Gisbourne!"

Guy blinked. She was mad at him? For what? "Ok….what did I do?"

"I'm pregnant!" she shouted.

Guy felt the world spin at Meg's announcement. Guy stared at her. "what?" he sank to his knees in shock as the world turned unnatural colors. His heart felt as if it had just popped out of his chest. "but, we're….

"I know, you're 45 and I'm 39, but obviously, we don't know our own age!" Meg tossed the reins to James. "take the horses in."

Guy stared at Meg in shock as she stomped back into their cottage. After all this time, a baby now, they were going to be parent's again.

"dad?" crystal said. "maybe you should talk to her?"

Guy nodded, "I'm…still…trying to recover."

Crystal gave him a nudge towards the door. He nodded and pushed the door open and eyed Meg. She sat in the middle of the room staring at the kettle that she'd put on the fire.

Guy walked over and sat down beside her. He reached for her hand and Meg squeezed back. He cleared his throat, "it must have been….our fifteenth anniversary."

Meg scowled, "what else?"

"Meg, I'm sorry."

"you're going to be Guy of Gisbourne!" she said. "I invited robin, Marian, Delilah, john and rose here for two weeks. I'm awaiting a reply, if they accept, how am I going to explain this at my age?"

Guy blinked before he started laughing. Meg joined in with him and wrapped her arms around him. she suddenly stopped and pulled away before letting out a moan. "I left my bags in the doctor's office."

"Ahh," Guy said. "you sit. I'll send Robert."

"all right." She said. "but you're going to explain to them why I'm in this condition."

And Meg was right. Robin howled for five minutes and Guy had to threaten him within an inch of his life. The quiet two weeks Meg had planned were anything else but quiet.

Delilah, was a lovely seventeen-year-old girl who immediately brought trouble into the house. And she caught Robert and Hugh's attention, which led to both of them behaving like total idiots. Finally, when the two wound up in a huge fight, Guy forced Delilah to tell them if she was interested in either of them. And Robert was crushed when she said it was Hugh.

And the romance drama was over.

Or so he thought.

Allan and Jonas had a bad case of puppy love for eleven-year-old Rose. But, she boldly stated that she wasn't interested in either of them because they were dirty and smelled like a stable. After that, Meg never had to tell them to wash up again. Still, Rose wasn't interested. She stated she was her daddy's girl and that's all she was going to be. But the dramatics didn't end.

John and Crystal. Oh, those two battled, argued and screamed at each other so much that Robin threatened to shoot their tongues out. Meg was cranky and he didn't allow her to wander further than the house.

Then, the night before everyone left Meg asked Crystal to play a song on her Celtic harp. Meg and Crystal both had the ability to melt a man's heart. The moment Crystal opened her mouth, Guy saw John fall under her spell. Meg sat back and let Crystal have her moment.

River's and dreams.

It had been so long since he'd heard that song.

Voices haunt me, here alone. Gently call me, to come home. Dreams are with me, from the past, they must guide me, they must last. Doubts and darkness, cloud the way. I will make the journey. I will find the way

Meg started sniffling and Guy walked over to her. "hey, you all right?"

she nodded. "just remembering…harder days." Guy stood up and held out his hand. Meg frowned, but she put her hand in his. "Guy? What are you?"

"Shh," he kissed her nose. "just relax."

Meg brushed a strand of her hair back and closed her eyes. she sighed and snuggled close as Guy moved slowly to the music. Robin and Marian stood up also beginning to dance. Hugh and Delilah danced timidly with Robert looking sullenly on until Rose persuaded him to dance with her which was an amusing sight.

All the places I have gone. All the battles I have won. All the rivers I have run coming home. All the places I have gone. All the battles I have won. All the rivers I have run coming home.

Meg sighed. They had gone many places, won many battles, and crossed many rivers before finding a place to call home. And everything was there to stay, forever and a day. Life was full and complete and no more tears would follow them ever again.