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This is based after the original series, the original Lilpri are all grown up now.

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"Queen-sama! Queen-sama!" Three voices cried in unison. Three little animals ran up to a throne huffing and puffing. The white owl cleared its throat into its wing. "Queen-sama," he addressed as all three animals bowed. "Something terrible has happened!" He cried.

"It's horrible!" The red crab cried, "Mermaid-sama's Ocean has disappeared!" The poor creature shouted.

"As is Lady Alice's clock tower!" Cried the purple cat.

"Not to mention Sleeping Beauty's cottage!" The Owl added.

"Calm down! Clam down." The queen raised her hands to hush the poor animals. "Harou" She looked at the crab, "Sho" She gestured towards the owl, "And Torao," She addressed the cat. "I well give you these," The queen turned her palm out as sparkles began to appear, as they vanished three gems, in yellow, pink, and green, rested in her hand. "Use these gems to find the princesses in the human world, they will return the happiness tones, that have been vanishing once again. These gems will guide you to your princesses and they will be able to save us once again." The queen explained as each animal grabbed their respective stone.

"Thank you, Queen-sama." The creatures bowed.

The Queen smiled before waving her hand again, "Hurry and find them." A portal appeared as the three animals jumped through, leaving Fairyland and their Queen behind.

"Ouff!" The three animals fell out of the portal and onto a stone cobbled path in a park. They all stood up and dusted themselves of.

"Now our Princesses must be near by." Informed Sho, "Let's see where the gems tell us where to go."

Sho held out the pink stone, then the other two did the say. Harou held up the green jewel, and Torao held up the yellow one. Each creature glared at the stone that was in each others' hand. Finally, a beam shined out of each stone, the animals were in awe as they found where the beam went.

"Princess-sama is… THAT WAY?" Each one shouted, only to be pointing in different directions. They glared at each other before letting out a huff.

"Well, what now?" Torao asked looking at the others from the corner of his eyes.

Sho and Harou turned so that they all looked at on another.

Sho cleared his throat into his wing again. "I propose we split up to find our Princess-samas. We'll meet up here in three days, whether or not we have our princess. If someone does not find their princess we will all look together then." Sho proposed but his wing down to look at the others.

"Hmmm…." Torao put his paw to his chin, "I think that's a good idea. We all know I'll have no problem finding my Princess-sama." He grinned.

"Not if I find mine first!" Harou joined in.

They nodded at each other agree that was the plan and went their separate ways to find their princess.

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