Chapter 8


Wesker was angry that Bison broke their alliance. His psycho power is something he wanted to study in his experiments.

"He's a fool, I knew it since you decided on this alliance," spoke up a voice.

Turning around from his chair, he noticed two portals appearing. From the first portal walked out Doctor Wily. He noticed Jedah appearing from the other portal. Wesker took a good look at both men; Dr. Wily was a short man but quite possibly one of the leading men in robotics. Looking at Jedah caused him some excitement. The man resembled a BOW but was a humanoid bat. Putting on his sunglasses, he stood up from his seat.

"Gentlemen, good of you to show up," he said. "Before we continue I need to ask, are you going to trust me or are you going to betray me like Bison?"

Aoharu City

Walking through the crowd of people gathered, Kash found this scenery exciting. A cross promotional tournament between the different schools in the city. Karin had explained that although many people were entering, in the end only eight students would be competing, four males and four females. They walked inside the gates and saw a podium set up. Kash saw all around the name MASTERS thrown about.

"So the Masters are the people who are hosting this competition?" he asked.
"The Masters Foundation is one of the biggest companies known worldwide," said Karin rubbing her forehead.

"It's even bigger than the Kanzuki Corporation," said Hinata nonchalantly.
"The Masters may be big now, but they shouldn't overlook the Kanzuki," said Karin laughing loudly.

Kash looked at her oddly, and then noticed that someone was approaching the podium. It was a young man in a business suit, before he even got to ask who it was, he got his answer.

"Karin look!" Sakura yelled out. "It's Ken who showed up, maybe Ryu is close by."
"He's here on Masters business, so I doubt it," she said rubbing her chin. "Plus that man is usually difficult for Ken to locate anyway."

"Who's Ryu?" Kash asked confused.

Sakura, Hinata and Karin looked at Kash with a shocked look on their faces. For a moment Kash thought someone was behind him and he turned to check. Noticing no one is there; he looked back at them and pointed at himself.

"You guys giving me that face?" he asked.

The three nodded their heads at him.

"Ryu was the winner of the World Warriors tournament after beating Sagat," said Sakura smiling. "It's because of him, that I got into martial arts, I want him to train me one day."
"Ryu is a big name fighter, a lot of people know who he is, what do you live under a rock or something?" questioned Karin.
"I'm not from around here?" he responded back scratching his cheek.
"Look I think Ken is about to speak," pointed out Hinata.

A man came up to him and handed him a clipboard. Looking around the audience, he began to talk.

"Everyone welcome to the Masters Foundation invitational!" he said loudly. "Some of you know who I am, others probably do not. I am Ken Masters, the heir to the Masters Foundation. As you all know, this tournament is an opportunity to learn from the strengths of others; to produce a stronger, more solid foundation for tomorrow, between all the schools in Aoharu City."

As he uttered those lines, all the people in attendance started clapping, Kash clapped even though he really just wanted to see the fights at this point. He continued on with his speech.

"While this is a friendly competition between the schools, the winners shall receive an individual scholarship worth $1,000 dollars and the winning school shall also receive a donation courtesy of the Masters Foundation," he said and began to look at the clipboard. "In my hands I have the names of the eight students who will be participating in this competition. But before I announce those names, please help me in welcoming the staff who has decided to assist me with this competition."

Some adults that were on the side begin to enter the stage and line up side by side. The first man was wearing a tie and glasses, the second was a woman holding a clipboard and what looked like a nurse's jacket; the third was wearing a track suit. The man with the tie and glasses whispered something to Ken and Ken said something right back to him, before returning to the microphone.

"It seems that the Principal of Justice High is feeling a bit under the weather so it will be these three teachers assisting me," he said before turning and telling the first man to step forward. "Everyone please give a welcome to Justice High's Japanese Language teacher, Hideo Shimazu."

The man stepped forward and bowed at the crowd and quickly took the microphone.

"I am happy to be here and hope you all have fun!" he yelled into the mic before returning it back to Ken.

Next Ken motioned the woman to come closer.

"Please welcome Justice High's nurse, Kyoko Minazuki," he said and gave her the mic.

"Everyone I hope you enjoy yourselves and try not to hurt one another," she said in a polite tone of voice before returning the mic to Ken.

Finally it was the last guy's turn to be introduced. Before Ken got a chance to, he took the mic from him and did it himself.

"You guys all know who I am, Hayato Nekketsu, Taiyo High's Physical Education teacher," he yelled swinging a wooden sword around. "If I see one of you not giving it your all, I'll go out there and hit you with this Shinai."

He handed Ken the microphone and walked to a nearby chair and sat down with shinai in hand, Kyoko and Hideo followed him and as soon as they sat down, Kash saw what looked to him as the two of them chastising him for what he just said. Ken stared at them with a look of bewilderment before returning to the list.

"Now, here are the students who will be competing, we took the names of all students who entered and a computer generated for us the participants," he said turning over a sheet on the clipboard. "The following are the female contestants for this competition!"

Kash saw Sakura and Hinata crossing their fingers with their eyes closed, Karin meanwhile shook her head at them.

"Not going to do it too for good luck?" he asked her.

"I am a Kanzuki, we don't believe in luck!" she said putting her hands on her hips.

"Representing Seijyun Girls High School, Akira Kazama!" he yelled out.

A girl wearing a black and red biker outfit appeared, as she got up on the stage, she took her jacket off and wrapped it around her waist leaving her with an army tank top. She waved to the audience and was motioned to stand next to Ken.

"Representing Taiyo High School, Hinata Wakaba!" he yelled out.

Hinata screamed for joy and jumped up and down with Sakura holding hands. Karin smiled as did Kash who started yelling for her as she ran to the stage. Kash got a look as she stood next to Akira and saw she looked a bit smaller when compared to the other girl.

"Representing Tamagawa Minami High School, Sakura Kasugano!" he yelled out before putting a look of shock.

Sakura jumped up and down in excitement and hugged Kash and Karin. She ran to the stage almost tripping on her way up it. As she got next to Hinata to start hugging her, she looked at Ken who looked at her. She waved at him and he waved back before returning back to the list. Kash looked at Karin who was now crossing her fingers with her eyes closed.

"I thought the Kanzuki didn't believe in luck," he said mocking her speech tone.
"There's only one spot left and I haven't been named yet, at this point I'm hoping for luck," she said to him.

Kash looked at Sakura and Hinata who were crossing their fingers too.

"The last participant, representing Justice High, Cammy White!" he yelled out.

Karin couldn't believe it, Kash tried to put his arm around her to console her but she pushed his hand away. Sakura and Hinata on stage also had a look of surprise on their faces. From a corner, walked out a girl in a Justice High School jacket, she took the jacket off and revealed a blue leotard outfit with a matching hat on top. She had red gauntlets on her arm and her blonde hair was split into very long pigtails. She slowly walked up to where the other girls were standing.

"Ladies and Gentlemen these are the ladies who will be competing!" he said clapping.

The audience started to clap and make a ton of noise. Kyoko however wasn't clapping. Hideo noticed this and leaned close to talk to her.

"What's wrong Kyoko?" he asked her.
"Hideo, this school barely has females so I can tell you for a fact, that girl is not a student of ours," she said concerned.
"Are you sure? She could be a recent transfer that you might be unaware of," he reassured her.

Unconvinced, she sat with a look of concern staring at Cammy.

"Now let us introduce the male participants!" he shouted out.

The crowd started getting a bit more excited than they did when the females were announced. Ken motioned for them to lower their voice so he can announce the participants. Karin meanwhile motioned for Kash to follow her.

"Representing Taiyo High School, Kyosuke Kagami!" he yelled out.
"Kyosuke!" yelled Hinata.

A man wearing a white outfit and eye glasses appeared; he walked on stage and patted Hinata on her shoulders as he walked to the opposite side from where they were.

"Representing Pacific High School, Boman Delgado!" he yelled.

A dark skinned student with a blonde mohawk appeared. He did what looked like a silent prayer before walking towards the stage; he was wearing a blue suit jacket with white pants. Compared to the first guy, he was much bigger.

"I didn't think Boman would enter," said Karin dragging Kash by the hand through the mob. "Even though he's a big guy, he hates fighting."

Karin brought them to the area where the teacher sat; she motioned to seats behind the teachers and sat down. The teachers turned around and looked at them both as Kash sat down.

"Before you ask, yes we are allowed to sit here," she said with her eyes closed and arms crossed. "I am Karin Kanzuki, heir to the Kanzuki. This is my VIP seating area."

They turned their attention back at Ken who was announcing the next student.

"Representing Gorin High School, Roberto Miura!" he yelled.

A boy appeared wearing what looked like a soccer uniform, ball in hand, he ran to the stage and joined the other guys. He shook the ball above his head to rile the crowd up.

"Finally, from Gedo High School, Daigo Kazama!" he yelled.

Akira looked in shock when the name was called out and looked around. A tall man appeared in a bluish-green looking uniform. Walking towards the stage, Kash noticed his left eye had a scar running through it. As he got on stage, he walked by the females and Akira tried calling him.

"Brother? Is that you?" she questioned him.

He walked by her before stopping and acknowledged her before continuing on.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, these are your participants, may you make your schools proud!" he yelled. "Gentlemen you may have a seat over on this side as we will have the females compete first."

Ken motioned the guys to a seating area to the opposite side of where Kash was sitting at. The four of them walked over and sat down. Ken began to look at the chart in the last page that determined the first match. Cammy stared at Daigo as he sat relaxing. He looked towards her momentarily and looked away. Cammy talked into a transmitter she had in her ear.

"Visual on target – 98% correlation with sample data," she said.
"Good Cammy," said a voice in her head. "Let the others know as well, let them worry about it as you focus on the tournament. Do not blow your cover."
"Yes Sir!" she said back.

Two girls walked towards the edge of the platform, Cammy walked to the edge and spoke to them.

"Our target is Gedo High School's representative. Do not let anything else obscure your vision," she said to the girls.

"Yes sir!" said the first girl.
"Sir!" said the second girl.

The girls moved away as Ken announced the first fight.

"The first fight will be between Taiyo High School's Hinata taking on Justice High School's Cammy!" he yelled to the roar of the crowd.

"GO HINATA!" yelled Kash from his seat.

Sakura and Akira moved to the same area as the boys as Ken moved the podium out the way. He moved to sit next to the teachers as he noticed Karin. Whispering something in Hayato's ear first, he sat down as Hayato got up and walked towards the stage.

"Kanzuki, I expected you to be in this competition," he spoke to Karin.
"I planned on it Ken but it seems I wasn't lucky as they put it," she said.

Ken looked at Kash who was looking around the area.

"Is this a friend of yours?" he asked her.
"More like a friend of Sakura and Hinata," she said. "Introduce yourself commoner."
"Quit calling me that," said Kash nudging her on her arm. "My name is Kash."

Kash extended his arm to shake Ken who returned the handshake. Looking around the area, he quickly stood up and began to move.

"Where are you going?" asked Karin. "Hinata's match is about to start in any second."
"I have to use the restroom," he said walking away.
"Honestly he's so weird, then again Sakura does have a few odd friends," she said to Ken.
"You can say that again," he responded.

Hayato talked to both girls and grabbed the microphone.

"Both girls are ready, so let the fight begin!" he yelled.