Chapter 3: Getting Permission

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William's POV is especially for Bassoon who requested it.

"Hey, Mahan."

William turned around to see Cameron coming towards him.

"What do you want, Cameron?" He asked.

"I want to get to know your sister, Sophie." Cameron replied. This reply made Will look at him curiously. No one wanted to get to know Sophie, even though she was a great person.


"She's special. She's not like the other girls in La Push, or anyone I have ever met."

William stared at him for a long while, trying to see if there was any deceit in Cameron's eyes. He was glad when he didn't find any. He nodded at Cameron.

"She is special. You hurt her and I will personally end you. Understand, Cameron?" Jared nodded.

The boy was scared of him, which was good. He watched as Jared walked over to Sophie, who was talking to another girl. Will smiled. He was glad that Sophie finally found a friend. Sophie looked at him after Cameron talked to her. He nodded, telling her it was okay with him. She smiled back at him tentatively and said something back to Cameron. Will decided he would ask her what Cameron had said to her later. This might be good for her. It might even get her out of her shell. If not, Cameron was graduating this year, like he was. Sophie would graduate next year, and would never have to see him again.

Sophie was rather excited as she walked into the cafeteria. Did other girls feel this way when they were asked out for the first time? She was never one to blush, but she might start, at the way Jared stared at her. He made her feel like she was the only girl on the earth. She was a bit afraid about being around the rest of Uley's gang, not to mention the Elders. She didn't technically belong here, as her mom was from the Makah reservation. Her mom didn't want her, so she was allowed to come to the Quileute reservation with her dad.

"It's really nice seeing you smile, Soph. Normally, only Drew and I can get you to smile."

Sophie smiled as she sat down next to Will. She got out her lunch and started in it, before he asked the question that she knew was coming.

"What did he ask you about?" 'There it is.' Sophie laughed internally.

"He asked if I wanted to go to a bonfire with him. He said that there would be food there, and that the elders were going to tell the legends of the tribe. It sounded like fun, so I accepted. Do you mind?"

"It does sound like fun, Soph. You should go. Make sure to tell me if anyone's rude to you."

"I will."

After school was over, Jared walked Sophie to his car. He kept up a conversation to block out the whispers that fluttered all over the parking lot. They got to First Beach early, which was just how Jared liked it. He wanted to be alone with Sophie for a while longer. Jared asked her about her family, her favorite color, what she liked about La Push, and so on, until he got a feel for her likes and dislikes. As they neared the place where the bonfire would be, they ran into Kim and Embry, literally.

"Sorry, Sophie, I wasn't watching were I was going." Kim apologized as she helped Sophie off of the ground.

Sophie smiled at her. "That's alright, Kim. You trying to get away from him?" She asked pointing at the boy next to Jared. He was about as tall as Jared, with the usual russet colored skin. He also had short black hair and Brown eyes.

Kim nodded. "He was chasing me. Oh, I forgot, Sophie, this is Embry Call. Embry, this Sophie Mahan."

"Hi Sophie, I've heard a lot about you from Kim." Embry said holding out his hand.

Sophie smiled tentatively, and took his hand. "Hi."

"So, are you guys coming to the bonfire?" Embry asked them.

Jared turned to Sophie. "You still want to go?" he asked.

She nodded. "It sounds like fun."

"It's lots of fun, Sophie," Kim chatted, taking her arm in hers. "There's food, the guys play around a bit. Then the Elders tell the legends of the tribe."

Embry let the two of them get a ways ahead, before turning to Jared. "She seems really nice. Not all like the rumors."

Jared sighed. "You know there're rumors because hardly anyone ever sees Mr. and Mrs. Mahan. Sophie's a great girl and I hope that everything goes well tonight. I'd hate to have her hate it."

Embry nodded. He had thought the same thing with Kim. "Yeah, the only one who'll be a problem is Paul. Emily will love her and Kim already does."

Up ahead, the rest of the pack was beginning to show up. Emily had them bring food from her car.

"Kim and I will save you guys seats." Embry turned away, and then did a full 180. "Do the elders know that she's your imprint?"

"Billy knows. I don't know about Old Quil or Harry." Jared shrugged.

Sophie walked back to him, as Kim went to help Emily. "So, that's his gang? Oh, sorry," She blushed and hid behind her hair. "I know that they're your friends, but…." She left it hanging. Jared moved her hair from her face and nodded understandingly. "I know. It's hard to forget the image. Do you want to meet them?"

Sophie merely shrugged. "Well, I'll introduce you to Emily. I'll introduce to the guys when you're ready." Jared compromised. She smiled shyly and nodded. She wasn't used to this. It was different, but she found that she rather liked it. He seemed to really care about her feelings and didn't push her in to doing stuff that she didn't want to do.

Soon enough, they were at the table full of food. On the table were straightened wire hangers and two huge plates full of hotdogs, multiple bags of buns, a huge bowl of chips, and numerous liters of soda.

"That's a lot of food." She said shocked at the amount of food.

Jared chuckled. "Emily says that we almost have never ending stomachs."

The woman at the table saw him and waved. "Hey Jared. Who's your friend?"

"Hey Emily, this is Sophie." Emily was a couple of feet taller than her with satiny russet skin, long glossy black hair and black eyes. The right side of her face was scarred from her hairline, down to her chin, by three thick, red lines; vivid in color, though they were long healed. One line pulled down the corner of her dark, almond-shaped right eye; another twisted the right side of her mouth into a permanent grimace.

"It's nice to meet you, Sophie. You're from the Makah Reservation, right?" Sophie nodded and Emily continued. "I'm from up there, myself, and so is Embry's mom."

Jared smiled at Emily for making Sophie feel more comfortable. Sophie was glad that she wasn't the only one here from that reservation.

"You're in for a treat, tonight. I've heard the legends multiple times, but it never gets old." She nodded over at table. "Let's get some food, before the boys eat it all." Sophie giggled as Emily rolled her eyes.

Sophie piled food onto her plate, and went to sit by Kim. They were sitting on the ground near the fire. Everyone was sitting like they were, on the ground, except for the elders; two of them had brought folding lawn chairs. The elders were at the natural head of the circle, with Chief Black in his wheelchair in the between the other two elders. Both seemed rather old, but one was positively ancient and brittle looking with his white hair. Sophie caught Emily smiling at her from a log near one of the elders and smiled back at her. Emily was sitting next to the tallest man that Sophie had ever seen. He even seemed taller than her brother, Will. This man had the same skin tone as everyone else at the bonfire, along with short black hair and brown eyes that were set into a mature face. Sophie had seen him around town, and his proximity to the elders, led her to believe that this was Sam Uley, himself. She finished roasting her hot dog over the fire, when a pair of eyes over by the food table caught her own. Hard, piercing black eyes. Then, the first day Jared talked to her, came to her mind. Paul was the owner of those piercing eyes. Jared's friend, Paul. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze. It was like he thought she wasn't worth Jared's time or attention. Sophie already knew this, but it was still hard to see it in someone else's eyes.

"Hey Sophie, you okay? Are you cold? You're shaking." A slight nudge to her shoulder brought her back in to the moment. It was Embry who spoke, but Kim who nudged her. She turned and smiled slightly. "I'm fine, just thinking. Thank you, though." Embry smiled back at her.

"Who's that talking with Jared, Embry?" She asked him. Embry and Kim looked over to where Jared was standing by the food table. Embry could see that Paul wasn't happy, and with his advanced hearing, he knew that Paul didn't like Sophie. He was telling Jared that he shouldn't have brought her to this. Embry sighed as he turned back to Sophie. "That's Paul Lahote. He doesn't really like anyone. Well, anyone who isn't Jared, at least."

"Oh," Sophie sighed softly. She was glad that Embry was trying to be nice, but it still hurt that this Paul judged her on who her parents were. She turned her focus back to her hotdog. She put it in one of the buns on her plate and starting eating.

"She doesn't belong here, Jared. Bonfires are only held to tell new pack members or imprintees about the truth behind the legends." Paul told Jared heatedly.

Jared looked over to Sophie, as he heard Embry asking if she was alright. That she was shaking and that made Jared almost starting shaking himself, but he managed to stay calm. He knew that it was nowhere near the right time to let Sophie know about the pack.

"She's my imprint, Paul. Besides, I talked to Billy and he agreed that if would be better to get her acquainted with the legends before springing them on her as truths. I want to get to know her and I can't do that if you keep glaring at her and making her feel unwelcome. Give her a chance."

Paul sighed and turned back to Jared. He had seen the looks Jared gave her, along his thoughts about her. "I'll try, okay?"

Jared smiled and patted his back. "That's all I'm asking for. Thanks, Paul."

Paul pushed Jared off. "Go on, be with your girl."

Jared smiled at his friend, and went to join Sophie on the ground.

Soon, all the food was eaten and the atmosphere had changed abruptly around the low-burning fire. Sophie noticed that all of the guys sat up straighter, and she noticed that Emily had taken out pen and paper, and a nice spiral bound notebook. The fire crackled, sending another explosion of sparks glittering up against the night. Chief Black cleared his throat and began telling the story in his rich, deep voice. The words poured out with precision, as if he knew them by heart, but also with feeling and a subtle rhythm. He was a natural born storyteller.

"The Quileutes have been a small people from the beginning," Chief Black said. "And we are a small people, still, but we have never disappeared. In the beginning, the tribe settled in this harbor and became skilled ship builders and fishermen. But the tribe was small, and the harbor was rich in fish. There were others who coveted our land, and we were too small to hold it. A larger tribe moved against us, and we took to our ships to escape them."

Sophie watched as Emily's pen sprinted across the sheets of paper as she tried to keep up with him. Sophie was entranced by the story of the spirit warriors that protected the tribe from invaders and kept the tribe safe. After the Chief finished the legend, the ancient white haired elder took up the legends with the legend of the third wife and the cold ones.

After the legends were told, everyone went back to how they were before, talking to one another, some causally and others teasingly.

"What did you think?" Jared asked her as he drove her back to her house.

"Chief Black is natural born storyteller. I wish I was able to tell stories like him. The legends themselves were really interesting and the whole idea of the spirit wolves is fascinating." She told him and then blushed.

"Why are you blushing? I think there cool, too." Jared said.

Sophie smiled softly. "I'm not used to telling people of my opinions. I usually just keep them to myself."

Sophie smiled as they pulled up to her house. William was sitting in the living room, waiting for her. He was such a good big brother. The car stopped and she moved to get out of the car.


Sophie turned around to look at him.

"I had a lot of fun with you today. Do you think we could hang out again soon?" He asked. Jared really hoped that she'd say yes.

Sophie smiled brightly, which instantly brought a smile to Jared's own face. "I had a lot fun as well. I spend a lot of time at the beach with my little brother. You could come by and join us. Not all the time, as Drew would get jealous, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you came every once in a while."

"I'll see you in class tomorrow, Sophie."

"See you tomorrow." She said as she shut the car door and headed inside. Jared drove off a little way, but was still close enough to hear Sophie's conversation with her brother.

"How was it? Anyone I need to set straight?" Her brother asked.

"It was fantastic and Jared's a great guy. Paul Lahote was the only one who seemed to not like my presence there, but Embry said that he doesn't really like anyone." Sophie told him.

"Well, that's good. I'm glad you had fun."

"He said he had a fun with me, Will! He wants to do it again soon! No one's ever said that to me." Sophie said excitedly. Jared smiled brightly, knowing that he had made her so happy. Deciding that he had eavesdropped enough, he drove home.

William was extremely glad that Jared was making Sophie happy. He hadn't seen her this happy since Drew was born. He smiled as Sophie went off to her room with a huge dreamy smile on her face. 'Maybe letting her hang out with Cameron is just what she needs.' He thought as he got into his own bed.