when the sun goes down
then, that's when the stars come back out, just for them. - teddy/lily

It's a night full of unspoken promises and soft pattering against the dewy grasses, the haze of the fading sun reflecting upon his glasses. He takes her waiting hand, soft and sincere, and twirls her around; laughing. Her tinkling laugh echoed on the valleys below them, the sign of a day of prosperity for the villages tomorrow, the day for them two is still unclear.

She sighs into his shoulder, eyes wide, innocent, at the most, and he feels that burden of taking advantage of a younger girl, portrayed to be helpless, yet he knows that she's much more than that. He kisses her hair, an inviting colour of copper, almost one of a cosy fire, of a fireplace nearby. He stiffens against her body.

"What's wrong, Teddy?" she says, rubbing her head against his shoulder, her voice light and airy, with a twinge of her native accent.

"Victoire." he answers, and it's inevitable by now, and frankly, she should have seen this coming.

They stand in silence, feet matching the rhythms carefully, hearts tired of waiting, too cowardly to decide things for themselves. She puts her lips to his, a rush of warmth flowing through their bodies, adrenaline awakening their cold bones. He places his hands on her shoulders, the kiss deepening, all of the protests in his mind inaudible to his actions. She carries along, her small stature was nothing compared to his, reaching only to his shoulders, as well, her warm body pressed against his.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees, the sun has gone down, the ring of orange and red replaced with the darkness of the skies at night, the moon guiding the way. The stars are brighter tonight, it seems.

"To hell with Victoire," he murmured, lips touching her neck's bare skin, as they fell in a tangled heap by the meadow.

a/n: My first time trying to write a teddy/lily, of all things. Perhaps some feedback of how I did?