*A/N: This is a story about Diamond. Written in the form of letters and several diary entries. I am certain it will have to be a love story eventually but I would like to avoid Pippin for awhile. (did I just write that?) In my mind, the only way two hobbit maids could possibly marry Merry and Pip would mean having a very tight friends themselves. This is my experiment. It could go horribly wrong...especially without the help of a spellchecker. Come along through the ramblings of my mind if you dare. Reviews are always welcome. In fact, they are manditory ; )

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My Dearest Stelly,

I can not believe that you are to turn thirty-three in two weeks. It is the most exiting news that I

have heard in a long time. I wanted to reply to your invitation in order to let you know that I would be

honored to attend your party. I am sure it will be a magnificent affair! I have to admit that I am simply

turning colour with jelousy. I have to wait another ten years for my party...not to mention all of the

attention those lads will be lavishing upon you. You will have your pick, you know. All that I ask is that

you save a dashing one for me. I will see you as soon as my family arrives into Hobbiton which should be

in about three days from the time you get this letter. I am dying with anticipation for a good chat session

with you. Give my love to your family, except for Fatty. Give him a good pinch for me, as I am quite certain

that he deserves it for something.

Much Love,