The Invisible Girl

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, but I do own Sophie and her brother Will.

This popped into my head earlier this week, when I realized that all of my stories are about vampires. So I decided to give the wolf pack some love.

Chapter 1: Sophie

"You might want to stop ogling her, before she sees you. She's extremely shy." Kim whispered to Jared, who sat across from her. Jared nodded and turned away. It always surprised him that Kim helped him get out of trouble. She had had a huge crush on him, before Embry imprinted on her. Maybe it was the imprint that changed things. He was glad that she had Embry. Watching his brothers with their imprints made him wish that he had one. He chuckled softly. Jacob Black was the only one of the wolves who didn't like the idea of imprinting, but that was because he was in love with his best friend, pale faced Bella Swan, who was in love with a vampire. Jared's thoughts reverted back to the girl ahead of him. She had never really caught his interest till now. She was rather pretty with long brown hair and russet skin.

The bell rang interrupting his thoughts. There was a hustle as the students around him gathered up their belongings. He didn't understand why he even had to go to school, as being a wolf and patrolling La Push took up most of his time. Sam was adamant about him finishing school. A book fell of the desk in front of him. He reached down and picked up the book. He took one look at the girl in front of him and was lost. She had soft black eyes, perfect kissable lips, and a small nose. Her russet skin looked like silk, probably felt like it too. The girl blushed as he stared at her, and hesitantly held out her hand. "May I please have my book?" She asked timidly.

Jared looked down at the book in his hand. "Oh yea, here." He said as he handed it to her. She smiled timidly as she cradled it to her body. "Thanks." She said as she turned around and walked out the door.

"Hey," Jared called out running after her. When he reached her, she had a shocked look on her face. "I'm Jared Cameron. What's your name?"

The girl looked down at her beat up tennis shoes, and said. "Sophie. Sophie Mahan."

Sophie. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Jared smiled at Sophie. "Would you like to eat lunch with me and my friends, Sophie?"

"I don't want to intrude on them at all." She said softly.

"They won't mind. If it makes you feel better, you won't be the only girl there."

"Okay." Sophie said softly again and followed Jared into the cafeteria. She didn't know how long her luck would last. Jared was the first person, besides her brother Will, to talk to her in a long time.

"Hey Jared, who's the girl?" a guy, probably a friend of Jared's asked. The guy in question had a hard face with piercing brown eyes and short, slightly spikey black hair.

"Hey Paul, this is Sophie Mahan."

"Oh she's one of them." Paul said dismissively. Sophie turned to walk away. This Paul knew of her family and knew that her family was no better than Sam Uley's gang.

"Please stay." Jared whispered. She looked at him, at the longing on his face and nodded tentatively.

"Soph" Another guy called out as he ran towards her and Jared. This voice Sophie knew, it was her favorite brother's voice; the voice of the only person who really cared about her.

William Mahan was like the male version of Sophie, just a whole lot taller that her 5' 4". He loved his little sis, and strived to give her the best life that he could. Their parents often left her to fend for herself, so he took it upon himself to take care of her. So her clothes were a little used, what mattered was that she was loved and properly feed.

He was scared when he saw her entering with Jared Cameron. He was part of Uley's gang. Sophie didn't know this; she was probably in a state of shock that someone was actually talking to her. No one talked to the Mahan kids. They like, Sam Uley's gang, were talked about, but not talk to.

"If you know what's good for you Cameron, you won't talk to my little sister again." He told him, whilst gently taking hold of Sophie's free hand. Sophie gave Cameron a timid smile, but didn't resist his tugging.

"What's so wrong about Jared, Will?" She asked as soon as they were seated at an empty table.

"He's part of Sam Uley's gang, Soph. Who knows what they're doing in that gang. I don't you to get hurt." He then slid a tray over to her.

Sophie smiled a genuine smile. "Thanks Will. You're the best big brother in the world."

Jared glared as Sophie's older brother led her away. It hurt to see her smile, really smile at him.

"Tough break, bro. First girl to really catch your eye and she's a Mahan. Not only that but she's 'The invisible girl.'" Paul said as he dug into his lunch. Jared glanced at him. They had been friends since they were little, but Jared couldn't see anything that was bad about Sophie. Her brother maybe, but not Sophie.

"What's wrong with the Mahan's?" He asked biting into sandwich.

"Her parents are very much like Sam's father, except they have four kids." He nodded over at the table were Sophie and her brother sat. "She was a mistake, wasn't supposed to be born There's a reason she's called 'The invisible girl'."

"What?" Kim asked. "That's awful."

"You bet it is. Her mother isn't the same as her siblings'. Her mother's from the Makah reservation. Mrs. Mahan pretends that pretty Sophie doesn't exist, so does everyone else on the Res, except William."

"And who's William?" Kim asked again.

"William's her older brother, the middle boy. Lucas, the eldest is long gone and Drew, the youngest, is in elementary school. Anyway Mr. Mahan is paying for her schooling so that she can leave the reservation and stop bothering them."

"She's pretty smart from what I've heard." Embry said as he sat down by Kim and kissed her cheek.

Jared spent the rest of the school day thinking of Sophie and how to convince her brother that he only wanted to get to know Sophie and maybe take her out on a date.

I know that face. You imprint on the Mahan girl." Sam said during patrols that night.

Jared growled. Her name is Sophie. Not 'that Mahan girl'

Sam chuckled. Jared definitely had it bad for Sophie. You might have an easier time with the parents of your imprint. Her's don't care where she is or when she gets home. She could be out all hours of the night, and they wouldn't care. Out of sight, out of mind.

I'd like to get to know her a lot more before telling her about us. I might bring her to the next bonfire, if her brother's okay with it. Jared thought. Then Sophie's brother came to mind. He would definitely be a problem. He didn't have to worry about Sophie's parents, but he did have a protective older brother to watch out for,