Time, Space, and Love?

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Last time

"Lucy dear, can you hear me?" Lucy stopped in her tracks. "N-No that can't be. . . It can't be her I. . ." Lucy looked around and noticed a familiar figure heading straight for her. As it got closer into view her eyes started to water, the figure looked at Lucy smiling.

"Hi Lucy dear, I've missed you so much I-" Lucy's mom was cut off by hands being wrapped around her torso and the sound of sniffles.

"I-I've missed y-you so much, I-I'm so s-sorry, It's my fault y-you d-died, I wasn't. . . wasn't"

"Shh, it's ok dear it wasn't your fault I should be the one feeling bad, leaving you all alone the way I did. . . I'm the one who should apologize."

"I. . . I. . ." Lucy's mom lifted up Lucy's chin so that way she would get a good look at her, "Come on sweetie, let's go!" Lucy looked at her mother confused, "Go? Go where?" "Oh don't worry you'll see, here take my hand," Lucy hesitantly took her mother's hand a felt a weird feeling that made her blood run cold.

"Is something the matter Lucy?" her mom asked. "Oh no nothing, was just thinking about something, sorry. Come on mom, let's go." The two started to head in an unknown direction. But Lucy didn't care she just hoped that this wasn't a dream. But she could stopping this nagging feeling telling her this was wrong, very wrong.

Trapped in nightmares Part 2

"O-Ow, talk about a smooth landing," Loki said as he slowly got up, he looked over and noticed Gray, Ichiro and Happy were knocked out cold. He decided to go over to Gray first. "Gray, Gray wake up!" Loki said shaking him, He didn't budge, Loki decided to try a little harder this time, a small moan escaping Gray's lips. Gray's eyes slowly started to open.

"W-What's going on? Who in the-?" Gray looked up and saw it was just Loki. "Oh hey Loki, is it time for breakfast?" he asked. Loki sighed, "No, Gray it isn't time for breakfast. And when do you care about food, I thought that was Natsu's job," Loki held out his hand. Gray grabbed his hand and pulled himself up, "Well, your right about that, but it doesn't change the fact that I get hungry. Just not as much as Natsu," Gray said smirking. "Yeah, that is true, but where the heck are we?" Loki looked around and noticed they were in an alley of some sort, "It looks like where in an alley."

"An Alley? Why the heck are we here of all places? And now that I think of it what happened to Natsu and Lucy their nowhere to be found," Gray said looking around.

"Most likely we got serperated when we went through the gate, I'm sure we'll find them eventually. But for now we've really got to wake Happy and Ichiro," Loki went over and picked up the wolf pup and started to rub him, his tail started to wag and his eyes started to open, a yawn escaping his lips.

"Hey little guy, had a nice sleep?" Loki said.

"Hey kid, just because I look like a innocent pup doesn't mean I can't bite you!" Ichiro snarled.

Loki laughed, "Yeah, Yeah like I'd-! Wait did you just talk?" Loki said with a shocked expression.

"Yeah, I always talk to Lu-! You can hear me?"

"Yeah, uh. . . "

"Can you put me down, please."

"Sure, buddy." Loki place Ichiro on ground, "Finally I can stretch!" Ichiro did a long stretch and shook the dirt out of his fur.

"W-Where are we? Is there any food around? I'm hungry!" Loki heard the familiar cat's voice and looked over to see a drowsy Happy rubbing his eyes and drool coming out of his mouth.

"Good to see you're up Happy, I was wondering when you'd wake up." Happy looked over sleepily see to Loki and Ichiro standing there, along with Gray.

"Loki, Gray, Ichiro! What are you guys doing in my dream?" Happy rubbed his eyes sleepily. Gray went over and hit Happy hard on the head, "Are you that sleepy? This isn't a dream, we're right in front of you, you crazy cat!"

"Ow, ok, ok! If this isn't a dream then where are we?" Happy asked rubbing his head. "That Happy we're not exactly sure, but if we get moving I'm sure we'll figure it out. So come on guys, let's go!" Loki said.

"Ok!" They all followed Loki out of the alley way and into the street. The streets were very narrow, the guys could barely fit all on the sidewalk. "Ok this is. . . different," Loki said looking around trying to get a better understanding of where they were. All Loki could see were shops and people walking in and out of those shops.

"Ok, it looks like were in a town center of some sort," Loki said.

"Ok, now that much is obvious. What should we do now?" Ichiro said.

"I think we need to find Lucy and Natsu. who knows where they could be or if they're in trouble," Gray said. "I agree Gray." And with that the gang headed into town to search for their friends Lucy and Natsu.

"Mom where are-" Lucy was at a loss for words.

"This... it's beautiful!" She couldn't believe it Lucy had never in her life seen a beautiful place like this. It was a huge field with flowers of all different kinds; a huge Sakura tree stood in the middle with a swing attached to it. At that moment Lucy wished Natsu was with her. 'Natsu' Lucy touched the hair-bow on the side of her hair, she smiled. Her mother smiling and had to ask.

"Lucy, I noticed your hair is shorter than normal, I also noticed the beautiful hair-bow so what happened to make it that short?"

"Well..." Lucy went into detail about what happened to her and her father after her mothers passing. She told her of her current mission and the story of her hair and the bow. Her mother's expression would change from happy to sad as she heard her stories, she couldn't help but feel a hint of guilt for not being able to be there for her daughter when she needed her the most.

"Lucy... I'm sorry I wasn't there for you I..."

Lucy looked at her mother and noticed the sad look in her mothers eyes. She hated seeing her mother beat herself over something that was out of her control, she hugged her, her was taken back a bit at the close contact.

"It's... it's ok mom it's not your fault, I just happy I get to see again, I just don't want this to end."

"Lucy..." her mother whispered.

Lucy and her mother sat there in silence staring out into distance let all of their fond memories with each other wash over them. Sakura petals falling from the tree causing them both to smile.

"Lucy would you like for me to push you on the swing set?"

Lucy looked at her mother with an big smile it remind her mother was when Lucy was a little girl, "Sure, I'd love that mom," she said. This caused her mother to smile as well. Lucy got up, then helped pulled her mother up. They both walked over to the swing set, Lucy sat down waiting for her mother to swing her.

"Are you ready Lucy?" her mother asked.

"Ye-" Before Lucy could reply she had a weird vision of her mother and she was attacking her? 'No this can't be real!' Lucy shook her head vigorously trying to get the image out of her head. That's when she heard a mysterious, yet familiar voice in her head.

'Lucy you mustn't be here, otherwise it'll be to late.'

'Who are you and what do you want?'

'You're not safe you have to wake up!'

'Wake up? I'm not sleep, this is real. I feel everything around me, even my mothers real.'

'No, Lucy you're in great danger, if you don't wake up you'll be trapped in your subconscious forever!'

'My subconscious?'

'Yes Lucy now pl-'

"Lucy? Lucy can you hear me?"

"H-Huh?" Lucy looked at her mom and noticed the look of concern in her eyes. "I'm fine, I'm sorry mom I... I was just thinking is all." Lucy gave her mother a small smile. The concerned look in her mothers eyes faded a bit. Lucy's mother being to push Lucy back and forth on the swing, a smirk appearing on her face. 'Sadly, moments like this can never last forever' She thought.

After being push on the swing for a couple of minutes, Lucy decided it would better if they just walked for a bit to catch up on old times. Lucy's mom thought that was a good idea and the two began to walk in a random direction, not caring where they were headed.

Lucy started to tell her mother of all her other fun adventures and her celestial spirits and Natsu and Gray, as well as the guild. Everything seemed fine, but Lucy could tell there was something wrong. Lucy looked back and saw her mother staring at the ground, not moving.

"Mom are y-" Lucy saw something quickly flying toward her, she quickly jumped to the side narrowly avoiding it by inches.

"Mom, what is going on?" Lucy looked at her mother with hurt and confusion, why would her 'mother' attacker her like that? It didn't make sense! Her mother looked at her an evil smirk on her face, Lucy knew this wasn't her 'beloved mother' this was and entirely different person.

"Lucy, you know I love you right?" her mother asked, slowly looking up at her, a cold and merciless look in her eyes. Lucy was frightened by new profound look her 'mothers' eyes. She didn't know what to say so she just nodded at her mother's answer.

Her mother started to inch slowly toward her, Lucy slowly started to back away. "Please stop, don't come any closer ! I don't want to hurt you!" Lucy said. Lucy's mother began to walk towards her a menacing smile smile on her face.

"I know you'd never be able to hurt your dear old mother would you Lucy?"

"Stay back! Please I-"

"Hahahaha!Trust me Lucy, I know you won't attack me. Do you how I know that... it's because you're weak, you always have been! Your friends always having to save you, you're a burden to everyone!"

"I-I'm not-"

"Yes, you are, you'll never be independent! Always clinging to someone!"

"I-I... don't underestimate me I-I'm-"

"I'm Strong! is that what you want to say? Hahahaha you're making my sides hurt. If your as strong as you claim, then why don't you show me Lucy!"

Lucy's mother pulled out a black pair of keys, this was a shocker Lucy. Why did her mother have a black set of... wait, those keys were-! Lucy's mother seemed to sense Lucy's uneasiness and smirked.

"Yes, you know exactly what these keys are don't you! Let's see who's the better celestial spirit wizard!"


"Look, even if you don't want to fight I'll kill you either way, so you're pretty much out of options. So..."

All of the memories of Lucy's life flashed before her eyes. She didn't want to die; leaving her friends behind, she couldn't bare it. Even though she didn't want to fight the person she loved the most, she didn't want to die either. So if she had to fight to survive then so be it. Her name was Lucy Heartfilia and she was going to prove she was a strong celestial wizard, no matter what the odds!

"Ok 'mom' if it's a battle you want then, it's a battle you'll get! Let's just hope you won't regret it!" Lucy grabbed one of her keys, "Open the gate of the golden bull, Taurus!" Lucy's mother smiled a menacing smile and said, "Open hell's gate of the golden bull, Taurus!"

To Be continued!

Loki: Lucy Please, you've got to listen to me, wake up!

Gray: Who are you? Release my friends right now!

Juvia: Gray!

Ichiro: Loki make this count you only get one chance!

Loki: Gotcha! Lucy, please be ok.

Juvia and Gray: Next time: To fight your friends!

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