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Light streaked through the little crack in the window into the deserted corridor. A pink-haired girl raced down the hallway, dragging along her things.

Crap. Akari-san is going to be so mad...She thought, grunting as her gym bag bumped against her leg.

The black binder suddenly slipped out of her grasp and fell to the floor, scattering its remains. "Damn it." The girl cursed as she struggled to gather her things together, "Great, now all my music is out of order."

A soft tune floated out of the room in which she had stopped in front of. She straightened up and edged towards the door, trying to get a better hear. She closed her eyes as she became mesmerized by the song. It was like a soft lullaby. Without noticing, she tripped and fell against the door, creating a loud thump against the door. The music inside stopped abruptly and she quickly covered her mouth with shock, mentally cursing her clumsiness. She reached for the door handle.

"I'm so sor-" She opened the door and began, just to face an empty classroom.

A breeze passed by through an open window, blowing her hair back. Whoever the player was had disappeared without a trace...


A loud shriek came from outside the doorway. Amu groaned and threw a pillow at the noise. The little brown-haired girl squinted her amber eyes and swatted the pillow away.

"Amu-chan~~You have to wake up for schoooolll!" Ami whined.

The lump under the covers didn't move.

"I'm telling Akari~~!" She sang. The lumped shot up and the covers threw off to reveal a very alert Amu. "I'm up, I'm up. Just whatever you do, don't get her." She warned.

"You know I would never. God that woman's a creep..." Ami rolled her eyes and walked out. Amu collapsed back in bed and covered her face with her pillow, wishing for 5 more minutes of-



"Alright so we are now going on the phys-Why thank you for joining us, Hinamori-san. Please take a seat and we'll talk about it after class." The teacher said, gesturing to Amu's seat. The class snickered as she quickly walked to her seat.

"Don't worry, she's just being a bitch since Souma glued a tack to her chair this morning. You should of seen her face!" Utau whispered to the disgruntled girl as she sat down near the window where her seat was. She rolled her eyes. That kid is all trouble. AND he's spoiled rich with money and good charms. No wonder why every girl in the school is sluts for him. Besides, he's best friends with that senior Tsukiyomi Ikuto. She thought bitterly.

She glanced at the brown-haired boy in the back of the classroom. He was lounging about staring boredly out the window. He caught her eye and winked. Amu glared and whipped to the front...

...Just to come face to face with her teacher.

"Being late is one thing but not paying attention in class is another. What do have the say for yourself, Hinamori? Would you like me to report you to your parents? Do you think they'll appreciate having a phone call from school saying that you've been late 3 times in a row, dozed off in class, and have straight D's?" The teacher yelled.

The pinkette winced but sat up straight in her seat. "I'll have you know that I have an A in orchestra!" She retorted.

"And I'll have you know that you will be spending the rest of science class in the principal's office!"

Damn me and my big mouth... She thought bitterly, gathering up her stuff and sulking towards the door.

Utau mouthed 'I'm sorry' but Amu just shrugged. Closing the door behind her, Amu sunk to the ground with her head in her hands. She sat for a while before hearing footsteps approaching and she shot up, racing towards the main office. She passed a familiar room and paused in front of it.

Oh yea, this is where I heard that music yesterday...I wonder who it was... She shook off the thought and arrived in front of the principal's office.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Ah yes, Ms. Hinamori. Please, have a seat. I was expecting you." She smiled warmly.

No duh. She thought sarcastically.

"Thanks...listen, I'm really sor-"

"You know, Ms. Hinamori, if you don't get your grades up soon you will not be able to participate in the trip to Italy with your orchestra group." She said, cutting the flustered girl off.

"Wait but-"

"I know this may seem cruel and abrupt, but you will be assigned to a tutor or this will have to be a call to home and much worse consequences." She cut off again.

Jeez, would people quit cutting me off and let me speak for at least 5 freaking seconds? Amu thought exasperatedly.

"I will let you know at the end of school who your tutor will be for I will have to consult with them first." The principal continued. "You will go to their house every day that is a weekday, understand?"


"Understand?" The principal repeated slowly, giving Amu 'The Look'.

"I understand..." Amu sighed.

"Good, now head towards your 4th period elective, you don't want to be late for that, now do you?" Amu shook her head furiously and ran out.

The principal looked at the slammed-shut door and shook her head.

"I really hope she learns..."

Amu stepped through the door just as the bell rang. She silently cheered and began unpacking her stuff for orchestra. She tuned her violin and sat in her chair.

"Alright class. As you all know, the field trip to Italy is in two weeks." The class cheered. "..But we have to be ready by then!" The teacher said seriously. "There will be some higher-leveled orchestra players joining us on the trip to accompany each of you and tutor you while you're there. We want to be in tip-top shape for the concert. Got it?"

"Got it!" The class chorused back.

"Great! Now let's get to work!"


Amu raced out of the classroom to the lunchroom.

...Just to drop her stuff...


"Damn this bad luck!" She muttered angrily under her breath.

"Hey babe, need some help there?" A reeking familiar voice floated past my ears.

"No thanks. Kukai." The pinkette growled. He ignored her, bending down the pick the stuff up. The girl sighed and gave in. She stood up, reaching for the stack of papers in his hands when suddenly, he pulled her in and kissed her full in the lips.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Amu yelled. She snatched her papers out of his hands and ran down the hallway before bumping into a hard chest. She looked up and her golden eyes met with midnight-blue ones.

The face that it belonged to smirked, its perfect lips curving up slightly as if taunting her.

"Like what you see, girly?" He whispered seductively into the mesmerized girl's ear before strutting off to his group of friends, including Kukai.

She shook herself and tried to calm her racing heart, quickly striding towards the lunchroom.

"Where were you?" Utau exclaimed, her blond pigtails whipping around as she spun to face the flustered girl at the table.

"Hell." Amu replied plainly. "And are your clothes even school appropriate?"

Utau shifted uncomfortably and tugged down her mini-skirt a bit. "Nevermind that, I heard you kissed Kukai!" She shrieked, looking a bit jealous.

"And that's a good thing because...Wait, how did you know? That happened like, just a minute ago!" Amu exclaimed.

"Girl, news travels fast around here. Besides, why is it a bad thing? He is SO hot!" Utau sighed dreamily. She took a glance at Amu who was sitting there with raised eyebrows. "I mean, he's so not!" She scoffed pathetically, taking a bite out of her pizza.

"Whatever. I can't believe the field trip is in two weeks!" Amu shrieked. "I'm so excited!"

"Ooo la la. Cute Italian boys..." Utau nudged the excited girl.

"Pssh...I'm not there for the-" Utau stared at Amu. "...Fine...OMG boys!" She shrieked. The two girls jumped up and down in their seats with ecstasy.

"Oh wait.." Amu froze.

"What?" Utau urged.

"I have to get tutored and raise my grade or I can't go..." Amu slumped.

"Don't worry, your grade will be better in no time. Here, I can tutor you!" The blond said excitedly.

"Can't. Principal's assigning me." The two girls slumped and sighed in unison.

"Oh well. Just bear with it for two weeks then you can go to Italy~~!" Utau sang. Amu smiled. She knew she could always count on her friend to cheer her up. They laughed together and chattered on about other school things for the rest of the period.

"Amu! Hinamori Amu!" A voice called from down the corridor.

Amu turned to see her principal running down the hall.

"Good news. I've asked the student if he was willing to tutor you. He said yes and you can start tomorrow at his house!"

Amu began to have a bad feeling.

"Your new tutor will be Tsukiyomi Ikuto!"



Ikuto: Is this going to be a Kukamu story?...Or Amukai? Whatever it is?

Cali: No...Didn't you see, you're tutoring her...

Amu: ...Great, another tutor story. Half of the ones I've read are rated M and just plain NASTY!

Ikuto: *Wiggles eyebrows* So you want to make the little fairytale come true?

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Ikuto: *Chases*

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