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SHE stood perfectly still. Her light green eyes stared out of the window into the dark of the night. She, unlike her mother who was pacing behind her, was not frightened.

"Do you even know what you've done, Noreen?" Her mother stopped pacing to look at her daughter.

"I saved an innocent's life." Noreen replied not turning from the window.

"Innocent?" Her mother shook her head. "He was not an innocent, Noreen. He was a vampire. An original vampire."

Noreen turned to look at her mother. Her light green eyes focusing on her, showing nothing but compassion for the vampire that they spoke of. "And for that he is punished?"

"Noreen." Her mother sighed and moved forward, grabbing her daughter's hands, and holding them in her own. "Please, you must deny your true feelings for him. Say that you were compelled."

"But I wasn't." Noreen pulled her hands away, tears filling her eyes, as she shook her head. "And I won't. I won't deny my love for him."

"We are witches! We do not love vampires!" Her mother snapped. "It goes against nature, against everything. You could be killed! Do you understand that? You went against the Head Witch's orders!"

"I was not going to let him be killed for a crime that he was not at fault for, ma." Noreen said, staring her mother down. "I love him. If I am killed because of my love for him, than so be it."

Noreen stood tall before the Head Witch. She was dressed in a plain white dress, one that would be used as a nightgown almost, with her dark reddish-brown hair hanging down her back in gentle waves. Her light green eyes still had the same soft compassion she had when she was speaking to her mother. She knew the consequences of her actions but she couldn't help what her heart desired.

"Noreen Fitzpatrick, do you know why you are here?" The Head Witch asked.

Noreen nodded. "Yes."

"You allowed an original vampire to escape tonight." The Head Witch said.

"He was innocent, my lady." Noreen replied softly. "He committed no crimes against the Fitzpatrick clan nor any other witch clan of Tullamore."

The Head Witch frowned at the girl standing before her. "He was the elder brother of Niklaus."

"Therefore he must die for it? Elijah didn't use or kill any of the witches you said he did." Noreen said. "Niklaus is guilty for that."

"So why did Elijah give himself to us?"

"He was being a loyal elder brother." Noreen looked at the Head Witch. "Family is important to Elijah as it is to me."

"And yet you betrayed your family when you began a relationship with him." The Head Witch frowned.

"No!" Noreen shook her head. "I didn't!"

"Were you compelled?" The Head Witch asked.

Noreen glanced at her mother, who stood with a worried face, among the other witches at the council. She gave her mother a sad look before she turned her glance back to the Head Witch.

"No." She replied, leading all the other witches to gasp and frown. "I was not."

The Head Witch raised a hand which made silence fall upon them. She stared at the young woman in front of her and shook her head. "Noreen Fitzpatrick as punishment for allowing Elijah to escape, you are stripped of your powers and abilities." She sighed. "And as punishment for being in a relationship with the original vampire at your will and for bringing shame upon the Fitzpatrick family, you are to be cursed with silence."

"No!" Noreen's mother cried out.

Noreen was frozen. She could accept being without her powers but to be without her voice, the ability to speak, a mute, was like sentencing her death.

"You are to be a mute for the rest of your existence. The curse will be passed down throughout the generations so that if you are to ever return, you will never be able to confess your love for Elijah." The Head Witch said.

"Mother!" Noreen's mother moved forward, pleading. "Please."

"I've given the punishment, Fallon." The Head Witch said.

Noreen's mother shook her head. "But she is your granddaughter, mother."

"And because of that she is being sparred of death, Fallon. But she betrayed the covens. She brought shame to our family and that I can't allow to go unpunished." The Head Witch said with a voice that declared the decision to not be argued.

As the Head Witch turned to leave, Noreen called to her, making her stop in her step.

"If he wasn't an original or Niklaus' brother, would you still be punishing me?" Noreen asked. "Grandmother?"

"Witches are servants to nature. Vampires are abominations to nature." The Head Witch countered.

"Love doesn't judge grandmother." Noreen said. "I am not ashamed of being in love with Elijah."

"Pity you won't be able to tell him that." The Head Witch spun on her heel and walked away.

As soon as her grandmother left, Noreen crumpled to the ground. Her body shaking with sobs as silent screams left her mouth.

Present Day

MAGGIE jumped up from laying on the couch as a sort and soft gasp escaped from her mouth. Her breathing was hard and uneasy as she placed a hand to her chest to feel her heart practically bursting forth through her ribcage.

Her light green eyes darted around the room as she recovered from the dream that she woke up from. Maggie was relieved when she realized she had fallen asleep on the big red couch at the Salvatore boarding house. She hadn't made it up to her bedroom so she just crashed on the couch. If Damon had come home he would have just carried her upstairs to her room without waking her. He probably would have been proud that she actually feel asleep on the couch and not the floor or the table. Yeah, Maggie could pretty much sleep anywhere and everywhere, it was one of her many weird quirks.

Reaching to the table, she picked up her i-Phone, checking to see if she got any messages from Damon or anyone else from the group. The rest of the group had gone to the Founder's Day party and she wasn't exactly one for parties. So she had found Damon and told him that she was going home and it was ironic because he had found her and told her to go home anyways, saying he would fill her in later.

She stood up from the couch and made her way into the kitchen, a room where Stefan and Damon had banished her from, and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. Maggie had been living with the Salvatore vampire brothers for the past year after she had lived with Bonnie for a year.

Her mother had passed away when she was 16 and being a witch, she was close to Bonnie's grandmother, so when she passed, Grams took Maggie in. She had lived with Bonnie until Damon came along. No one knew how it happened, and neither did she, but she and Damon had become close. Bonnie wasn't too happy about that fact but she put up with Damon for Maggie. Maggie had come to see Damon as that older over protective brother that sometimes annoyed the hell out of you but was always their for you.

Maggie was the eldest human-witch of the group. The rest of the gang were juniors in high school while she was a senior graduating this year. Another quirk about her was that she was home schooled and had been her entire life. Being a mute didn't exactly make being in a classroom easy for you.

Oh yeah, wasn't it mentioned already? Her biggest quirk of all was that she was mute and had been since birth. She never understood why but it had really affected her mom a lot. She never neglected or abused Maggie in any way but she would keep her distance. And she drank. When she had one of her 'episodes' as Maggie liked to call them she would always call Maggie, Noreen, but it never made any sense to her. But neither did the dreams she was having about this Noreen, an ancient relative of hers. They didn't make any sense.

Her phone vibrated making her snap out of her thoughts. It was from Bonnie.

Maggie opened the text. "Come to the hospital. Caroline's been in an accident."

Widening her eyes, Maggie nearly choked on the water in her mouth, before she grabbed her phone and rushed out the front door to the hospital.

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