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The rest of the day was uneventful and boring. I tried to focus as much as I could on my work, but my mind kept wondering to the conversation that I had with Edward. I couldn't deny that I had feelings for him. That was something I had felt in the beginning. But I still didn't know whether those feelings were completely positive. Everything was still too confusing.

After finally finishing my last class, I made my way back to the dorm room. I stopped and grabbed a coffee on the way, briefly saying hi to a few girls from my classes. When I made it back to the room, I found Alice still lying in bed with a Chinese to-go box in her lap. I laughed as I shut the door.

"It looks like you had a lazy day," I said, dropping my bag and plopping down on Alice's bed.

She gave me a weak smile and took a bite of her food. I reached into the sack beside her and grabbed a pair of chopsticks. Alice always used the spoon when she got Chinese, since she claimed that if she tried to use chopsticks, she would never get the food in her mouth. I grabbed a piece of chicken from the to-go box and stuck it in my mouth. I watched Alice as I chewed, expecting her to snap at me for taking a bite of her food. That always annoyed her. But she said nothing.

"Are you okay Alice?" I asked. She nodded her head and went to take a bite of her food when I stopped her. I grabbed the box and set it off to the side, and moved so I was sitting in front of her.

"What's wrong?" I asked sternly.

"Nothing. I promise," she said.

I wasn't sure if I believed her or not, but after everything we had been through together, I didn't think Alice would keep secrets from me. So I dropped it and handed her back the box of food.

"I have news for you," I said randomly after a few minutes of silence. I was hoping to perk up her mood, since she seemed to not be herself. I assumed it was still because of what happened with Jasper. She sat up a little straighter and turned to me immediately, and I couldn't help but smile. I knew that no matter what, news of any kind would always make Alice feel better.

"What is it?" she asked.

I took a deep breath and prepared for the tsunami of questions that I would most likely be getting.

"I'm going out with Edward Cullen again tomorrow afternoon."

Her eyes widened and I could see the shock on her face. She obviously wasn't expecting me to say that.

"But I thought you were done with him." I recalled our conversation about how I was basically going to drop Edward like a bad habit. Unfortunately, I had not clued Alice in on my recent thoughts, and how I doubted if I could stay away from him, so she was even more taken aback at my sudden statement that I anticipated.

"I thought I was too. But I decided to give him a second chance. He offered to take me out to sight see in LA and I agreed".

She nodded and managed a small smile after a moment. "Well have fun. And be careful".

I could tell that Alice was still on rocks about Edward, and that the idea of us going on a second date wasn't entirely a good idea in her eyes, but I knew she would eventually grow to like him, if she saw that I trusted him.

The rest of the night consisted of Alice and I lying around, eventually ordering a pizza, and watching some of our favorite movies. When it was past midnight, I decided to go to bed so that I wouldn't be dragging too much tomorrow. I told Alice 'good night' and crawled under the covers, drifting off to sleep almost immediately, thoughts of Edward circling my brain.

To say that the next day went slow was an understatement. I realized then that when you were excited for something, the day just seemed to drag more than usual. I honestly didn't want to go to any of my classes today, but I knew that I still had a few things to make up for in certain classes from the day that I had missed when I spent the night at Edward's house. I didn't realize that in one day, I had managed to miss so much, and I was basically swamped with make-up work. Luckily, I knew I could put it off for a while without falling behind.

I dragged myself from class to class, stopping to either get a drink or a snack from the vending machines. When my last class finally let out, I was the first one out the door and I quickly walked back to the dorm. When I opened the door, I noticed that Alice was gone. I didn't dwell on where she might have gone, as I had a date to prepare for, and I knew that she most likely just went out for fresh air.

I immediately stripped out of my clothes and went to take a shower. When I was finished, I wrapped a towel around myself and started going through my closet for a decent outfit. This was a rare moment when I wished that Alice would pick out my clothes. She was so good at things like this. I eventually found a blue blouse and a pair of black skinny jeans. They seemed to go together so I decided to wear it. I began to rummage around the closet floor for some shoes. I was just now realizing how dull my fashion sense actually was. I never wore heels, unless it was for a special occasion, and I had none with me now. After looking around for about 10 minutes, I gave up and grabbed a pair of black converse. They were relatively new, and did not look very dirty, so I figured that they would do. I tried to remind myself that I wasn't going to a fashion show. It was just a little sight-seeing around the city. With Edward Cullen.

I could feel my body automatically reacting to the thoughts o f Edward. My stomach had butterflies that fluttered in anticipation for the date. I could feel my temperature rising slightly and I tried to calm myself down in order to finish getting ready.

When I put on the clothes, I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, and turned around to inspect myself from all sides. I didn't look half bad.

After I was satisfied with my outfit, I tried to focus on my hair and makeup. Should I wear makeup? That was another area that I was basically foreign in. If I ever wore makeup, it was only for special occasions, and Alice usually applied it. It couldn't be that hard though. I had seen it done enough times to know what I was doing a little bit. I grabbed a powdery thing from one of Alice's makeup bags and took out a brush. I put the brush in the power, coated it, then started swirling it around on my face. When I finished, I cringed at the site in the mirror. It was clearly applied too heavily, and I looked like I had dipped myself in a bowl of powdered donuts. I took it off with a washcloth and just put on lip-gloss instead. I couldn't go wrong with that. For my hair, I just brushed it out, not even willing to try and make it look any fancier.

By the time I finished, I still had about an hour to spare. I sat around and watched TV, making sure not to eat anything, since I figured that we would do that while we were out. When it was 5 minutes until 7, I heard a knock on my door. I jumped up with way to much enthusiasm and ran over to the door, yanking it open.

Edward was standing there, dressed in a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of plain black jeans. His hair was perfectly tousled, and I wondered briefly if he did that on purpose. His green eyes bore into mine, leaving me incoherent for a few seconds, before I blinked a few times and came back to earth.

"You look nice," he said politely. I could feel my face growing hot and I cursed the fact that I blushed so much. I knew Edward noticed it when he laughed lightly and raised his hand, brushing his finger along my cheek gently, causing my legs to wobble slightly and my eyes to flutter.

"You look nice too," I complimented him back. He smiled at me and I thought I saw his eyes roam up and down my body, but I wasn't sure.

"Are you ready to go?"

I nodded and stepped outside of the room, locked it, and walked with Edward out to his car. When we got there, I opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. Memories of the night I had stayed at his eyes, came to me again as I sat.

Edward pulled out of the parking lot and drove away from campus.

"Where are you going?" I asked after a few minutes.

"Have you ever seen Graumen's Chinese Theatre?" he asked. I shook my head.

"Well I thought it would be nice if we went there first," he said.

I nodded and smiled to myself. I liked the idea of him planning out our date. It was a gentlemanly thing to do, rather than to just drive around with no clue of where to go. When we arrived at the theatre I looked in awe at how amazing it was. I had only ever seen pictures of it. Edward got out of the car and came around to open my door. I stepped out and we both walked and talked about all the different hand and footprints that were forever cemented. I took a picture of some of the ones that I particularly liked, including the ones of the cast of Harry Potter. Edward told me funny stories behind a few of them and I laughed along with him. I was surprised at how comfortable we seemed together, especially since we had not known each other long.

When we were finished at Graumen's we parked the car on the side of another street and got out to walk. I felt his hand brush against mine lightly and I looked up at him. He didn't seem to notice he had done it. I let it go for the time being and we both dove into conversation as we walked. I looked up at the Hollywood sign, which was glowing prominently. It was so surreal and I couldn't help but smile as I thought about how much fun we were having and how nice it was to be with Edward.

After walking around for another hour or so, we went back to the car, and got inside.

"Did you want to go back to the campus or is there something else that you want to do?" he asked as we drove away.

"Let's go down to the beach," I said. He nodded his head and smiled at me as we sped towards the coast.