A/N: Alright, I know I probably shouldn't have started another fic when I have like six others to worry about but it just so happens that my interest in Disney's Dinosaur has re-surfaced and I read on a Forum around here that someone made a challenge to do a Kron/oc love story. I figured I'd take up the challenge and contribute to the extremely small Dinosaur section.

I know that Kron is pretty much hated in the small fandom (heck, even I hated him at one point) but after really looking at things from his perspective, I realized that he's not really the bad guy. He was just doing his job which was to get the herd to the breeding grounds. Sure he would rush the herd but that's because he wanted to keep them far ahead of the Carnotaurs. I could go on arguing why Kron isn't the real bad guy, but that would take forever an I'm sure you guys would rather read this fic.

Anywho, a quick note: I really liked Bruton and was extremely disappointed that he died in the movie. As a result, I'm gonna have him alive as in he survived the rock avalanche in the cave. I'm sure all the Bruton fans will be happy.:)

Quick Notes: Aladar and Neera are mates/ husband and wife and are expecting their six eggs to hatch.

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"Talking out loud"

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the familiar characters from 'Disney's Dinosaur', they belong to the Disney studios and I make NO money off of this. The only things I own are my oc's Mackenzie and Tabitha.

Neera panted slightly as she ran up the rocks after the Carnotaur. She could hear Aladar close behind her; they were almost there…just a few more feet. Her eyes widened when she saw the gigantic monster pick up her brother and toss him into a rock. Neera winced as Kron landed on his side and lifted his head weakly to stare up at the approaching Carnotaur in horror.

The carnivore was about to take a finishing bite when Neera rammed herself against its side and tried to push the larger dinosaur off the nearby ledge. She wasn't about to lose her brother to this monster and she pushed harder.

Unfortunately, the large red horned demon got over its surprise and pushed the female iguanodon away from it. Neera gave a small cry of pain as she hit a nearby rock in a similar fashion as her brother and shook her head in a daze. A heavy pressure on her side caused her to look up and gasp when she saw the large mouth with razor sharp teeth coming forward.

Just as the jaws were about to close around her, a blue tail swung out and struck the predator across the face. Neera glanced up and saw Aladar stand over her protectively before rushing at the Carnotaur and attempting to push it over the edge once more. The light pink dinosaur watched from her spot as the two dinosaurs fought.

In just seconds, Aladar was able to finally push the titan over the edge, however, the monster wasn't about to go down alone and bit down on Aladars' back in an attempt to pull him over as well. Fortunately, the Carnotaurs' grip slipped and the giant fell alone, leaving Aladar to pull himself over the edge.

Ignoring the slight pain in her side, Neera stood up and walked next to Aladar and stared down the high drop where the now dead Carnotaur lay. She stared at the beast for a few seconds before turning her head in the direction that her older brother was laying.

She approached him slowly and looked him over. The lavender colored male was still lying on his side, yet his blue-grey eyes were closed and he wasn't moving. 'Oh, no…' Neera thought while leaning her head to inspect Kron closer. She carefully and gently nudged his snout with her own, 'Come on Kron…please wake up.' She thought before letting his head back down gently. When he still didn't respond, Neera assumed the worst and pulled her head back. 'He's gone…' She thought as tears formed in her eyes.

The female took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and felt Aladar give her a comforting nuzzle. She pushed her head under his chin and remained there for a few moments. After a while, Aladar cleared his throat,

"We should get going." He said softly. Neera swallowed and looked at her dead brother. The blue-green iguanodon looked between the siblings, "Do you want me to give you a few moments to say good-bye?" He offered while Neera nodded, the tears threatened to fall and she licked her lips.

Aladar nodded as well, "I'll wait for you at the bottom." He turned and carefully started down the steep rock pile. Neera watched him climb down for a second or two before turning and looking at her brother once more. She strolled over to him and lowered herself down onto her belly, she then inched herself forward and moved her body so that it was under her brothers left arm and made it look like he was hugging her.

She pressed her head against his chest and allowed the tears to finally roll down her cheeks with a sob. "Kron, I'm so sorry! I tried!" She whimpered. Neera shut her eyes and thought back to the old days when she and Kron were much younger. She had many brothers and sisters from her parents first and second litter, but she had always favored Kron. In return Kron was always extremely protective of his younger sister.

"I'm going to miss you Kron." Neera sniffled while placing a final kiss on her sibling's cheek. With that she carefully pulled herself away from her brother and stood up. She gave one last glance at the lifeless body before turning and slowly climbing down the rocks.

After meeting up with Aladar, they walked to the cave that would lead to the Nesting Grounds. Upon entering their new home, Neera spotted her friend Mackenzie tending to Bruton's injuries. The grey and black female gave a smile as the two iguanodon's approached her and the wounded male.

"There you two are." She greeted while helping Bruton up. Said male looked around, "Where's Kron?" He grunted.

Aladar and Neera were silent before the young male decided to answer, "Um…he was killed by the Carnotaur." He explained. He was about to go into a bit more detail about the fight and what led up to it when a loud thump caused the four iguanodons to flinch. They all turned their heads to the source of the sound and saw that a light orange and white colored female iguanodon had fallen in a dead faint.


The pink female groaned softly as the voice that was slowly pulling her out of her sleep. "Neera!"

The urgency of the voice caused her to jerk out of her sleep and Neera found herself face to face with Noah and Adrian, her two adopted sons. At the moment, the two boys were grinning down at her and perched onto of one of them was young Suri.

"Did you all need something?" Neera questioned after checking over her soon to be hatched eggs. She smiled while adjusting one gently.

"They're not the ones that need anything; I'm the one looking for someone to chat with." A familiar voice sounded behind her and Neera turned to see Mackenzie walking over to her with a slight smirk. Neera smirked back, "Using children as a wakeup call?" She taunted her friend playfully.

Mackenzie did a shrugging motion, "Consider yourself lucky, you got woken up by cute children. I got woken up by Bruton's snoring. The female rolled her emerald green eyes at the thought of her husband. Neera tilted her head, "So you left your eggs alone to suffer their daddy's loud snoring?" She questioned skeptically.

The grey iguanodon chuckled, "Oh I'm sure those egg shells muffle the sound a bit, and it's after they hatch that I'm worried about. Bruton's gonna scare them half to death on their first night."

Neera joined in on the laughter before clearing her throat, "So how are your eggs doing?" she asked while shifting her position and watching her two adopted sons and Suri run off to play. Mackenzie smiled, "They're doing fine, still awhile till they hatch but so far so good." She replied while lying next to the pink iguanodon and adding, "How about yours? They're due to hatch any day now right?"

"Any day." Neera repeated with a sigh. Her yellow eyes dropped down to the ground as she thought about how her sons and daughters would be due soon and they would never get a chance to meet their uncle. Having noticed her friends' silence, Mackenzie gave Neera a gentle nudge,

"I'm sure Kron would be proud to see his little sister become a mama." She soothed. Neera nodded as her eyes tear up.

"I just wish he was here to see his nieces and nephews." Neera said as she blinked the tears away. It had been months since her brother's death yet Neera couldn't help but get teary eyed every time she thought about him.

After a few more comforting words, Mackenzie glanced around and saw that many more of the valley's residents were up and about. "Well, I better get going, Bruton's probably up by now and is ready for breakfast. I gotta get back to my nest. I'll talk to ya later Neera." Mackenzie announced while standing up. Neera nodded, "Bye Mackenzie, I'll meet up with you later today."

The grey, black spotted female nodded and walked back to her nest and mate.

It really didn't take long for her to get back and when she arrived, she was surprised to see Bruton still asleep. Despite all the noise he made at night, Mackenzie still loved Bruton dearly and was relieved to see him alive after she arrived in the valley. Apparently he had a near death experience in the cave after he was left for dead.

Mackenzie shivered, being forced to leave Bruton behind had been the hardest thing she had ever done. It was a pure miracle that he had lived through the Carnotaur attack and a rock avalanche and still managed to heal properly. The young mother smirked, 'Bet he didn't think he would get a chance to become a daddy.' She thought while gently nudging his cheek.

The larger male gave a snort and opened his green-hazel eyes. "Morning." Mackenzie greeted cheerfully as her husband stretched his arms and legs. "Morning." He mumbled back before standing and shaking his large body. After letting out a final yawn, the brown male looked down at his wife.

"When did you wake up?" He asked while Mackenzie raised a brow, "Oh about an hour ago. Your snoring serves as a good alarm." She gave her mate a quick kiss on his cheek before giving him a gentle nudge,

"You better get going; I'm guessing you're ready for breakfast." She urged while Bruton looked back, "What about you? Aren't you going to eat?" He questioned as he allowed himself to be pushed away.

Mackenzie shook her head, "I already ate so you're on your own for now, but I'll join you for lunch. I'll stay and keep an eye on the eggs." She assured.

Bruton looked over at the nest that held ten eggs and puffed his chest proudly and Mackenzie giggled. The former second in command to Kron, did this almost every time he saw the white shells that held his little babies. It always amazed Mackenzie how this big, strong, tough dinosaur was now a loving husband and an expecting father. 'I'll bet no one saw this coming.' She mused to herself as her husband lumbered away.

The soon to be mother smiled in the direction her mate walked off in and slowly laid herself near her eggs. It wasn't long till she heard the sound of footsteps approaching from her left and she looked in the direction. "Hello again Neera." Mackenzie greeted as the pink female planted herself nearby. Neera smiled, "Aladar insisted that I take a break from watching the eggs and 'enjoy' myself." She explained.

"So he's baby-sitting for a while?"

A nod from Neera confirmed it and the two females struck up a casual conversation talking about different subjects.

After about half an hour, the two future mothers spotted a familiar orange and white iguanodon pass by from the direction of the lake. "Hey Tabitha, how's it going?" Mackenzie called out to the passing female.

Tabitha looked over to the one that called her name and gave a small smile that barley reached her sapphire blue eyes. "Hey Mackenzie, everything's fine." She replied before continuing on her way while calling over her shoulder, "Bye Mackenzie, bye Neera!"

Neera blinked, although she had seen the female before, she had never known her on a personal or name basis. She looked at her friend, "Who was that?" She asked innocently. Mackenzie gave Neera a confused look, "That's Tabitha remember? She was the one that fainted after you and Aladar told me and Bruton that Kron…passed away."

"Oh yeah, she had a dizzy moment." Neera replied while thinking back to that moment and remembering the explanation the orange female had given. After a second of thinking she added, "She had some eggs of her own didn't she?"

Mackenzie nodded sadly, "Yeah but unfortunately, she was pregnant during the migration and I guess the harsh conditions must have taken a toll on her cause…none of her eggs made it."

Neera sighed, she remembered hearing the news that Tabitha's eggs never hatched and she ended up losing her five babies that she never got to see. Mackenzie had told her that Tabitha had grieved for a few days stating that not only had she lost her boyfriend but she also lost her children. Apparently the eggs were the only thing she had left of her future mate.

It was quite a sad story but there was one thing that Neera always wondered, "Who was the father? Was he one of the males that passed away during the migration?" She questioned out loud. Mackenzie threw her another confused look, "You don't know who the father is?"

Neera shook heard head and Mackenzie sighed. 'That's right, Tabitha hasn't spoken to Neera yet. So Neera doesn't know.' She thought before licking her lips and looked into her friends golden eyes that were staring back at her intently.

Taking a breath, she replied slowly, "Neera…the father of Tabitha's eggs…" She paused for a second before finishing, "is…Kron."


So here are the two oc's in the fic.

Mackenzie: Bruton's wife/mate (she and Bruton are waiting for their ten eggs to hatch)

Tabitha: Kron's secret girlfriend/would have been mate (she was waiting for her five eggs to hatch)

The beginning was a dream/flashback that Neera was having. The rest take place a few months after the events of the movie. Poor Tabitha, she lost her first litter of eggs and Kron…or did she?

I know there might be some unanswered questions such as how Bruton survived the rock avalanche, how Bruton and even Kron met Mackenzie and Tabitha, and of course how Neera didn't know about Kron's secret girlfriend. These questions and any others will be answered throughout the next chapters. :)

P.S: Noah and Adrian are the two orphan iguanodon's that Neera adopted in the movie, we weren't told their actual names so I just made them up.