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Ikuto: Hey, that'll be fun you MOTHER FU-

Cali: *Glare*

Ikuto: ...Heh...

Cali: *Sweet, innocent voice* Ikuto-kun...

Ikuto: *Nervous* Yes...?

Cali: *Continues in sweet voice* Have I ever told you that I really hate your guts and that I dream of murdering you in your sleep everyday?

Ikuto: Um...No?


Ikuto: Um...Cali doesn't own Shugo Chara?

"EEEEEEKKK!" A shrill voice shrieked.

Amu winced at the high pitched loud noise. "Do you mind? Some people are trying to keep their hearing before they turn 80 years old..." She grumbled.

"Sorry," The blond smiled meekly, "It's just that I CAN'T believe a SENIOR is tutoring you!"

"Yea. Shocker." Amu said sarcastically. "Ug I am SO not looking forward to after school..."

Utau suddenly shot up and widened her eyes. She slowly turned toward her best friend, who was currently slumped over on her desk moaning and groaning. "Amu, what if he...rapes you...?"

She immediately knew that it was the wrong thing to say.

Amu slowly looked up with a glare and a evil aura surrounded her. "Why the hell would he do that?" She asked slowly with a dark tone. "I barely KNOW the guy!"

"Oh but I've heard rumors about him. People say he's a player that goes clubs every night." Utau said in a matter-of-factly voice.

"That is so cliche! God Utau, you really need to stop reading those online fanfics...Besides, even if he does go to clubs every night, he's not going now 'cause I'M gonna be there...sadly." Amu rolled her eyes.

"But come on Amu, he's got the looks, he's got the attitude, add it up and it equals player! Have you SEEN the looks he gets from all the girls? If I were you, I would fear for my life now. Who knows how many girls would kill to be with his house...with nobody arou-"


Amu sighed. Utau just didn't understand. All she ever thought about was whatever she read on those online fanfics. And usually, they're about a player falling for an ordinary girl. Then the end is usually about...stuff.

"What stuff?" A voice interrupted her train of thought.

Amu jolted from her dazed state. She didn't realize she had been speaking out loud. "Huh? I didn't say anything." She said, trying to cover up.

"Yea you were. You were mumbling to yourself about stories about players and girls."

Amu looked up to meet two deep blue eyes staring back at her. "Woah." She said, bewildered. Then she realized that she was at her tutor's house.

"Nevermind. Can we just get back to studying? That's what you're here for, right?" The teenage boy sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"Yea...I guess..." Amu said, unsure of herself. Did she really blank out that long? She shook the thought away quickly and focused on the problem before her.

'Factor the expression: x(a+2)-2(a+2) '

Amu grumbled irritably. She absolutely hated math. She began to reach for her textbook to look for the answer when a large hand grabbed hers. She immediately blushed, noticing the warmth and comfort of the hand.

"W-what are yo-" She began, stuttering.

"You haven't even tried the problem yet. Here, let me go through the steps with you. He grabbed her hand, the one with the pencil in it, and wrote down the steps to solving the problem. She tried to focus on how to solve the problem, but all she could think about was how close they were and how comfortable his hands felt holding hers.

"-you got it?" A voice interrupted.

"Huh?" She said blankly.

Ikuto sighed and leaned back into his chair. "You know, if you don't focus, you won't be able to understand it. And you know you need to pass math to be able to go on your field trip to Italy." He said seriously.

Amu exhaled and slumped in her chair. "Yea I know, I'm just a bit distracted. I can't focus right now. Can we take a break?"

Ikuto nodded. "You hungry? We can go grab a snack from the kitchen."

Amu shrugged and followed him out of the room. She just noticed how big his house was. The interior was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. The walls were decorated with portraits of pictures and paintings, the glossy wooden floors were covered with beautiful rugs, and multiple flower vases were set on all the tables with many exotic flowers.

"Sweet place." Amu observed.

"Thanks, belongs to my step dad." Ikuto said.

Amu wondered what happened to his biological father but didn't dare ask. She stared at the back of Ikuto's head. thinking that he wasn't so bad after all, considering how they met the first time.

'Like what you see girly?'

The scene played over in her head, his seductive voice ringing in her ears.

Rustling came from inside the kitchen pantry and Ikuto emerged with a bag of chips and two cokes. He turned and got two glasses, filled them with ice, and poured the soda in. Amu watched as he shuffled around the kitchen then asked timidly, "Ikuto, do girls follow you around a lot?"

Ikuto looked up in surprise. "What?"

Amu rocked back on her heels nervously and asked again timidly, "I mean, it seems like you're the type that girls would follow around a lot. Besides you're friends with Souma..." She growled at the name.

Ikuto chuckled. "If by that you mean that I have 5 fanclubs who follow me around constantly and swoon whenever I look at them, then yea. Why ask so suddenly?"

Amu paused then said, "It's just that one of my obsessive friends was talking about you today. She called you a player." She admitted sheepishly.

"Nah, I'm not really that type of guy, well on the inside I'm not." He said.

"What do you mean?"

"It's just that...I guess I'm kind of expected to act like a player. My older brother was one so apparently I have to be too. It gets really annoying sometimes, not being able to be yourself." He shrugged, taking a sip of his drink.

"She also said you went to clubs to see strippers..." Amu whispered quickly.

Ikuto choked on his drink. "What? I go to clubs but not for that reason! I work there."

"Oh...OH! I'm so sorry!" Amu apologized quickly.

"It's fine. I get that a lot actually. Now who was your little friend's name again?"

"Utau. Hoshina Utau." Amu said, smiling.

Ikuto stopped, mid-drink. "Is there something wrong, Ikuto?" Amu said, worried.

Ikuto snapped out of it. "No, everything's fine. Why don't we go upstairs and work on homework a little more?" He said quickly, not meeting the confused girl in the eye.

Puzzled, Amu followed him upstairs into the study.


"Thanks again Ikuto!" Amu called over her shoulder.

Ikuto nodded but didn't say anything. He closed the door behind him and slid to the ground.

"God Utau..." He whispered.

"So after you told him about me, he just stop speaking?" Utau asked excitedly.

"Yea, except when he was explaining things to me." Amu sighed.

"Maybe he knew me before...Maybe we were dating and then I got brainwashed somehow and then I was sent somewhere else and then-"

Amu looked and Utau with raised eyebrows with a 'really?' expression on her face.

"Fine...I was just hoping..." Utau pouted. Amu shook her head and turned her attention back to her nails.

She had gone from Ikuto's house straight to Utau's house. She hated going home to her step mother. Besides, Ami was at her friend's house and her dad was working late. She didn't want to be stuck home with her 'loving' step parent.

"Whatever. Let's just go to sleep now. I'm exhausted..." Amu grumbled, falling back onto her air mattress and putting a pillow on her head. She pretended to snore loudly and Utau giggled. Amu smiled against her pillow and closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to overtake her.

"Alright, back to measure 20!" The teacher said.

Amu lifted her violin to her chin and closed her eyes, drawing her bow across the violin's strings. The beautiful melody flowed from the sleek instrument as she breathed in the musky wooden smell. This was the only time she felt at peace. Just her and her violin.


-And the rest of her orchestra class.

Amu sighed and began packing up her thing for her next class. She had just stepped out of the door when she heard, "Hey babe!"

She stopped and rolled her eyes. Balling up her hands into fists, she spun around.

"What the hell do you want, Souma?" She growled.

The brunette smiled. "Hey babe, we're all friends here. No need to use the last name."

"Right, friends. Uh, I don't think so...Souma." Amu squinted her eyes with anger.

"So I hear you're hanging out with my bud, Ikuto. You guys dating or what?" Kukai smirked.

(Inappropriate warning!)

"No, he's my tutor. It's just a friendly teacher-student relationship. Not that you would know, seeing that just about every student teacher you meet falls for you and you end up fucking in the janitor's closet. 'Oh baby, harder!'" Amu imitated, pretending to hump someone.

Kukai's friends snickered as Kukai narrowed his eyes.

"You better watch it, Hinamori. Next you know, it'll be YOU I'll be 'humping' in the closet. You think Ikuto's just being nice to you? He's just a player and he's just doing his job. Playing with you and your feelings." Kukai growled under his breath, forcing Amu's chin up with a finger. She snatched his hand away and stormed away, her heart racing with a mixture of anger and fear.

She suddenly bumped into somebody.

"Hey, you okay?" A concerned voice said.

"Yea, I'm fine. Sorry for bumping into you." Amu tried to say, but her voice cracked a bit.

"You certainly don't look okay." A hand wiped something wet off her cheek. She looked up to meet Ikuto's concerned face. She sniffed a bit but then backed up, leaning away from his hand. "Just don't. Why are you being so nice to me anyway? I'm just some random junior girl that you barely know and is forced to tutor. Just...just go." She sniffed, running away with her hands covering her face.

Ikuto stared after the disappearing figure and sighed. He put his hands in his pockets and walked away in the opposite direction.

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