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-al ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Dearest Diary,

Supper went amazingly well. Stell left to meet Merry around late afternoon so I had pleanty of time to get

things ready. The thoughts in my mind were saying that this is the perfect time to make amends for treating

the lad so unfairly for the last few months. He arrived a few minutes late. This is a habit that I have grown

used to. Pippin seems to have a knack for getting sidetracked. I'm not certain if he even realizes that he

does it. he manages to show up a little later than planned just smiling. I don't know whether to scold him

for his tardiness or laugh at the innocent look he has on his face when I open the door.

The meal was fairly uneventful. It was great don't get me wrong, but it didn't compare to what came later.

After dinner he helped me clean up the dishes telling me his mum would faint if she saw him helping out in

the kitchen. He said that the most help he is at his home is as taste tester. He went on about how hard it is

to be the only son in a family full of duaghters. "I don't want to count the amount of times that Pimpernel

has stuffed me into one of Pearl's frocks" He said with a chuckle as he fondly reminised of the days he spent

growing up with his older sisters at Great Smials. After the kitchen was clean, we moved outside and slowly

walked to the dock. It was such a still and peaceful night, so quiet that you could hear the sound of the

crickets chirping and frogs bellowing. The stars were out and I couldn't help but think that if I were alone

right now I would be sitting out here writing in my diary. I asked Pippin to tell me more about his family and

he began to ramble on about them in all sorts of ways. Many tales of his papa, the Thain, getting so

frustrated with Pip's antics that he often sends him to Hobbiton to stay at Bagend or to Buckland to be with

his Aunt and Uncle. He tried to tell all the humorous sides of this arrangement but it was plain to see that it

bothered him. To feel like a pest in your own home. I couldn't help but to fell bad for him. I asked him if

that is why he was here right now and he admitted to me that it was but he had been sent to Buckland this

time. It was Merry's idea to come to Hobbiton from there. "Besides," he added, "I wouldn't miss a chance

at some good ale and a bit of gossip at the Green Dragon." I couldn't help laughing at his comment but I

started to wonder if he was hiding something. "Do you miss the Smials?" I asked him. He confided in me

that he did, so I told him about how much I missed my family and the store in Long Cleeve. I must have

rambled on forever but he broke my train of thought when he kept looking from me to the sky and back to

me. It was a bit distracting. When I could stand it no longer I asked him what he was doing.

"Comparing" he said.

"Comparing what?"

Then he said the most beautiful thing that I think anyone has ever said to me."Comparing the sparkle of the

stars to the sparkle of your eyes. " He smiled, looking abit proud for making me blush I am sure. He was

staring into my eyes even more deep than before when he told me that "there is no comparison, your sparkle

shines brighter than them all. I see why you got your name, a sparkling Diamond." With that he reached

out and touched my face so lightly that I could barely feel it except that I noticed that his hands were

trembling a bit. We were so close to each other at that moment. I couldn't help but to stare into his eyes.

They are a greyish green with a bit of gold flecks in them, why had I never noticed that before? They

reminded me a bit of the waters off the edge of the dock when the sunlight is reflecting off of it. He moved

in even closer if that is at all possible and I noticed the faint hint of freckles that were splashed across his

nose that must have also escaped my attention before. I know I must have been leaning in to him also, but I

felt so numb and so alive all at the same time. It felt like I was moving through a dream. I could feel his

warm breath on my lips and the look in his eyes grew so intent. The next thing I knew, I was closing my

eyes and he kissed me.

He kissed me.

It was so slow and so gentle, not at all like his slightly anxious personality that he shows on a daily basis.

Almost as if he hides this inner creature that moves with such grace. At that moment I wanted to know

more about him and find out why he hides himself like this. I returned his kiss with my own that held so

many unexplained feelings that I never knew were there. I never wanted it to stop. It seemed to last forever

and then again, it passed too quickly. We pulled back a bit and he ran his fingers through my hair. He

looked at me for a minute, like he had forgotten his place in the world and said "I'm sorry, I should go." I

didn't know what to say, I just sat like a fool. I couldn't think straight. Had I done something wrong? He

left, and I did nothing but sit there. I could feel the tears starting to sting my eyes so I decided to write all

this down before I forgot any of it. I see now how silly that is because I know I will never forget this night

as long as I live. I wish I knew what he is thinking. I wish I knew anything. I don't know what to think