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Chapter 1 – Lucy's POV

Helena and Liam had called a family meeting. In the living room sat the Drakes, me, Hunter, and Isabeau. Isabeau was Logon's girlfriend and Hunter was Quinn's. Solange and I get along with them just fine. In fact, we hung around each other so much that the boys were starting to get jealous.

"Alright everyone, we called everyone here so we could properly welcome Hunter and Isabeau into our family. With all of this court business, we all have been too preoccupied. So welcome girls!" Helena stood up, along with the other Drakes, and they each gave them a hug.

"Thanks a lot. We are honored," Hunter and Isabeau said together before bowing.

The rest of the night was dedicated in their honor. A feast and a good conversation that was all about vampires so obviously, I wasn't included. I have been feeling like I've been replaced suddenly; like they don't need me anymore. I don't know why I feel this way, I just do. I guess it's because their new and the Drakes didn't want them to feel unliked or something. After all they have both saved Solange's life. Or that's what I thought.

…Six months Later….

It's been six months and still it's like I'm a ghost. Even Nicky sometimes doesn't pay any attention to me. Solange doesn't anymore. I should just leave. Not like any of them is going to notice. I was still racking my brain to know what to do when I felt a sudden buzz in my pocket. It was my phone, someone was calling me. I took out my phone to see who it was when the name Ethan Hamilton was written digitally across my screen.

We were in the living room when I looked up and saw practically every face looking at me. It took me a moment to realise that my ringtone "International Love by Pitbull" was still playing. I quickly shut the ringtone off, mumbled an apology and quickly slipped out the front door to get some privacy.

"Ivan? What's wrong?" I asked puzzled.

"It's Lucas, he's been awakened."

"What? No, this can't be! That's impossible! He was put to death! Father did it himself!"

"I know, I know, something's wrong. But what I called you for was to notify you remind you that Victor Drake, Liam and Geoffrey's brother, was killed my Lucas. And before we killed him, Lucas swore to kill the rest of them one day. So you mustn't under any circumstances leave the Drake compound or let any of the drakes leave either. Am I clear Luce? As soon as were done I will call and notify Alexander."

"Yes brother, were clear."

"Good. Be safe little Bit."

I smiled and hung up the phone. He never called me that anymore. When we were younger, Alexander and he had come up with the nickname "Little Bit" for me because I was so young and I was always the smallest out of the student's in my class. I missed that. It's been so long. Ever since mother was killed by a shadow hunter and father had ran and left after Victor's death, blaming himself for not being able to save him, the three of us had been left to go our own separate ways. Ivan was the head of the Helios-Ra and Alexander and I attended an Academy for our species. What I mean by our species, I don't, mean humans. I or we are witches. Well my brothers are technically warlocks but it's the same meaning except Warlock is the name for male witches and Witch is the feminine version.