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Vincent stood back, observing, waiting, listening. But he didn't join his friends… or rather those who were left of the few people he could honestly call friends. Reno and Rude hadn't returned, so now Vincent, Cid, Tifa, Yuffie and the two kids were all that was left of AVALANCHE. The others were in mourning; they had decided to have a small ceremony of sorts for Reeve. Now they all stood near the cliff side, around a small hole. They would bury the suit case with Cait Sith… that was all they could do. That and say a few words on Reeve's behalf. Each took a turn, saying the same things about Reeve… talking about his accomplishments, his compassion, his work to better the planet, his friendship with them. But Vincent did not speak.

Cid looked at him, after he had said what he wanted. "You gonna talk?" He had asked. Vincent shook his head. There was nothing he could say that hadn't already been said. And nothing said now would change the fact of Reeve's death. Cid and the others placed the suitcase into a hole they had dug. At least the poor cat would have a nice view. Final rites granted, they went back on board the air ship that Cid 'borrowed.' Everyone went back – except Cid. He stood, looking at the mound of dirt - the only current evidence of Reeve's death. Vincent began to follow the others to the ship, but Cid stopped him.

"Wait," he said. Vincent turned back towards him. He waited for a response, but Cid gave none. They just stood, each across the grave from the other. Perhaps a bit too late, Vincent noticed that Cid was clenching his fists.

Ami led Estu to an apartment on the edge of town. They climbed several flights of stairs, Estu sweating bullets due to his jacket and steadily falling behind Ami. She casually glanced back on one of the landings. "Are you okay?" she asked as Estu dragged himself up a few more steps.

"It's just… really… hot…" he replied, taking breaths between each word. The heat only grew as midday came and went, and the sun relentlessly beat down on the coastal town. From what Estu could remember, it had been the same way when they lived there… it wasn't a long time, a few weeks, but Estu remembered it as his least favorite home. Aparently, Ami had liked it a lot, though. She liked it enough to return.

Ami moved back towards the stairs and kept climbing; Estu grudgingly followed. "Just a few more flights. I'm sorry the elevator isn't working. It's been out for almost a week now." Just my luck… this is so miserable. He climbed two more flights of stairs before Ami stopped him. She reached under a mat and picked up a key. Estu briefly considered telling her that it was a horrible place to keep a house key, but decided against it after remembering how easily she had gotten angry with him back at the store. Ami opened the door slowly, peaking inside before signaling for Estu to follow her in.

"Okay," she said softly, "Just hang your coat up, I'll-"

"Ami?" A voice interrupted her. Ami stiffened, putting her arm out to stop Estu. He zipped his jacket back up and took a step back.

"Raye?" Ami tentatively called out. A tall, tan young man stepped out from a door on the other side of the apartment. He smiled, brushing back bleach blonde locks.

"Hey Aims," he greeted. Aims…? That a nickname? Who is this guy? The young man glanced over to Estu and asked, "Uh, who's the kid?" Ami looked back and awkwardly twirled a finger through her hair, thinking.

"He's Jessie's little cousin," she quickly lied. "She sort of asked me to watch him for the day." Estu stared at his feet. "He… um… he can't really be left alone… sorry."

"Aw! Lame, Ami. We were supposed to go to the beach when you got off work. I wanted to surf!" Ami twirled her hair, muttering a half hearted apology.

"Well, d'you wanna just hang out here?" he asked, still disappointed, but smiling. Ami shook her head.

"Actually, you should just go on… have a guy's day with your friends or something. He's kind of… He's afraid of strangers... and the beach, too. And I really need to watch him or he will get in trouble. He's not exactly… all there… so…"

"Oh… so he's a little… er…" He made an awkward gesture. I'm a little what, exactly?

"Jessie likes to use the word 'unique,'" Ami whispered, thought more than loud enough to hear. Is she insinuating that I'm retarded? Estu wondered in annoyance.

"I see… well alright then. See ya, Ami." The young man walked out of the apartment, surfboard in tow. Ami closed the door, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sorry about that," she said.

"Who was that guy?" Estu asked, stepping away from the front door.

"Raye? My boyfriend," replied Ami. Estu raised an eyebrow, surprised.

"You have a boyfriend?" he asked, skeptically. Ami glared at him.

"I am eighteen years old, Estu. I can have a boyfriend if I want." Funny, that's what she said about the kimono.

"So, you didn't tell him about me?" Estu asked.

"…It never really came up in conversation," she said. "I'm sorry, it's just – it would be weird, now, you know… telling him after all this time. We've been going out a few months now…"

"So you've been lying to him for a few months."

She shook her head. "No! I mean, kinda. I mean, not really, I just left some stuff out when I told him about my life," she said.

"A few things? So what did you tell him about yourself? Probably not a lot," he said. Ami looked down guiltily.

"I… I just told him I'd just moved here from the Eastern Continent – which was true. That I had lived here when I was younger – also true. That… that my dad had died a few months back… so really I just left you out…" Estu shrugged. Ami glared at him. "Don't be like that. It's not my fault. You're the one who left."

"Yeah, after you told me to," Estu countered. Ami twirled her hair, looking cross. Estu inhaled slowly. "I am… sorry, though."

"That's what you said…" she muttered.

Estu sighed and looked around the room. It was small, but nicely decorated; painted a bright cheery yellow with blue book shelves, a blue couch, and a wide window with flowing white curtains. Connected to the living room was a small kitchen, just a tiny stove, sink and refrigerator. Suddenly remembering how hungry he was, Estu moved over to the fridge.

"Mind if I grab something to eat?" he asked. He started digging through the leftovers, taking a box of fried rice and tipping it into his mouth.

"Hey! That was my lunch," Ami protested.

Estu swallowed and replied, "I haven't eaten since yesterday morning." Ami crossed her arms as he finished the rice and looked around for more food.

"Whatever. I'm changing out of this stupid kimono, then we can talk about… whatever you need help with, okay?" She walked over to her room, loudly shutting the door. Estu picked up a Banora apple from the refrigerator and settled onto the sofa.

"What's with the whole kimono thing anyway?" he asked, biting into the apple.

"It's just part of the job," replied Ami.

"Why sell Wutai stuff here anyway? Wouldn't people want stuff from the beach while they're here?" He heard Ami laugh from the other room. It was a nice sound, really - an actual happy laugh, not sarcastic, not bitter.

"You'd be surprised how much business we get," she said. "Mostly 'cause I'm the best employee ever. I can just look at someone and they'll start buying junk," she boasted. Estu rolled his eyes. Right back to your normal, proud self… He finished the apple and tried tossing it into the trash can in the kitchen, only just missing Ami as she exited her room.

"Hey, watch it," she said, now in a purple tank top and tan, tattered, knee-length shorts. She looked from her own clothes to Estu's. "Aren't you hot?" she asked. Estu nodded, unzipping his jacket and shrugging it off.

"Ah! Is that blood?" Ami asked, startled. Estu looked down at the dark red stain he'd been concealing under his jacket all day. Shoot, I forgot about that. Ami walked over and examined the shirt.

"It's fine…" he said, "I mean, it's my blood-"

"Is that supposed to be reassuring?" she asked. Well I thought so… She sat on the couch, distractedly braiding her hair into pigtails. "I'll go to the store. Get you a new shirt. And whatever else you need… I just… I'll talk to you when I get back," she said.

Estu looked up at her. "Why not now?" he asked.

Ami sighed, "Honestly, I'm having a really weird day. And I can't talk to you when you're all bloody, it's just gross."

"It's just blood…"

"Again, is that supposed to be reassuring?" …Yes? "Look," she continued," Raye's got a few of his shirts and I think pair of shorts in the bottom drawer of my dresser… don't look at me like that, they're clean. Just wear those until I get back."

"Why're his clothes here?" Estu asked.

"I am NOT going to explain that to you…" she said blushing. "Anyway, please shower off and get rid of that shirt…" She looked back at him, worried. "How did you even manage to get hurt… never mind. I don't want to know right now. Just… I'm going to go get your stuff."

"Can you get me another hat?" Estu asked, staring cross-eyed at one of the strings that had come loose. Ami nodded, distractedly grabbing a messenger bag. "Black? And a new jacket? Mine's kind of torn up…"

"Yeah, sure," she responded, absent mindedly. She walked to the door, only looking back to gesture for Estu to get moving.

"What is it, Cid?" Vincent finally asked. Cid looked up, glaring. He stepped across the mound of dirt, so he stood face to face with Vincent.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He was being completely serious. Vincent took a step backwards, but Cid, again, closed the distance between them. Vincent stepped back again, and looked at Cid in confusion. Cid repeated himself, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I don't know what you mean by that…" Vincent sighed.

"I mean," Cid said, a vein pulsing in his temple, "Why didn't you tell Reno and Yuffie that Reeve died? Why did you insult Reno and drive him off? Why didn't you say anything just now? Why are you being such a damn jackass?" He jabbed his finger at Vincent's chest.

"I am not a jackass."

Cid's nostrils flared. "Really?" he asked.

Vincent looked him in the eye and said quietly, "I already explained to Reno why I didn't tell him…"

Cid laughed bitterly, "Yeah, an' look how that turned out."

"It is not my fault the man has a temper… anyway, I don't see why you're acting like this."

"I'm actin' like what? Like I actually give a damn about my friends? Like I'm not a #$%ing dumbass who just had to drive off two of our allies?"

"You're mad at me for that?" Vincent asked.

"What gave ya a hint?"

Vincent blew a strand of hair out of his eyes. "I already told you why-"

"Yeah, yeah, somthin' about Reno's flyin'. You gave everyone that damn story. Didn't ya think, just for a moment, that that would hurt his pride? Didn't you think he might take offense to that? His boss bein' dead wasn't enough, was it? Couldn't try to help him, huh?"


Cid rolled his eyes. "You just had to be all icy. Why? You dropped the whole 'I don't care' persona a long time ago." 'I don't care persona'? What is this about?

"You're mad at me because I'm not shaken by Reeve's death? Shouldn't you be happy that I'm taking this well?" Vincent asked.

"You ain't takin' anything well, you haven't reacted. Not at all."

"Not everyone can be as emotional as Reno…"

"Yeah, well not everyone can be as cold as you," Cid said, pushing Vincent back. Vincent stepped away, quickly regaining his balance.

"Highwind," Vincent warned. Cid ignored him, pushing him back again.

"Are you just cold and empty like that to your core? Is your heart made of ice?" Vincent glared and tried to push Cid back.

"Do you even have a heart?" Cid asked angrily. "Or did Hojo cut it out of you?"

That managed to set Vincent off. He lashed out, trying to punch Cid, hurt him in any way he could. Cid did the same. He hit hard, as did Vincent. Vincent didn't care if he got hurt, if he hurt Cid… in the moment all he felt was raw fury, perhaps the first time in years that his blood boiled. Cid punched Vincent squarely in the jaw. He staggered back a few steps, getting dangerously close to the edge of the cliff. "Enough, Cid," Vincent said, still shaking with rage. Cid looked down, trying to catch his breath. Kill him. Vincent's eyes widened. What? He barely noticed his left hand tremble. Kill him. Kill him! "No," Vincent said quietly. Cid stared at him.

"No, what?" he coughed.

Kill him! KILL HIM! NO! Cid stepped forward. "Get away from me!" Vincent shouted. Cid stopped, staring at Vincent, for a moment taken by surprise. Vincent tried to slow his breaths, calm himself down… it didn't seem to be working. No… it wasn't that… he wasn't even angry anymore. Scared? Vincent looked down at his left arm, now shaking violently. No… no… No! Cid reached towards him. "I said get away!" Cid glared at him.

"Oh, screw you! You don't get to just yell after the fight's over," Cid said. Vincent shook his head, holding on to his own arm, desperately trying to stop the shaking. Cid reached towards him. "Look Vince-" he began, a bit more calmly. Vincent watched in horror as his left arm rose up on its own, slashing at Cid. The claw made contact with his arm, tearing through the sleeve of Cid's jacket, drawing blood.

He didn't know if it was just a reflex… like a knee jerk. He didn't know if it was because of anger… all he knew was Cid had pushed him back, and he was plummeting off the cliff, perhaps hundreds of feet into the water below. All he knew was that Cid had pushed him, but he had made him. Vincent had hurt him. But he hadn't meant to. Chaos, on the other hand… I did it, but I didn't do it… Vincent thought, nearing the water. How did this happen?

Estu sat on the floor of the kitchen, wearing Raye's clothes, much too large for him, and a towel, draped over his head in place of a hat. He bit into the second apple he had stolen from the refrigerator. The shiny glass of the oven showed his reflection. Strangely, the Estu in the mirrored surface seemed to be watching him, not directly, but in the edge of his vision, the same way Estu watched while talking to other people. Never direct eye contact… it was almost a rule of sorts for him. But now he got the same treatment from his mirrored image.

Estu wondered if it was weird to be unnerved by his own reflection… not that he strived to be 'normal' in any sense of the word… he knew the effect he had on people, painfully aware of it, really. For whatever reason, people around him tended to become nervous, as if something about him set them on edge. Sometimes he would use that to his advantage, but now his reflection seemed to have the same effect on him. Maybe I'm just crazy… Is it weird to wonder that?

He looked at his face, the scar across his cheek stood out more than he'd noticed before. That will be an interesting story to tell… He didn't want to tell her anything, not when it had all ended in failure. All he had to show for everything he had done was a set of coded files. I wonder if she's going to hate me more or less. A full year and I still haven't figured out what Dad meant by 'the connection.'

A full year… I can't believe it's been that long. A year had passed since his dad's death. Even though the man was actually Ami's father by blood, he had loved Estu, protected him, and taught him how to get by in the world. In turn, Estu became rather attached. He had never said he loved his adopted father, but, looking back, he supposed he did. At the very least, he respected him. And he was possibly the only person in the world that Estu truly trusted.

He had hidden his sickness well. He didn't know how to explain to his children. He was a man of secrets, after all. It wasn't until his last week that Estu and Ami found out, not until he was too weak to leave his own bed. Ami had cried a lot at the time. Estu fought to hold back his emotions, retain his stoic demeanor, keep strong, not cry, not show his pain, not cry… It took a lot. It would have been easier to just get upset, but for reasons he didn't understand, he couldn't. Or perhaps he just didn't want to… he didn't know. He could still remember the last words though.

"Ami," he had coughed. "Ami… I need you to take care of your brother."

She shook her head. "Don't say that Dad! You're not going to die!"

"I know… you've only known him… a few short years… but…please…" he reached towards her, twirling her hair around his finger, a last, affectionate jab at her habit of doing the same when stressed or nervous. She couldn't do anything but beg, quietly.

"Please, Dad… don't…"

Their father turned to Estu. "I'm sorry… my son…" Estu said nothing. For once, he couldn't look his own Dad in the eye, even though he was usually the exception - him and Ami. "I'm sorry… I never got a chance… to tell you… where you came from…" Estu shook his head. He wished he could remember, but everything beyond the three years that he had stayed with them was like a blur. Not even like a blur, really, but like a cruelly blank canvas - white and foreboding and utterly empty.

"I wish…" he started, voice choked from holding back grief. "I wish I could remember."

"There… isn't time… now…" his father said. "What you need to do… find the connection… between you, Deepground, Hojo, Weiss…"

"Weiss?" Estu said, shakily. The name seemed oddly familiar. Almost like it came from a half forgotten dream. "So I should find him?" he asked.

"No," his father said, with sudden urgency. "You can't approach him directly. Just find what connects you… him...s…" he never finished the sentence. He coughed several times before weakly beginning again. "You... Weiss…Weiss…" He fell silent.

"Dad?" Ami said. "Dad… please…" she reached for his wrist. No pulse. Thin ribbons of green light encircled his body. Ami shook her head. "No! Don't leave me! Dad, please don't go!" Estu had stood, starting towards the door. "Please… You never got to say you loved me… you never said goodbye…"

Estu shivered in spite of the heat. Most days, he kept himself from thinking back to that day. He could only assume that Ami did the same. But she had gotten so upset with him… said that her – that was the first time she emphasized ownership- her father had wasted his last words on him. He didn't understand why. He had told her she was being stupid… and she had told him to get out. So he left, not giving her any word for nearly a month. Finally his conscience got the better of him, but when he returned to their house, she was gone. A crumpled note underneath a rock was all that was left. A hastily written address in Costa Del Sol, a tiny blurb, just a few sentences saying she missed the sunshine, missed the crowds… Could the heat of the sun melt away the cold numbness that gripped her? Either way, he sent a letter, telling her not to respond. He had started traveling then, so there wouldn't be anywhere to send it to. After the first letter, he lost the address and couldn't remember it. So that was it… he didn't speak to her again until that day.

But that was all in the past… today, she seemed mostly receptive… mostly being the key word. Maybe I still have a chance to get her on my side.

A field of grass, an ancient oak, flowers – it was becoming almost routine for Vincent. He didn't move. He sat in the field, hoping to wake up soon. A clear, concerned voice rang in his ear. "You okay, Vincent?" Aerith asked. Vincent rolled his eyes. He didn't have time for his friend's ghost, or hallucination, or dream, or whatever this place was.

"I fell off a cliff." It was a simple statement, though admittedly, not one that was said very often.

"You fell?" she asked. "People do a lot of falling… two of my friends fell right into my flower garden."

"That's not really funny," Vincent said bitterly. She shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess not, considering the circumstances." She sat next to him, toying with one of the flowers next to his arm. I'm starting to hate flowers… do flowers just mean death and bad luck?

"I'm really getting sick of this place," Vincent said. "What is this all, anyway? Some sort of Limbo? Purgatory? What's the point of it if I'm just going to get back up?" She blinked, confused.

"Do you really think it's that bad? I mean, you have to go somewhere, you know."

He shook his head. "No, I don't know… I don't know anything, anymore. Am I alive? Dead? Both? Neither? Do you know what that's like? No, you just make jokes about it." Aerith looked a bit upset.

"I'm sorry…" she said quietly. "I guess you're right. I don't really know… I was alive though, and now I'm not… does that count for anything?" There was a hint of sadness in her voice. Vincent felt guilty almost right away.

"Don't be sorry," he said. "I just… I think I'm going insane." He really did, or at the very least, he was losing control of himself, and he had no idea why. "I didn't mean to…" I didn't mean to do so many things… She looked up at him, wide green eyes glowing with an eerie light, fringe of hair framing her face. She had always reminded him of Lucrecia, but he knew better now, knew that she was encased in her own prison, not truly alive or dead. Somehow, this resemblance made him feel worse.

"You told me that once… a long time ago. Do you remember, Vincent?" He looked up, confused. Can she hear my thoughts here?

"Pretty much. I mean, you can't really speak, you just think you are. So thoughts and words are really the same thing." That's hardly fair. Yes, though, he did remember the conversation they had… it wasn't long after he had joined the others. He didn't really fit in with everyone else, but she had reached out to him, much more that Nanaki or Yuffie or even Tifa.

"Yeah, I remember… I told you about me…her… no one else. Only you. And I told you back then that I didn't know what I was going to do after we found Hojo. You told me…"

"Keep on moving…" she said.

"You can get through anything…" he finished. "I'm not so sure anymore..." I'm not sure about anything... If I'm not in control of my life, what's the point? What am I? My own person? Chaos's pawn? Why does this have to happen now? What does it mean? Perhaps I'm just weak... I'm weak and-

"Quit brooding, it really makes you sound silly," she scolded. Vincent smiled a bit. Maybe she's right. But there's still the matter of what happened on the cliff. Am I in control? I will be. I need to be.

"That's the spirit," she said. Vincent sighed.

"You know, that really isn't a fair power," Vincent said. She grinned.

"Yeah, but neither is immortality."

Estu almost jumped when he heard the door open again. Ami strolled into the living room, then kitchen. Her lips quirked at the sight of him, towel on his head, still munching on the contents of her fridge. She tossed him a new pair of clothes. Estu looked at the shirt. "Orange."

"Yeah, I know you like gray better, but they didn't have it. That okay?" Anything would be better than orange… don't tell her that… He nodded. He quickly dressed in the bathroom, then returned to the living room, adjusting a new hat.

"You're lucky it's October. They usually don't have anything but baseball caps and sun hats. The beanies are a winter special." Too bad it doesn't feel like winter… Estu sat down.

"So," Ami began, "What's going on with you?" Oh boy…

"It's kind of a long story… I'm not sure where to start… I guess, I'll just tell you what happened this week that got me here. The rest, well nothing much happened. Nothing important anyway. It was a few days ago that I got to Junon, I'd been exchanging letters with this guy named Mark…"

He told her about what had happened in Junon, about his deal with Mark, spying on Argento and Azul, the fight, the escape. Throughout his story, she had listened with a slightly worried expression.

"So… what's wrong then? I mean, you got the files you needed, right?" she finally asked. Estu stood and retrieved the folder from where he'd set it across the room. He handed it to her, and she opened it.

"Is this a code?" Estu nodded. "…And… you said that Mark… he died, right?" He nodded again.

"He tried to fight the Deepground soldiers. I just grabbed this and ran." Estu wondered if that made him a coward. I couldn't have done much… well I could have but… I told his stupid nephew to go find someplace safe. That's something right? Not really…

"So… there really isn't anyone who can decode it?" Ami asked.

"You would need the password…" I wonder if … what's his name… Tony? Maybe he knew… no. I doubt it. He never knew what I was there for.

"So what are you going to do now?" Ami asked.

"I don't really know. That's really why I came. I thought, maybe you'd have an idea."

"Maybe you should just sleep on it. I mean, you're a smart kid, you'll think of something, right?"

"Yeah, maybe," Estu said. In truth, he had the beginnings of a new plan, though he was sure that Ami wouldn't like it.

Vincent opened his eyes. He studied the world around him, trying to get a feel for where he was. Dark… but there's sunlight… rocks… ow. His lungs were burning. He coughed, trying to expel the ocean water he must have breathed in. He felt a thud on his back, Cid sat near him, completely drenched as Vincent. I fell in the water… did he pull me out?

"Are you all right?" Cid finally asked. Vincent nodded, then realized how ridiculous he looked, saying he was fine right after drowning - the salty, bitter taste of the sea still lingering on his tongue. They were in the shade, sitting on a rock at the base of the cliff. The cliff…

"I… I fell off a cliff," he said again… or was it the first time he'd said that for real?

"Actually, I kinda shoved you off," Cid said. Vincent nodded, not really knowing how to respond… Cid looked just as awkward as he did, which gave him a bit of comfort.

"Are you mad at me, still?" Vincent asked. Cid laughed.

"Are you mad at me? I… kind of overreacted back there. And mentioning the whole… Hojo thing… that was just shit. I shouldn't have… Anyway, like I said, I overreacted… I'm sorry."

Vincent thought for a moment. "You overreacted, I underreacted… does that make us even?"

"Yeah, and anyway, you fell offa a cliff…I pushed ya off… and you scratched up my arm, so…double even." Vincent's stomach sank at the mention him scratching at Cid.

"Actually… I didn't… I… I didn't do that on purpose."

"Yeah, I know you were all pissed at me…"

"No, I mean… I didn't move my arm, I was trying not to… it just happened on its own." Cid raised an eyebrow. "I don't know what's going on… I keep sleepwalking, and now this."

Cid exhaled. "That's… that's not good…"

"I don't know why, it's as though I'm not in complete control, but… I don't know when he… " Vincent swallowed, nervously. Cid seemed to understand exactly who he meant by 'he.'

"This hasn't been going on long, huh?"

Vincent though back, the first night that they were in Junon had been the first time he'd sleepwalked, but before that his claw had closed suddenly. That had been right around the time that Chaos stopped talking. "I don't know what to do… What if he takes over? I can't…"

"I'll keep an eye on you. Just… I dunno, be careful. If something like that happens, I won't let you hurt nobody," Cid said. Vincent sighed in relief.

"Thank you."

Vincent looked up at the cliff above. He must have fallen at least a hundred feet, maybe more. How are we getting back up… wait… "Er… Cid? How'd you get down here?"

"I climbed."

"…Huh." They both sat in silence for a minute. Cid reached behind him for his box of cigarettes, apparently tucked safely away before he tried saving Vincent from drowning. He held the box out to Vincent, a gesture of peace. Vincent didn't particularly care for smoking; for whatever reason, they didn't have much of an effect on him anymore. But he took one, all the same.

He thought that he'd be okay. He would just need to be careful, and figure out why he lost control. A new goal on his ever growing list that had to be kept up since the explosion.

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